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The Wiley X brand was founded on its uncompromising dedication to technology and safety. Now, with Its line of Wiley X Captive lenses, it continues its promise by offering revolutionary optical advancements for everyday people. 

With Wiley X Captivate lenses, you no longer have to search for clearer and pristine vision. These technological-sound lenses are accessible and affordable, bridging the gap between creativity and performance. 

So keep reading to learn more about the Wiley X Captivate lenses. We’ll tell you all about the lenses we offer, their many advantages, and the research behind it all.

Behind the lens: the science of Wiley X Captivate

The visible light spectrum (or VLS) is the spectrum of light and the part of the spectrum we are able to see. It’s full of an array of colors that we distinguish. 

Some of the areas on the visible light spectrum our eyes can easily distinguish–like reds, greens, and blues, for instance. But when these colors begin to overlap, like blue and green, for example, it can create confusing light and prohibit optical clarity. 

Blue light can be good for increased awareness and elevated mood, as well as other benefits. However, “bad” blue light is extremely damaging. Not only does it exist on digital displays or indoor artificial light, it is also a part of the visible light spectrum. 

Wiley X Captivate lenses provide added protection against long term damage from harmful blue light, while allowing access to beneficial blue light. In fact, it is the only lens that blocks harmful blue light up to 430 nanometers. 

With Wiley X Captivate lenses you get greater clarity and increased contrast, providing the ultimate visual experience.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of Wiley X Captivate lens technology. 

Advantages of Wiley X Captivate lenses 

Wiley X Captivate lenses were designed to provide a high optimal performance for its wearers. 

We’ve cut no corners in research and this diligence has led to groundbreaking advances in our technological approach. And because we understand the science, we were able to transform this knowledge into cutting-edge technology to give customers a refined and powerful experience. 

So keep reading. Now we’ll explore several core benefits of our Wiley X Captivate lenses and how they defy standardized options to provide the ultimate solutions for progressive eyewear. 

  • Color intensity: These lenses provide color intensity by filtering out confusing light in the color spectrum, allowing you to get a truer color experience. 
  • Greater Clarity: With harmful blue light creating haze and optical confusion, these lenses help give you crisper vision. This allows you to see distant objects at a greater capacity.  
  • Refined Depth Perception: Through the separation and enhancement of colors on the color spectrum, you’ll experience better depth perception. All the more, Captivate lenses give individuals a better grasp on what they’re looking at and what the eye is seeing.
  • Increase awareness/Elevated Mood: Captivate lenses work to block out harmful blue light so wearers can have access to good blue light. With access to more good blue light, you get an elevated mood and a more natural sleep cycle. 
  • Superior Contrast: Captivate lenses offer a variety of colors, all which increase contrast in specific environments. With each lens color (which we’ll talk about them next), you’ll receive a carefully chosen base and finish that optimizes your visual experience depending on conditions. And since the differences between colors are heigheted with superior contrast, this makes it easy to discern one object from another.
  • ANSI Z87.1 Rated: Captivate lenses provide the same safety protection as all brands from Wiley X, being that they’re tested and approved by the highest industry standards.  

These lenses provided highly performative optics that are sure to leave you with a visually-striking experience with the ultimate consistency. 

With these advantages of Wiley X Captivate, you can be confident and protected, all while enjoying life in a greater capacity. 

Let’s take a glimpse at the lens colors and how they perform for ultimate perception and compatibility. 

Wiley X Captivate Lens Colors

Wiley X Captive offers eight different lens types designed for optimal performance and vision enhancement. 

Before we get into the specifics of each lens, we’d like to highlight the remarkable benefits that they have in common. 

Keep reading to learn more about the totality of the Wiley X Captivate lenses.

What They Offer

Each lens comes with a guarantee of safety and high performance. In fact, all of Wiley X Captivate lenses are:

  • Polarized, which means that they have a chemical applied to them that allows them to filter out light. 
  • Oleophobic Coated, which allows the prevention of oil, dirt, water, and dust from sticking to the lens. This provides greater use between cleaning sessions.
  • Scratch resistant, and are rated a 7 on the Bayer Abrasion Test, a nearly doubled rating compared to premium coatings.
  • RX-able, available in prescription for all our prescription wearers. 

If you’re looking for highly-performative lenses accessible to the everyday wearer, Wiley X Captivate is just the right fit for you. 

In fact, not only are there benefits to having Wiley X Captivate lenses in general, but each lens that we offer was designed with a specific way of performing with the wearer’s experience in mind. 

Let’s get into the specifics. 

Lens Specifics

Wiley X Captivate lenses provide wearers with the ultimate visual experience. 

As a whole, they are highly progressive and provide the ultimate level of safety. Each individual lens in the collective on its own, however, was designed to improve contrast in a specific environment–this provides the perfect experience for every condition.

We’ve got you covered. 

With eight color options, you’ll have an array of lenses to choose from that are sure to enhance your awareness. 

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of our mirrors and non-mirrors Wiley X Captivate lenses


  • Captivate ™ Polarized Gray: With our polarized gray lens equalizing the visible light spectrum, colors enter more uniformly and offer superior optics. What this achieves is absolute color control with a true-to world experience. There’s also an enhancement of greens, all while providing protection on the sunniest of days.  
  • Captivate ™ Polarized Copper: This copper-based lens enhances contrast in low-light conditions. It’s darkened tint works to deflect light from bright, sunny days. 


Each mirror color is indicative of the mirror-coating color on the lens. Keep reading to see the various benefits of each mirror lens. 

  • Captivate ™ Polarized Blue Mirror: Not only does this lens provide supreme visual comfort during bright days, but it also provides a vibrant wave of color to enhance the visual experience. 
  • Captivate ™ Polarized Bronze Mirror: A bronze-based lens pairs well with various light conditions. In fact, when wearing this lens, you’ll see refined details and a reduction in eye-fatigue. 
  • Captivate ™ Polarized Red Mirror: Visually captivating and high performance-based, this grey-based lens offers protection against brightness all while keeping your vision true-to-color. 
  • Captivate ™ Polarized Rose Gold: Our polarized rose gold lens is an elegant and visually-appealing lens that delivers in performance. This lens highlights nature’s greens and yellows, making it a perfect option for enjoying the outdoors. 
  • Captivate ™ Polarized Platinum Flash: This green-based lens defines contrasts while providing a true-to-color visual experience. With superior sun protection and reduced glares, this lens is bold and performative. 

So depending on your visual needs and personal interest, you have a variety of options with the Wiley X Captivate brand that delivers technological solutions that better address your visual experience.

Wiley X Captivate delivers daring, definitive lenses that are sure to leave you with the ultimate sense of confidence and protection. 

Prescription with Wiley X Captivate Lenses

So there you have it. The Wiley X Captivate lens technology outshines standard lenses by providing various benefits to optical performance and enhancement. 

While the Wiley X Captivate lenses are safe and progressive as a whole, each lens color was carefully designed to provide various technological advancements. This provides many solutions to meet your unique eyewear needs.

How do you get a prescription? Our team is full of experienced and technical individuals who would love to help you with your safety eyewear needs. Simply inquire online or give us a call so we can help you get started with your Wiley X Captivate lenses.

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