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Ess military sunglasses are some of the most rugged sunglasses in our collection today. Ess was founded to provide safety equipment to those individuals who have some of the toughest carers in the world. It was originally intended solely for military, law enforcement, and firefighting careers. In fact, Ess brand’s slogan is “Built for Battle. Tough for Life.” And while the company continues to focus on these types of markets, Ess military sunglasses may be right for you if you need durable sunglasses for any type of challenging environment.

As you can sell, Ess military sunglasses are focused on providing the most durability in difficult conditions. They contain high-impact lenses that can protect your eyes from all different types of elements—like dirt, dust, and even flying debris. In fact, Ess sunglasses lenses are shatter-proof, which can give you the confidence that your lenses won’t break in extremely challenging situations.

As far as the design, Ess military sunglasses can make you look cool and strong. If you want to offer a tough look to the world—whether you are at work or at play—these sunglasses are for you. Some of the available frame colors include black with silver, black with copper, and terrain tan. Along with this, some Ess military sunglasses have a Lateral Exchange System, meaning that you can quickly and easily interchange different types of lens colors. Ess military sunglasses lenses are distortion-free, allowing you to focus on what is actually occurring in front of you, rather than if you can accurately see through your sunglasses.

Whether you work at a job with challenging conditions or simply want to protect yourself with cool, tough sunglasses, we invite you to check out Ess military sunglasses. By reviewing your collection, you will inevitably find a style or design that speaks to you.

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