Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription Glasses That Look Like Sunglasses

If you’re interested in obtaining prescription glasses that look more like sunglasses, fear not; “converting” your everyday glasses to a sunglass style is very easy. A “Sunglasses Look” With Prescription Glasses There are two aspects to consider when mimicking the appearance of sunglasses, and they are simply the two components that make up any pair […]

Wiley X Sunglasses Replacement Lenses

So many lenses, so many choices. Photochromics that automatically darken when exposed to the sun. Polarized lenses. Clear safety lenses. Mirrored lenses. Various shades and color tints. Why choose when you can have them all in one stylish frame? Wiley X, a leader in safety eyewear, produces sunglasses with removable lenses. Available in many sleek […]

Golf Glasses to Find the Ball Quickly

Looking for a great pair of shades for the fairway? Golf Glasses to Find the Ball Quickly If you’re a golfer, you know how frustrating and embarrassing it can be to mozy around the fairway (or rough) trying to find your ball. Ever wonder if there are golf glasses to find the ball quickly? There […]

Sunglass Lenses with Anti-Reflective Coating

Reflections. The scientific definition of a reflection is “The change in direction of a wave, such as a light or sound wave, away from the boundary the wave encounters. Reflected waves remain in their original medium rather than entering the medium they encounter.” Anti-Reflective Coating on Sunglass Lenses In terms of sunlight, a layman would […]

Eyeglasses that Turn into Sunglasses

Looking for a great pair of all-around glasses? Most of us have met someone who wears Transitions or some other brand of photochromic lenses that turn dark in direct sunlight and clear indoors. These “eyeglasses that turn into sunglasses” are a great choice for all-purpose glasses. We’re proud to offer Transitions lenses on our web […]

Gucci Sunglasses

Founded in Florence, Italy, in 1921, Gucci has become a worldwide brand that symbolizes style, luxury, and taste. Product lines include designer shoes, handbags, small leather goods, fragrances, jewelry, an acclaimed fashion collection…all with the timeless grace and high artistry that makes “Made in Italy” mean something in the fashion world. Ever the contemporary company […]

How Much Do Wiley X Sunglasses Cost?

With over fifty frameware options and literally hundreds of lens combinations, Wiley X has become the go-to manufacturer for safety glasses with a flair for style and a track record of performance. Each Wiley X lens is made from one of the most impact-resistant materials in the world, far exceeding ANSI Z87.1 safety and ANSI […]

Nike Prescription Sunglasses: Golf

Looking for a solid pair of attractive glasses that’ll improve your vision on the fairway? Nike Prescription Sunglasses: Golf Nike prescription sunglasses for golf are a great investment for any golfer looking to improve his or her game. If you’re planning on ordering Nike prescription sunglasses for golf, you’ll need to choose the right lens […]

Bobster Prescription Sunglasses for Motorcycle Riding

As a motorcycle owner and rider who wears prescription eyeglasses, you’ve probably encountered some difficulty in selecting a proper pair of sunglasses or goggles for when you hit the open road. Transitions or clip-on additions to your regular glasses may work but aren’t ideal; a lot of wind gets through them, drying out your eyes, […]

Prescription Wiley X Saint Safety Glasses

Wiley X, a standard bearer in the prescription safety eyewear field, has long offered frames that offer the perfect combination of form and function. Today we’ll take a look at some examples of a Wiley X subseries that takes style and protection to a whole new level: the Saint series. Saint frames come in several […]

Prescription Wiley X Saint Safety Glasses

Models in the Wiley X “Changeable” come not only with exclusive features but also with a built-in reputation for style, durability, protection, and versatility. Wiley X Saint Safety Glasses with Rx The “Saint” model is certainly no exception. Exceptionally streamlined, modern design adds style to a frame that looks great as it protects your eyes, […]

Wiley X Jake Prescription Safety Glasses

Wiley X, a standard bearer in the prescription safety eyewear field, has long offered frames that offer the perfect combination of form and function. Today we’ll take a look at some examples of a Wiley X subseries that takes style and protection to a whole new level: the Jake series. Wiley X Jake Safety Glasses […]

Official Guide: Buying Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Looking for a pair of sunglasses that suits your facial structure? A Guide to Sunglasses and Face Shapes Faces and sunglasses come in all shapes and sizes, and there’s a style of shades to complement every face. On top of that, most of these styles are available in prescription sunglasses nowadays, and some of them […]

What Are the Best Sunglass Lenses for Driving?

Caught in traffic, with reflected sunlight bouncing off all the cars around you. Driving into the sun, no matter the time of day. And perhaps worst of all, early mornings or late afternoons, when the glare from the sun on the horizon is so bad it blinds you to the cars ahead. There’s no question […]

Prescription Sunglasses Options for High Prescriptions

A common problem for people who wear very high prescription strengths is a lack of selection when it comes to frames. Higher prescriptions lenses grow thicker as they curve, so the edges are the thickest part; eyewear selection is often hampered by this factor, as not all frames can physically support thicker lenses. Even when […]

Sunglasses Options for People with Glasses

You see them all the time in department stores and drugstores: circular towers with row upon row of great-looking sunglasses. You probably walk right past them with a little twinge of envy. Why? Because you already wear glasses. Prescription eyeglasses. These racks of sunglasses are for people who enjoy natural 20/20 vision. They’re not for […]

Prescription Sunglasses for Cycling

Cycling – a sometimes leisurely, sometimes rugged all-weather sport – requires a unique combination of safety eyewear features. Today we’ll examine some of the features that we recommend you should look for in a pair of prescription cycling sunglasses. Cycling with Prescription Sunglasses SAFETY CONSTRUCTION – A pair of cycling glasses must endure bumps, scrapes, […]

What you should know about the best sunglasses for driving

There are many potential hazards that can occur on the road while you are driving. But not all is a hopeless cause. In fact, preventing sun glare from impacting your vision when you are driving is something that you can control by wearing sunglasses.  That’s right. That’s why a majority of drivers wear sunglasses in […]

Wiley X Sunglasses for Small Faces

Looking for a great pair of safety glasses or sunglasses that aren’t too big for your face? Wiley X Sunglasses for Small Faces Prescription sunglasses and regular sunglasses are usually made to a sort of “unifit” size that fits the average person. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), we’re not all “average person” -sized. If you find […]

Wiley X Prescription Sunglasses for Large Heads

Looking for a pair of quality prescription sunglasses for a large head? Wiley X Prescription Sunglasses for Large Heads If you have an issue where most sunglasses or safety glasses tend to run a little small for you, we’ve got a great selection of Wiley X Prescription Sunglasses for large heads. Wiley X is a […]

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