The next time you go cycling, just think about what could be improved upon. So many will talk about their vision and how it is affected during cycling. There are multiple factors that can happen on a cycling route, and it’s important to note those factors so that you’re aware of how cycling glasses can help to reduce or eliminate those issues. It’s not just about the irritating part of it, but also how the best cycling glasses can improve your performance while simultaneously being a huge safety feature.

We’ll look at different components to look for when it comes to cycling glasses, and you’ll quickly realize how sunglasses or even safety glasses aren’t enough in many cases because they rarely factor in shifting conditions or the speed of the movement that comes from cycling. And yes, prescription cycling glasses are easily possible, making cycling glasses perfect for anyone looking to start cycling on a consistent basis.



Sometimes we think the best cycling glasses are those giant photochromatic ones we see in the Tour De France or other cycling conditions, but that’s a specific event with a particular weather type, usually in the bright daytime. Cycling glasses need to adapt to both the lighting conditions and the weather conditions that are presented in front of us.


You would want to consider cycling glasses photochromic equipped, also known as transition lenses, because your vision needs to be clear regardless of low-level lighting in the morning, as the sun starts to come out.

Transition cycling glasses, it will gradually transition to appropriate levels throughout the cycling time, not compromising the vision.


Then there’s the weather condition. We train in all sorts of environments, and that wind force that’s pushing against our faces will start causing eye tearing, especially when the weather gets too cold. You don’t want to have to keep blinking or be distracted by it, so the best cycling glasses are with bigger lenses that act like a shield against it.

When it gets too hot, either from your cycling or the weather, the best cycling glasses have some type of anti-fogging or ventilation system to keep your lenses clear, so you’re able to keep seeing, which is the main purpose of these types of glasses.


Cycling glasses are meant to be used in exercise conditions and to stay on at all times during cycling, without you having to push the frames up or adjust them mid-cycle. That’s why you want to make sure there are enough adjustable components, from the temple guards to the nose pads, to make sure that when they’re put on, they’ll stay on. Many cycling glasses also come with materials that won’t slip against the sweat.

Then comes whether to decide about rimless or rimmed cycling glasses. The best cycling glasses will usually come with a thin-rimmed frame so that the face will be protected from the lenses cutting into them in case of an accident. Yet even with rimless glasses, some safety features are built to prevent that. So you may be wondering why even consider rimless frames, and you should because they’ll offer maximum vision every single time.
The best cycling glasses also come with a lot of high-tech components throughout the frame and lenses. The frames are built in a way to be as lightweight yet durable as possible, with comfort features to keep the lenses clear. In addition, the lenses come with many features to keep your field of vision as crystal clear as possible, regardless of what gets in the way.

For example, the lenses come with specific filters to keep out wavelengths that can affect the eye during the cycling portion, such as Oakley’s PRIZIM® technology. Instead, these types of lenses work to enhance certain colors and, more importantly, contrast as a way to assist your eyesight.



First of all, Polarized lenses are built to knock out the glare. That’s great for when you’re out on the beach or open waters where the glare reflects off the water. When it comes to cycling, though, you want to be able to see that glare as it can help with depth perception and your surroundings. Some cycling glasses can come with anti-glare protection but are not always recommended.


The best place to buy cycling glasses would be on our site at RX Safety, as we specifically categorize them for that type of activity. Sometimes sunglasses or other frames may look like cycling glasses but may not be constructed exactly for it.

If you are wonderng how to buy prescription cycling glasses and where is the best place to order prescription cycling glasses online, we got you!
At RX Safety, we combine numerous frame options with different kinds of filters. That means when you get prescription cycling glasses; you build out everything yourself online with the lenses and the options, as long as you’re aware of your prescription.

As a result, you’ll always be able to pick the suitable types of frames for your needs and sizing. At the same time, you can get the frames with the right lenses, and we bring everything to your doorstep within 7 to 10 business days.

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