Blue Blocking Lenses and Coatings

The Best Prescription Glasses for Night Driving

Whether you are traveling short or long distances, the odds are good that you are traveling by car. Along with this, even though we keep hearing about the self-driving car revolution, nearly every one of us is driving our own car. Obviously, driving has both its pros and cons. Obviously, the freedom to travel whenever […]

Blue Blocking Lenses and How They Protect Your Eyes

Digital devices, such as smart phones, tablets other electronics, offer many perks, making life easier. But these gadgets are also altering light spectrum exposure on the human eye, which can have a negative effect on vision. Too much blue light radiation from screens and other sources of light can be strenuous or annoying to the […]

Why Blue-Light Blocking Glasses Are Good for Your Eyes

Have you ever wondered what the blue-light blocking glasses were about? Well, it turns out that something which began as one of those “Only sold on TV” products actually has real basis in fact. And you may be one of the many that could benefit from them. The entire spectrum of light is important to humans in many more […]

Computer Glasses without Magnification

It’s nearly impossible these days to avoid exposure to television and computer screens. At home, at work, at school, in the car, even out shopping – desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones, GSP devices, TVs, interactive consoles, and more…they’re virtually omnipresent. Exposure isn’t even a single event anymore; how often do you or your children watch […]

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