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Prescription Safety Glasses for Carpentry

Prescription safety glasses come in a variety of different shapes and styles, and each is best suited to a specific function. What are the best safety glasses for carpentry. The Right Prescription Safety Glasses for Carpenters In carpentry, the eye hazards you have to deal with the most are sawdust, objects being propelled toward your […]

How are My Prescription Safety Glasses Made?

Prescription safety glasses are not the same as regular prescription glasses. In general, prescription safety glasses are more difficult to process and more complicated to make. Making Prescription Safety Glasses There are a variety of parameters that need to be taken into account before a pair of prescription safety glasses is even started in the […]

How Rx-Safety’s Prescription Safety Glasses are Less Expensive than the Optometrist’s

Potential customers looking for prescription safety glasses call us just to say, “I’m just calling to make sure that this web site is real. How are your prices so much lower than everyone else’s?” Forget the Optometrist: RX-Safety Offers Less Expensive Prescription Safety Glasses There are a few reasons why our costs are so much […]

The Difference Between Prescription Glasses and Prescription Safety Glasses?

Most people who need prescription safety glasses also wear regular prescription glasses, and some of them wonder, “What’s the difference between regular prescription glasses and prescription safety glasses?” In other words, what makes prescription glasses “safety”? Prescription Glasses Vs. Prescription Safety Glasses There are a few qualifiers in the United States that a pair of […]

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