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MRI Compatible Prism Glasses

A Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI, test. It uses pulses of radio wave energy and a magnetic field to photograph internal organs, joints, blood vessels, bones, and more, providing more detailed images than is usually possible with an X-ray, ultrasound, or CT scan. The MRI is a commonly-used and very valuable diagnostic tool in today’s […]

How Do Bed Prism Glasses Work?

You’re likely reading this because you’ve seen the 2007 hit THE BUCKET LIST, or heard from someone who has about the glasses Jack Nicholson’s character wore in the movie. Perhaps a doctor, nurse, or rehab specialist has recommended them to you so that you can more easily read or watch TV while lying flat in […]

How Long Do the Batteries Last in Lighted Readers?

If presbyopia – the condition common in post-40-year-olds that causes up-close vision to become blurry and indistinct – affects you or a family member, you know how tough it can be to read or write without aid. And naturally, it’s impossible to read or write at all when you’re in the dark. Lighted readers are […]

What are Prism Reading Glasses?

Heard about prism reading glasses, but aren’t sure what they are? Read on! What are Prism Reading Glasses? Prism reading glasses are spectacles that turn your vision 90 degrees towards your feet, allowing you to read a book or watch TV while laying flat on your back. They use prisms, not mirrors, to turn your […]

Where Can I Find Nerd Glasses?

In an interesting turn of events for the fashion world, the nerdiest prescription glasses are currently also the coolest. Nerd Glasses are In: Here’s Where You Get ‘Em! Nerd glasses are available today from a few different brands, and they come in a wide variety of styles. Retro, wayfarer, square, oval, and circle are just […]

Prescription Glasses for Computers

Most people don’t realize that eye fatigue from computers can be greatly reduced by the glasses they wear. Why Do I Need Prescription Computer Glasses? Most people who’ve worked on a computer for a long time wear glasses, and while research shows that computer monitors do not emit any sort of radiation that can cause […]

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