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ASTM or The American Society for Testing and Materials, is a group that publishes protective eyewear standards. Their requirements are very strict, so any glasses marked with ASTM F803 will be impact resistant and able to protect your eyes while playing a variety of sports. To be certified as High Velocity Impact Resistant, as part of the ASTM F803 Standard, the frame and lens must withstand the impact of a 40 – 65.1 mm projectile fired at 150 km/h. For more information, see our blog article (

The main difference between glasses and goggles are the way that they are held on your head. A pair of goggles will be full seal, and will hold onto your head by way of an elastic retention band. A pair of glasses might not be entirely full seal, and, while it may have a retaining cord to help keep the glasses in place, is mainly held on your head thanks to the temple bars hooking behind your ear. Which type you choose to wear is based on personal preference, as well as which sport you are playing, and the the hazards that you may encounter.

Is there a particular brand you want me to push here or should this just be a general, “We have a wide selection of glasses from different manufacturers perfect for any sport your child might play. Browse our website or contact one of our Customer Service Representatives for more information?” deals.

Yes. All of our frames can be made with a variety of Polarized Lens Options. Browse our website, or speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives for more details.

Absolutely. At Rx-Safety, we carry a full line of sport protective eyewear that is specifically designed to withstand high velocity impacts found in those sports. Our frames have a variety of other options, to make them better for certain sports, as well as a large selection of lens options to make your frames fit your needs perfectly. If you’re curious if a specific frame would be useful or effective in a specific sport, please reach out to one of our Customer Service Representatives for more information.

Glasses designed for sport safety are also designed to stay put. Most will have a retention cord connecting the ends of each temple bar (the arms that sit on either side of your head) and many will also have rubberized coatings on the tempe bars, nose pads, and the frame itself to help keep things in place. Combine all of that with a fitting from a licensed Optician, and your glasses should stay right where they need to be, on your face protecting your eyes.

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