Progressive Bifocal Eyeglass Lenses

What Type of Bifocal Has No Image Jump?

It’s a common, unavoidable side effect of normal aging. The lenses of your eye stiffen and lose flexibility, making it harder to focus on objects at a close range. This condition is known as presbyopia. Presbyopia Condition in which the aging eye, beginning at around age 40, is unable to focus at all distances, often […]

Wearing Progressive Bifocals for the First Time

Need one prescription to see long distance and a different one to see objects at close range? The answer is simple: get a bifocal lens. But bifocals are not without inherent issues. Foremost among them is the “image jump” that results when your eye crosses the line in a bifocal that separates the distance portion […]

Prescription Safety Glasses with Progressive Bifocal Lenses

Progressive bifocals are the most complicated bifocals you can get, and they’re also the most popular. There are many different types and brands of progressive bifocals, and they all have their specific purpose. The 411 on Progressive Bifocal Lenses in Prescription Safety Glasses In prescription safety glasses, progressive bifocals tend to have a taller “corridor” […]

How progressive lenses work and what to consider when buying

Finding the right type of glasses can be a difficult process at times, especially if you have a complex prescription. In this article, we’ll talk about solutions for eyewear like progressive lenses. We’ll talk about what they are, how they work, and what to think about before purchasing them.  So keep reading. Progressive lenses may […]

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