Popticals Sunglasses


Popticals Sunglasses

The Biggest Innovation in Sunglasses

Since the Invention of Sunglasses.

Gear for the great outdoors should never slow you down or hold you back. We believe that innovative, compact, thoughtfully designed gear can enhance every experience you have outside. Packing smarter and smaller lets you do what you love without your stuff getting in the way.

Entrepreneur and Popticals founder David Porter saw a problem: sports sunglasses have no easy and safe way to be carried around when not in use. The cases wrap-around sunglasses come with are too bulky, and without a case, they often end up broken or lost. So David did what he does best and invented a solution: a design that allowed wrap-around sunglasses to compact down to a small size.

Popticals was founded with a spirit for innovation and adventure. We build portable, premium sports sunglasses that provide high-performance eyewear when you need them, and a convenient, safe way to store them when you don’t. With industry-leading lenses manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision and Italian manufacturing, we hold our products to an extremely high standard of quality. Our patented design represents something larger than just a way to make sports sunglasses portable. It’s tangible evidence of our mindset to not only build better gear, but to think of a new way to do things altogether. Simply put, innovation is in our DNA.


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