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ESS sunglasses are not only reliable and tough, adding the ultimate eye protection and top-ranking performance, but they are also budget-friendly. In fact, there are a range of sunglasses that can meet you at the lower end.

For instance, our website features select and classic styles that can range from under one-hundred bucks. These glasses still feature top safety features and are extremely durable. Take the classic CDI Max Response style, for instance. This style features a wide range of view and therefore greater ballistic coverage. It even offers interchangeable lenses as well. ANSI and military approved, these glasses are definitely impressive for the price. 

You can also find styles over one-hundred dollars. And while this may initially seem expensive, it can be good to have a high-quality pair in your collection to serve as a staple piece. Take our sleek, Rollbar™ interchangeable-lens apel ballistic sunglasses. They feature auto locking lenses for premium safety and are made from military-grade polycarbonate to deliver sharp vision. They are also ANSI and Europe standard approved as well, providing the ultimate level of safety and protection.

Can you have ESS sunglasses replacement lenses? You absolutely most surely can. 

Not only do we offer polycarbonate frames and lenses for superior durability, but we offer additional coatings. Take our anti-fog coating, for instance. This coating ensures pristine vision while operating in the toughest conditions. Scratch-resistant coating is another feature we can offer for our replacement lenses. This coating ensures longevity and most importantly, clear views to accomplish the toughest tasks at hand. 

While these are only a few of the features offered by our replacement lenses, you can find more on our website. Be sure to check our product descriptions to ensure that you are getting the correct replacement lenses, as we have multiple glasses with interchangeable lenses. 

ESS Eyepro sunglasses were designed with the intention of bringing durability and protection to those who need it the most. Whether you are a first responder or a person looking for more safety while tackling complex conditions, these are the sunglasses for you.

Not only do you get extreme durability, but you also get high-performing design. Our sunglasses are military and ANSI approved, all while providing edgy and sophisticated styles. With superior technology at affordable prices, these are sunglasses that can definitely serve as an essential in any collection.

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