Eyeglass and Safety Glasses Accessories

How to Take Care Of Your Prescription Safety Glasses

You may think that your prescription safety glasses are sturdy enough to withstand hell, high water, and high-velocity impacts but that doesn’t mean you should disregard their care. In fact, because they keep you save in dangerous situations, it’s even more important that your glasses be in perfect repair and offer unflawed visual clarity during […]

How Corrective Lenses Are Made According to Prescription

Which one is clearer, one or two; three or four? Anyone who wears corrective lenses knows exactly what that question pertains to; the ophthalmologist or optometrist is testing your eyesight and determining your prescription. But have you ever wondered how they get your glasses just right?  To understand how corrective lenses are made according to prescription, […]

Wiley X prescription safety glasses with foam lining

The Wiley-X SG-1 Matte Black Asian Cut Frame with Lens Gaskets is a comfortable and durable frame with a unique feature of lens gaskets that allows you to keep the frame and swap out different lenses.  This frame meets ANSI Z87.1-2003 High Velocity Standards. This wrap around goggle frame is prescription compatible.  The TOP DOWN™ […]

Electronic Ear Plugs for Shooting

Need to protect your ears the smart way? Electronic Ear Plugs for Shooting Electronic ear plugs for shooting are a relatively new invention in the shooting world, and we’re so glad they’ve arrived. Our new HD-15 electronic ear plugs are great for shooting and for use during general noisiness. They block loud impact noises when […]

Prescription Safety Glasses with Permanent Side Shields

Prescription safety glasses serve a vital function that is two-fold: they protect your eyes from injury and, at the same time, provide clear vision in the form of prescription lenses. Permanent Side Shields for Prescription Safety Glasses Whether eye safety is a concern at the worksite or while performing tasks around the yard and house, […]

Prescription Safety Glasses That Don’t Steam Up

It’s an aggravating but common side effect of safety eyewear use. You’re involved in your task and everything is going well, when all at once you become aware of a reduction in peripheral vision. It had come on so gradually that you didn’t even notice it, but now you can’t see well at all. Before […]

Cat Crap Anti Fog Lens Cleaner

Okay, it may be made by one of the strangest-sounding company names you’ll ever encounter, but this product certainly gets the job done. Cat Crap Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner is voted the number one anti-fog cleaner on the market. It’s safe for all lenses, plastic or glass, with any kind of coating, and effective for all […]

How to Clean Glasses Without Scratching

Few things can be as annoying as wearing a pair of scratched or scuffed glasses. Those tiny scratches seem harmless enough at first, but group enough of them together and peering through them is like staring through a dense fog. Even a single scratch, if gouged deeply enough or in the wrong place, can significantly […]

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