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Our goal at RX Safety is to provide customers with safety glasses that provide protection at an affordable cost. That being said, our transition safety glasses start at $34.99, so there are many options to choose from. Added features such as prescription and lens coatings can bring up the price of your safety glasses. However, these features are provided at the best price in the market.

Yes, it is possible to get safety glasses with Transitions lenses. Below you will find all the Safety glasses we offer in stock with Transition Lenses. Transitions lenses are a type of photochromic lens that darken in the presence of UV light and become clear indoors or in low-light conditions. They automatically adjust their tint level based on the amount of UV radiation they are exposed to, providing convenient and versatile eye protection.
These safety glasses are designed to meet ANSI Z87 safety standards while also incorporating the photochromic technology of Transitions lenses.

Yes, you can. Not all of our transition safety glasses are available with prescription. However, if you can see a “select prescription lenses” orange button next to “add to cart”, you can add your prescription. Just click on the button and fill in your prescription information. At RX Safety we also have a wide range of lens types, materials, colors, and coatings to transform your transition safety glasses into exactly what you need.

Yes, they do. All of our transition safety glasses meet ANSI Z87.1 rigorous safety standards for high velocity impact resistance. You can look out for this rating on the sticker available under the main photo of the product page, or by clicking “additional information” and scrolling to “safety rating”.

RX Safety is committed to getting your order out quickly and efficiently while doing proper quality control. Our non-prescription transition safety glasses usually take between 3 and 5 business days to be shipped. Prescription orders from RX Safety take between 7 and 10 business days to be completed and shipped. This is the same for all transition prescription safety glasses. If lens coatings or additional features are added, the lead time can be extended.

Yes, you can. If your transition safety glasses have any extra accessories or replacement parts, those will be listed under the “replacement parts” tab, located below the description.

Yes, they do. All transition safety glasses at RX Safety come with a case for their protection.

The best Wiley X Transition safety glasses are available at RX Safety. After choosing your favorite Wiley X safety glasses, click the “select prescription lenses” button and then choose the Transition lens of your choice under “lens color”. You can select either Transition Gray, Transition Brown, Transition Vantage, Transition Xtractive Gray, or Transition Xtractive Brown.


Transition Safety Glasses are one of the best features you can add to your purchase as it helps to bring versatility to your safety glasses, allowing to have only one pair for everything.

It’s also so flexible that you’re able to get non-prescription transition safety glasses as well. There are different options for safety glasses with transition lenses and various types of quality. You may want to go premium and get Wiley X transition safety glasses or transition prescription safety glasses on a lower budget.


Safety glasses don’t need to only have one function, being their protective element. You can add the flexibility to be able to wear them seamlessly outdoors or when moving through different environments and have the defensive qualities while still having your eyes produced from the bight outdoors.

Instead of getting a pair of safety glasses and safety sunglasses, you can easily combine both functions by using transition safety glasses.

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Any type of transition lenses for safety glasses you get, you’re getting one of the most advanced lens technologies out there. They are extremely high quality, and you can get a few pairs depending on your situation. All of this, so you don’t have to keep squinty when driving or changing your safety glasses when entering the building.

There’s even more customization possible at RX safety, and we can even handle transition bifocal safety glasses if needed based on your prescription. You’ll also notice just how many options are available to get these types of transition lenses for safety glasses.



Again, there are various types of transition safety glasses at RX Safety. With many styles and colors, you can surely enhance your vision with transition lenses. Plus, at Rx-Safety, you will find a wide range of prescription safety glasses with transition lenses, including Oakley transition safety glasses.

When buying from Rx-Safety, you can custom-make any pair of safety frames you like with prescription transition lenses, so you can enjoy having prescription safety glasses with your transition lenses.

So contact us. Whether by chat, email, or phone, our customer service representatives look forward to answering your questions and helping you find your next pair of transition safety glasses.



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