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The Z87 means that the glasses are rated as ANSI Z87, which means that they are impact resistant according to the testing standards of the American National Standards Institute.

There are three standards to look for in the safety rating, to determine if a pair of glasses or goggles are ballistic approved. ANSI Z87.1, MIL-PRF-31013, and MIL-DTL-43511D. Any of these standards are ballistic rated, though as you go down the list, they offer higher levels of protection, with MIL-DTL-43511D being the highest.

Prescription Wiley X Sunglasses take Between 12-15 business days to ship.

Yes we can.

So long as the frame and lens material are safety rated, then yes. Keep in mind that unless you have transitions, using your sunglasses for safety glasses while indoors may not work well.

Bradley Cooper wore Wiley X Saints. See the Link

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Wiley X makes all of their Wiley X Frames and Lenses.

Tactical eyewear is eyewear designed and tested for use in high risk, combat environments. It tends to be ballistic rated, impact resistant, and sleek. It will usually have many options for personalization, and be comfortable and easy to wear.

RX-Safety is a proud distributor of Wiley X Sunglasses. We sell an extensive, yet carefully selected collection of Wiley X Sunglasses for our customers that are motorcycle riders, military personal, athletes, and more. We have you covered for Wiley X sunglasses, no matter what outdoor environment you work in! Here at RX-Safety, we are confident that we can be the best place for you to purchase your Wiley X sunglasses, no matter what special coatings or prescription you need added to them. Head to RX-Safety.com and select your favorite pair of Wiley X sunglasses. Then, you can adjust the glasses to your specific needs using our customization options. These options include lens coatings, features, and the addition of your prescription. Additionally, the RX-Safety customer care team is always on call to help you make the perfect choice!

As a USA brand, Wiley X is extremely attentive to quality when manufacturing its products. Today Wiley X products are made in the USA and also imported from other foreign countries. Also, all special coatings, lens changes, or prescription additions you add to your Wiley X sunglasses that you purchase through RX-Safety will be done at our New Jersey, USA location!

RX-Safety is proud to have made our process for purchasing Wiley X sunglasses extremely streamlined and easy. Simply head to RX-Saftey.com and head on over to Our Wiley X page. There, you will see our extensive collection of Wiley X Sunglasses for men and women.  When you find the pair you like, simply click “buy prescription glasses” and you’ll be taken to our customizations page. There, you can add on your prescription, new lenses, and coatings!

We love to help update your Wiley X sunglasses with new lenses! If you are looking to change the lenses on the new pair of Wiley X sunglasses that you are currently purchasing for the first time, simply follow the instructions above to do it on the customizations page. If you are looking to have us replace the lenses on existing frames that you already own, simply head to RX-Safety.com and visit the Lens Replacement Program page! There, you will be walked through the process of sending in your frames for lens replacement. This whole process takes approximately 7-10 days!

RX-Safety has many customers that work in hazardous environments that require safety glasses with industry standard safety ratings. We are happy to offer ANSI and Military approved Wiley X safety glasses. You can view them by browsing through our Wiley X category. All Wiley X sunglasses can also have regular lenses added to them to become regular safety sunglasses as well. Order your Wiley X safety glasses and safety sunglasses at RX-Safety.com today!

The Wiley X Omega Sunglasses are available through RX-safety.com with a wide variety of different colored mirrored lenses. Simply click on the Omega listing and select your preferred color! This variety of lenses is great for those who wish to select glasses that adhere to their own personal, unique style. Also, they are great for those that work in outdoor environments that benefit from specific lens coloring to help the wearer see!

For motorcycle riding, we advise our customers to select streamlined, wrap around sunglasses with large lenses. This is because they help to smoothly wick away wind, dirt, and debris while you ride. Our Wiley X range offers many options that adhere to their specifications. Head to the RX-Safety.com Wiley X sunglasses page to browse for your next pair of motorcycle glasses!

We are happy to offer our collection of Wiley X sunglasses at a reasonable price. Wiley X sunglasses can range from around $50-$100. This can vary based on the style of frames you choose. Additionally, adding lens coatings, lens changes, or your prescription to your Wiley X sunglasses can change the total of your order.

The Wiley X Valor is one of our favorite pairs of sunglasses for its versatility! It also features interchangeable T-Shell™ Lens coating, that resists scratching and provides 100% UVA/UVB protection. The interchangeable lenses simply pop in and out, and come with a pouch to store the lenses that you are not currently using. These different lens styles make them adaptable to all different types of indoor or outdoor environments.

Look no further than RX-Safety.com! With decades in the industry, we have perfected the online ordering process for safety glasses and safety sunglasses. Our customer care team is available to answer any concerns that you might have, and our product descriptions give you the full scope and measurements of our products. The Wiley X collection online by RX-Safety is an excellent choice if you are looking for a dependable place to purchase online!

The size of the glasses your order should depend on the measurements of your face. To simplify this process for our customers, RX-Safety lists the measurements and specs on every product listing. You can also reach out to our team if you are unsure, or believe that you might be in between sizes.

The turnaround time for Wiley X Safety glasses is about 7-10 days if you add on your personal glasses’ prescription. If not, your glasses will be at your doorstep a little quicker. Adding lens coatings or options to your Wiley X glasses can also extend your wait period by just a couple of days. 

Absolutely! RX-Safety offers a comprehensive range of Transition lenses for all Wiley X frames. Our transition lens offerings include the renowned Transition Signature 8, Transition Xtractive, and Transition Xtractive Polarized lenses. These cutting-edge lenses seamlessly adapt to changing light conditions, providing optimal vision and daily protection. Whether indoors or outdoors, these lenses intelligently adjust their tint to ensure clear vision and shield your eyes from harmful UV rays.
We provide the Transition Xtractive and Signature series in brown and gray to cater to your style and visual preferences. This allows you to choose the hue that best suits your taste and seamlessly complements your Wiley X frame. Whether you prefer a warm, earthy brown or a classic and versatile gray, we’ve got you covered.
When you browse our selection, you’ll find all Wiley X frames compatible with our transition lenses. This means you can enjoy adaptive eyewear benefits without compromising style or quality. Wiley X frames are known for their durability, comfort, and stylish designs, making them an excellent choice for those seeking functionality and fashion.


Wiley X Sunglasses are by far one of our best seller brands. Wiley X was created with our military needs in mind, so it resulted in high quality sunglasses and safety glasses with outstanding lenses. Everything is made to improve the quality of your vision during a mission, work, or hobby.

We are proud to be a Wiley X official distributor. So we offer all the amazing Wiley X Sunglasses, and most of them are prescription available.
Getting Wiley X prescription sunglasses is an investment. But, when you buy your Wiley X frame at RX Safety, you can add your prescription and combine the wide range of lenses, colors, and coatings at an affordable price. So, the best place to buy cheap Wiley X Sunglasses is here.


Discover more about the exclusive Wiley X Captivate Polarized Lens Technology


Wiley X Glasses feature high quality, comfortable and durable frames.



Wiley X Safety Glasses are ANSI Z87+ approved and some are military approved.

CAPTIVATE-polarized-lenses-with color-enhancing-technology

The Wiley X Captivate Polarized Lens exclusive technology is a game changer when it comes polarized lenses. The Wiley X Captivate lenses are the only contrast enhancing eyewear that meet the EN 166 and ANSI Z87.1 safety standards.

The colors are completely redefined when you have a Wiley X Captative Sunglasses. The Captative Polarized lenses filter out the harmful ravys and increase the clarity and definition with bibvrant contrast and vivid detail, providing a better high quality vision thru your Wiley X Sunglasses.

Plus, all the Wiley X polarized sunglasses with the Captative lenses have a proprietary oleophobic coating which protects your lens surface from dust, oil, dirt, and water. In other words, your Wiley X sunglasses wil be easier to clean and are also scratch resistant.

Wiley X Sunglasses with Captivate lenses are a great options especially if you are looking for a polarized fishing sunglasses.


The WX Captivate polarized lens filter more light, which enhanced blues, greens and reds for a true color experience and a better contrast.


The Captative Wiley X lenses removes the haze and allows distant objects to be seen more clearly.


Once the Wiley X sunglasses with captivate lens technology eliminates the bad blue light, the polarized lenses will enhanced depth perception, especially if you are near water.

Wile- X-sunglasses-with-and-without- Captivate-lens-technology


All Wiley X Sunglasses are made with Triloid Nylon, a virtually unbreakable material that guarantees durability to your Wiley X safety glasses.
The high-quality frames of the Wiley X provide better performance during any kind of activity or environment.
All the Wiley X prescription sunglasses are designed with comfort and durability in mind. All Wiley X Sunglasses feature comfortable nose pads and temple bars, to ensure a secure fit. In other words, you can use your Wiley X all day long.

Depending on your need, you can also get Wiley X prescription sunglasses with special features like the removable facial cavity seal or the floating facial cavity seal. Wiley X sunglasses provide a wide range of options to ensure you will get the best performance sunglasses for what you need.

Plus, you can also get the exclusive dynamic denting system technology which will prevent your Wiley X sunglasses from fogging up. These features can be great especially if you are looking for fishing sunglasses or Wiley X safety glasses.


ALL Wiley X safety glasses are ANSI Z87+ approved


All Wiley X Prescription Safety Sunglasses are ANSI Z87+ approved. This means that you can’t really go wrong with Wiley X Safety Glasses.

Wiley X combines stylish safety glasses with durability, and all their prescription safety glasses pass through rigorous high velocity and high mass impact tests to ensure you are getting the best Wiley X safety glasses available.

If you are a military, law enforcement, or first responder looking for ballistic safety glasses, Wiley X got your back. Being a military family, Wiley X also has a wide range of safety glasses that are approved by military standards. So, if your search for Wiley X shooting glasses ends here.

The Wiley X shooting glasses are tested in the most variety of extreme conditions, which ensures high quality and durable shooting glasses that will work in any extreme environment.

Wiley-X-safety-glasses-that-meet- military-standards
Approved-to-meet-ANSI-Z87+and- MIL-PRF-32432-standards

Whether you need protection against dust, water, or fly debris, Wiley X has a variety of prescription safety glasses that provide great protection to your eyes.

In addition, most Wiley X safety glasses are prescription available, so you can add your prescription to most Wiley X Prescription Sunglasses or Wiley X Prescription Safety Glasses.


Clean your Wiley X Prescription Sunglasses the correct way will extend the lifetime of your WX Sunglasses.


Learn the best and easy way to clean your Wiley X Prescription Sunglasses.


Once Wiley X Sunglasses are a versatile frame, most of them can be used as Wiley X Safety Glasses, Wiley X fishing glasses, motorcycle glassses, and even shooting glasses, it is comum that your Wiley X will get dirty.

In here, we show you variety of ways to clean your Wiley X prescription safety glasses that will not cause damage to the frames or lenses.

The first step in prolonging the life of your Wiley X prescription sunglasses is monitoring them for dirtiness and damage. If your Wiley X glasses lenses are dirty, it can impact your vision. Dirty sunglasses affect your vision and can cause accidents to happen. Spot check your Wiley X lenses every day to ensure they have not become too dirty.



The microfiver cloth will be gentle on your Wiley X glasses and will prevent them form getting scratched.


The cleaning solution is to quick clean and disinfect your Wiley X prescription safety sunglasses with, wiping away dirt and debris.


Simply submerge your Wiley X prescription sunglasses in lukewarm water in the sink. Additionally, if pressure is needed to help clear away the dirt, you can hold the safety glasses firmly under running water to expel the debris.


Submerge your Wiley X prescription safety glasses under running temperature room water and add non abrasive dish soap. Be gentle, to ensure your coatings will not get demage. Let it dry.



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