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RX-Safety is extremely proud to be an official distributor of Nike Sunglasses. Nike has a reputation for excellence in athletic wear, and that same quality translates to their glass’s frames. We are proud to have a carefully curated collection of Nike Sunglasses. We also always perform quality control inspections in house.

While Nike manufactures their sunglasses both in the US and overseas, does quality control inspections in our facility in New Jersey, USA. Additionally, if you choose to add any additional features to your sunglasses such as lens coatings or your prescription, that will also be done by us in New Jersey!

At RX-Safety, we have been providing our customers with excellent quality Nike sunglasses for decades. We want our customers to purchase their Nike sunglasses from This is because of the effort we have put into making the process simple, easy, and affordable. In fact, our Nike sunglasses collection is made to be tailored to the needs of all of our RX-Safety customers. The RX-Safety customer care team is on call to assist all men and women in finding the perfect pair for their needs. We also offer the ability to add any prescription or lens coating to your Nike sunglasses in house.

Just like with all of our other glasses, we have given our Nike sunglasses customers the flexibility to build their own glasses. This means they have the freedom to also choose what features they want added such as specific lens materials and coatings. All frames have a base price that ranges from around $50 to over $100 for more luxury frames. After selecting your frame, you then have the option to add special coatings and features to your lenses. This part of the process is completely optional and up to you! Nike sunglasses are great because they are affordable yet very reliable.

Yes! Simply browse the RX-Safety Nike sunglasses category to see our full collection. After reading the product descriptions and checking out the features, choose the sunglasses you want to purchase. Then, click the orange “prescription” button in order to customize the glasses with your eyeglass’s prescription from your eye doctor. Plug in your prescription and you are good to go through the rest of the check-out process.

The great thing about Nike sunglasses is the vast selection of frame styles they come in. These frame styles have different features that are great for a wide variety of wearers and utilizations. When choosing the best Nike sunglasses for you, pay attention to the measurements, product descriptions, and attributes that you need for your specific environment. Our customer care team is also available to field any questions about the best Nike sunglasses for men or women in any environment!

Many athletes love to wear wrap around glasses, particularly baseball players. In fact, you see professional baseball players wearing wrap around glasses in the minor and major leagues. This is because the wrap around style tends to be more streamlined and wicks away wind, dirt, dust, and debris.

Your prescription Nike sunglasses will not take any longer than regular prescription glasses purchased from RX-Safety. Most prescription orders generally take about 7-10 business days to process before shipping. Depending on the options you chose, your order could process faster or slower.



With unprecedented optics from Nike Glasses, enjoy a variety of sporting occasions.


On the field, on the court, and on a variety of different occasions, men around the world can be confident doing what inspires them the most–and all of this is possible with Nike Vision.  

Nike Glasses fuels unmatched performance for a variety of sports. With enhanced optics, one can enjoy the thrills of a variety of sporting activities, including running, golfing, cycling, and more. Nike Sunglasses provides a high degree of technology and quality to ensure individuals can consistently rely on a clear and distinct vision. And if that isn’t enough, Nike sports sunglasses are designed with a high degree of sophistication, allowing you to look stylish while performing at your ultimate best. Offering unbeatable eyewear with a tailored approach for many sporting occasions, you are sure to get refined vision with Nike Sunglasses, time and time again.


We’ve got you covered–defying vision is undeniable in these Nike women’s sunglasses.



Nike Vision provides a tailored approach in women’s sunglasses that outshines the competition. With advanced technology and a high level of design, women of all various walks of life can share optical excellence, with ease.

Nike women’s sunglasses are made with a high level of quality. Made from durable materials, these Nike glasses are made to last, allowing you to carry them into many of life’s favorable moments. They are also designed to enhance a host of environments, like our polarized and mirror tints, for instance, to bring greater visuals and definition in many occasions. Nike sunglasses redefine women’s eyewear through their astonishing optical performance and consistency, transforming traditional notions of style and aesthetics in relation to femininity. Through this, women across the globe can experience distinct visions without apology.



Here are the latest frames and lens styles for Nike kids sunglasses, a transformative vision for all.


Nike Vision’s exclusive eyewear is more than just performance, but also, principle. We believe that children are not an afterthought but the forefront of movements for generations to come. With this, we’ve combined creativity and innovation for youth of many ages to enjoy as they tackle the future ahead.

We want children to see the world in color–literally. Nike Kids sunglasses line has a variety of lens tints to enhance and define new and exciting experiences. We also have quality frames with colorful accents that provide durability and aesthetics on many occasions. And if you need a prescription, we’ve got you covered, as many of our designs allow one to incorporate one’s unique experience into quality styles. Nike kids’ glasses also emphasize prescription glasses, as we understand the daily demands on many of our youth’s vision. We even utilize our technological research to provide unwavering optics for our youth as well. So whether they’ll be the next CEO, scientist, designer, or more–Nike Glasses for kids is a perfect component to incorporate into their journey.




Nike Vision makes it easy for those with a prescription to have the ultimate visual experience on a variety of occasions. Whether on the baseball or tennis field, and even training, individuals can experience a sense of ease in the latest Nike glasses designs. 

Gone are the days where you have to wear multiple layers of glasses to get basic, optical functions. With Nike prescription sports glasses, individuals can enjoy dual functioning with ease, that is, uncharted optics and prescription tailored to their unique visual perspective. But there’s more. These Nike sports glasses were built with great durability and precision, ensuring that the toughest challenges can be met with visual excellence. Individuals get the opportunity to wear the latest styles and ultimately enhance their performance–what’s not to love? Nike prescription sports glasses provide great flexibility and  are ideal for multiple sporting events, allowing them to be  worn on and off the field. And because they’re extremely stylish, you can easily mistake them for your everyday eyewear. But not to worry, as these Nike glasses were made to be considerable of comfort, making them suitable for long periods of wear. These Nike glasses for sports are also highly protective and can provide confidence against physical obstacles that one may encounter in a host of environments–weather, flying debris, and moving equipment–all in an effort to protect one’s vision. So let’s face it, with Nike prescription sports sunglasses, you get more than your average frames. You get everyday optical solutions for the sporting challenges and opportunities ahead.


These sleek Nike sunglasses merge comfort and fit to give you several technological advances, providing a fantastic visual experience.



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