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Since each shooting color works best in a certain type of environment, the best shooting glasses depend on what you plan to use the shooting glasses for. 

For instance, orange is extremely popular because of its high definition, providing sharp focus while shooting on a cloudy day. 

Purple is also a popular choice as it creates a neutral background, perfect for most light conditions. 

Clear glasses are also a staple. These glasses are perfect for shooting in the woods or for practicing indoor shooting activities. 

To learn more about shooting glasses colors, feel free to check our Shooting Glasses Lenses Color Guide.

Yellow shooting glasses are excellent for when you are shooting in the woods or losing light late in the day. What these lens colors do is create an extreme case of contrast that dramatically increases your ability to define objects and edges. This is why they’re better suited for low visibility, and overcast and dark conditions. 

With many of our shooting glasses, you have the option of adding the anti-fog feature in the lens coating selections on the website. What this does is keep your glasses from fogging up, which is extremely important as you need to approach shooting with non-obscured vision. 

You can simply select these options when you customize your glasses to ensure the ultimate level of safety and protection. 

If you don’t know where to start, you can try our Wiley X Saber Advanced prescription shooting glasses that feature several unique anti-fog lens colors–all while protecting your eyes and sharpening your vision. 

Shooting glasses have an extra level of protection and often feature military ballistic features and ANSI Z87+ safety glasses features. Safety glasses, on the other hand, tend to simply feature ANSI approval.

In short, shooting glasses are ANSI and military approved, while safety glasses are simply ANSI approved.

Safety shooting glasses are important when it comes to your overall well-being. At RX Safety, most of our tactical glasses meet both rigorous military ballistic standards and have a high degree of impact resistance meeting safety glasses ANSI Z87.1 rating for impact protection. 

With our safety shooting glasses, you can take steps to protect yourself–we’ll focus on the safety, while you can focus on the fun.

The American National Standard Institute (or ANSI) establishes standards and regulations for the products and equipment on the US market.  Most safety glasses carry the ANSI classification rating Z87+ which indicates the toughest safety features for occupational eyewear protection. 

RX Safety offers ANSI safety glasses making it easier to have an ultimate level of confidence while shooting. Because shooting glasses must be ANSI Z87+ high impact approved, it’s important that you consider if your prospective glasses have been through such rigorous industry standards. 

Several factors come into play when choosing prescription shooting glasses.

First, it’s important to know what main shooting activities you will be doing so that you can choose your shooting glasses color. We have a guide that outlines which lenses work perfectly for certain conditions that you can find here.

The second would be the safety rating. Do these glasses meet rigorous industry standards like ANSI Z87+ and ballistic standards for your ultimate safety and protection? Since most of RX’s safety prescription shooting glasses meet high industry regulations, it may be a great idea to start in our exclusive line of shooting glasses inventory.

Lastly, would you need an added layer of protection like anti-fog or UV protection lens coating that would be helpful to maintain a clearer vision while omitting harmful rays while outdoors? Customizations can give you the assurity you need before stepping out on the field for any activity.  

While these are only some factors to consider, they provide great food for thought as you are searching for your prescription shooting glasses. 

ANSI Z87+ shooting glasses are glasses that have been rigorously tested by the American National Standard Institute (or ANSI) for impact protection. These glasses follow rigorous guidelines to ensure each wearer will be protected in the highest sense in the event of an accident. 

Amber or red would be a good choice for trap shooting glasses. That’s because the red tint highlights oranges and helps lock the eyes on fast-flying clay targets, making them easier to identify against tree backgrounds.

  • Yellow lenses enhance your visual acuity.
  • Yellow shooting glasses enhance contrast, improving your ability to distinguish between objects and find edges.
  • The human eye is most naturally adapted to detecting yellow light because of the high ratio of yellow light emitted from the sun, compared to others. This means that yellow lenses make things appear brighter and clearer.
  • Enhanced contrast and visual acuity allow yellow shooting glasses improve your reaction time and differentiation of targets.
  • Experienced shooters generally do not move away from yellow shooting glasses after they’ve started using them, proof of their effectiveness and popularity.
  • Our yellow shooting glasses are ANSI Z87 certified for impact safety.

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