Transitions® XTRActive® lenses are meticulously crafted for individuals who are highly sensitive to light or frequently exposed to bright environments. These new generation lenses are specifically designed to offer the utmost in extra darkness and exceptional light protection, ensuring an optimal visual experience.

For wearers who experience high sensitivity to light or are regularly exposed to bright lighting conditions, Transitions XTRActive new generation lenses are the ideal recommendation. They effectively shield against intense light both indoors and outdoors, including while driving.

exceptional blue-violet light filtering

The Transitions XTRActive new generation offers exceptional blue-violet light filtering capabilities. Indoors, these lenses effectively filter up to 45% of blue-violet light, reducing its potential harmful effects. Outdoors, they go even further by filtering up to 86% of blue-violet light, providing enhanced protection against the potentially damaging effects of this specific light spectrum. Whether you’re inside or outside, these lenses ensure a safer and more comfortable visual experience by minimizing blue-violet light exposure.

Moreover, the Transitions XTRActive new generation exhibits remarkable improvements in several key aspects. They are darker, providing enhanced tinting when exposed to UV light. They also offer improved clarity, ensuring a crisp and sharp vision. Plus, these lenses are up to 35% faster in their fadeback process, transitioning back to a clear state more rapidly than the previous generation. With these advancements, wearers can experience superior performance, quicker adaptation, and enhanced visual comfort throughout their day.

Last but not least, these photochromic lenses stand out as the darkest option in the car. These lenses provide exceptional tinting, offering the utmost darkness when exposed to UV light inside a vehicle. In fact, they are the only photochromic lenses capable of achieving category 2 levels of darkness in the car. For driving situations, nevertheless, the Transitions portfolio offers Transitions Drivewear sun lenses, specifically designed to enhance the driving experience.

OTHER Transition LENS options

Moreover, Transitions® lenses are available in four options, each with different characteristics. These are the Transitions Signature GEN 8, Transitions XTRActive new generation, Transitions XTRActive Polarized, and Transition Drivewear Lenses.
To learn more about them, check their pages below.

Signature® GEN 8

The Transitions Signature GEN 8 lenses stand out with unparalleled clarity and exceptional speed.

The clearest and fastest lenses on the market.



Transitions® Drivewear® are polarized lens designed specifically for driving, offering a remarkable combination of color enhancement and light adaptation.

Dynamically adjust their color and darkness levels to accommodate the changing light conditions encountered during driving.

Learn More

Xtractive® POLARIZED

Transitions® XTRActive® Polarized™ lenses are specifically for those who wear eyeglasses and regularly encounter bright light and reflective glare.

Combine sharper vision, heightened color perception, and a greater sense of visual clarity.

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RX Safety offers a wide range of frames that will match perfectly with your transition lenses.
Choose between eyeglasses, sunglasses, and safety glasses.

After choosing the perfect frame, click in ‘select prescription lenses’

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Inside our prescription form, you can select your prescription type. Choose between, single vision, bifocal and progressive. Than, you will choose your lens material. So you will select our TRANSITION LENS option.

after choosing your prescription type, select ONE OF THE TRANSITION LENS options


Add extra coatings

The TRANSITION LENS can be upgraded with special coatings such as anti-reflect, and anti-reflectiver coating
with hydro fobic (AR) to improve the overall performance of the glasses.

select your prefer coatings to upgrade your TRANSITION lens


add your prescription

Now it is the time to upload or fill your prescription information. You’re done!
Now, it is with us. We will work on your TRANSITION LENSES WITH PRESCRIPTION and deliver to your address.

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