Thindex 1.70 High Index Lenses

Rx-Safety offers several different lens materials for prescription glasses. If you are interested in high index plastic, the material that we recommend most is Thindex 1.70 due to its optical clarity, light weight, and thinness.

High Index Lenses: Thindex 1.70

Thindex 1.70 is a Vision Ease brand lens and can be purchased in clear or with a tint, and it is not available as a lined bifocal. Thindex is most commonly ordered in our flat, fashion-style frames, but it is also available in single vision in a wraparound frame.

The reasons we recommend Thindex 1.70 high index lenses are:

  • Thindex is the most lightweight lens we carry for strong prescriptions.
  • Thindex 1.70 is almost exactly as thin as 1.74 index lenses (the difference is unnoticeable) and less expensive.
  • Thindex has a high tensile strength, allowing the lens to be inserted into special frame styles such as rimless and drill-mounts.
  • Thindex 1.70 has an ABBE value of 36, meaning that it offers better, clearer optics than any other high index lens.
  • Because it is a very different material, Thindex has superior impact resistance compared to 1.74 high index – its impact resistance is four times greater than that of 1.74.
  • Though Thindex is clearly superior to other high index lenses, it is less expensive than most of them.
  • Of course, we offer a variety of different lens options on our web site, so if you would rather have a different high index lens or a material with more color options (such as polycarbonate), we have what you are looking for.

If you have a strong prescription, however, and are looking for the thinnest, lightest lens possible, then Thindex 1.70 is for you. We recommend that if you order any high index lens on our site, you also order anti-reflective coating since high index generally causes more glare than other lens materials.

If you have any questions about Thindex or any of our other lens options, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. One of our staff members will be happy to help you pick your perfect pair of prescription glasses.

  1. Pete Anderson says:

    Can the thindex 1.70 be made in a transition type darkening lense?

  2. Stanley sokolik says:

    what is the differences in thindex and trivex ? and price differences?? thanks stanley

    • jsiddiqui says:

      Thindex is for people who have a high prescription looking to have a thin lens. Trivex is a high impact rated safety lens. It’s similar to the glass material in terms of clarity. Trivex with us is $30, Thindex starts at around $60 and goes up depending on the index selected.

  3. jason wang says:

    Hi how can I tell the difference (physically) between a polycarbonate/high index and thindex lenses?

    How can i be sure I received a thindex lense instead of the polyc.


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