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Nearly all sports sunglasses are made with a shatter-resistant material called polycarbonate. Prescription motorcycle riding glasses can be made with this or other shatter-proof materials such as Trivex or Polycarbonate lenses. All of these materials are tested to withstand extreme impact, which is definitely important when riding a motorcycle, not only do you want to wear glasses that will keep your eyes protected but you need something that will also keep the glare out of your eyes. Impact protection isn’t only necessary in case of an accident; at high speeds, even small types of debris become a hazard that will shatter your regular street lenses.

If you want to keep yourself safe on your next ride, having the correct eye gear is imperative. Not only are you protecting yourself and your eyes, but your improved vision will make you a safer driver for others around you. When riding a motorcycle you need the right helmet and eyewear to keep you safe. If you have any questions about prescription motorcycle glasses and lenses, contact us today and let us help you find the kind of prescription lenses you need.

A well-seasoned biker knows that sunglasses are an essential part of their riding gear. The right riding glasses will make you look good but they will also provide much-needed protection against sun glare, dust, wind, and road debris. 

We offer prescription motorcycle sunglasses from brands such as 7Eye, Wiley X, Bolle, and we have our own Rx line of motorcycle sunglasses.

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If you need a new pair of prescription motorcycle sunglasses or motorcycle goggles so you have clear vision and a safe ride then you’re in the right place. We have motorcycle glasses to fit any prescription in virtually any frame. We’re experts in all things prescriptions and safety glasses.

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