Oakley Prescription Safety Glasses

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Oakley Safety Glasses that are ANSI Z87 safety-approved can have prescription lenses added to them. At Rx-Safety, we are dedicated to providing the best prescription Oakley safety glasses that fit your safety needs.

We offer a wide range of Oakley prescription safety glasses ANSI Z87 approved.

Yes,  As long as the Oakley Glasses you choose are ANSI Z87 Approved, it does not matter the color lens you select.   If the lenses you choose are clear, yellow, transition or sunglasses tint, they will all be safety certified.

Getting your Oakley prescription safety glasses to you as quickly as possible is top priority for our customer care team. However, it is also critically important to us that we make sure your prescription enhanced Oakley glasses are flawless. That being said, prescription orders can take approximately 7-10 business days after they are processed to ship out to you. Our team will add your prescription to your Oakley glasses, and do a thorough quality control screening on them before they ship to you. 

Side shields are a form of PPE that attaches to your glasses and widens the field of protection. Most side shields snap on to the frames, are wearers like them as they can be easily removed after work. When determining whether or not you should purchase side shields for your particular pair of Oakley frames, the decision is based on the frame type. In the case of most Oakley prescription safety glasses, the answer is no, you do not need side shields. This is because most popular styles of Oakley glasses are wrap around. This means that they do not require side shields due to their highly protective shape.

Yes, you can use your Oakley glasses as safety glasses to protect your eyes in hazardous environments.  Oakley safety glasses for men and women are ANSI Z87+ approved for impact resistance. This high level of protective certification is perfect for most dirt and debris that could cause harm to your eyes. Additionally, many pairs of Oakley safety glasses hold the MIL34234 ballistics certifications. This is a highly protective military ballistic standard that protects your eyes against projectiles in a variety of dangerous settings. 

At RX-Safety, we take pride in our ability to customize our customers glasses to their exact needs. Therefore, we offer a range of lens coatings, and the ability to add your prescription to the glasses. While these customizations can increase the price of your Oakley glasses, we are proud to say that they are still reasonably priced compared to industry competitors. The price of Oakley prescription safety glasses also varies according to frame style and prescription type. Oakley safety glasses frames start at $116.00.

Once you place your order for Oakley safety glasses, RX-Safety can ship them out 2 days after the order is processed. Our team is proud to balance quality control with efficiency, and will do our best to get your order out right away.

Yes. In fact, all Oakley safety glasses are ANSI Z87+ certified for advanced impact protection. Additionally, many pairs of Oakley safety glasses also adhere to military ballistics protection standards too. If you’re wondering which styles provide which certifications and levels of protection, you can use the filter on the RX-Safety.com website to filter to the glasses that will best fit your needs.

Yes, regular civilians can absolutely purchase Oakley standard issue safety glasses. In fact, many do because they prefer to have the most professional level of protection available. Therefore, most people choose to purchase the Oakley standard issue because they are ANSI Z87+ approved and military ballistics approved. Gaining this military ballistic rating involves the glasses going through the ballistic fragmentation test. In this test, projectiles are fired at the glasses at high speeds, and the frames must not crack or puncture. The lenses must also remain in the frames. This strict test gives many consumers the peace of mind to wear their safety glasses with security and confidence.

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