The benefits of Wrap Around Prescription Safety Glasses Vs Safety Glasses with Side Shields

wrap around vs side shield safety glasses

In the past year and a half, we have become accustomed to the term PPE or Personal Protective Equipment. PPE is equipment that minimizes exposure to hazards. These hazards can cause serious workplace injuries and illnesses. In the occupational safety industry, a common type of PPE is safety gear to protect your eyesight. Prescription safety glasses do just that. But, what are the benefits of wrap around prescription safety glasses vs safety glasses with side shields?

Many workers in a variety of segments require full protection for their eyes. This is why they choose glasses with either a wrap around style, or glasses with removable side shields. Side shields are a part of your safety glasses that protect your eyes. Side shields block dust, debris, and all foreign material from entering. They block off the gaps in your glasses that give access to your eyes. They do this by creating a barrier between the outside environment and your eyes. In fact, it is possible to build side shields into safety glasses. This is the case of wrap around glasses. Alternatively, side shields are available as a separately detachable piece that you can add on to your glasses when needed.


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has set forth established guidelines for side shields on prescription safety glasses for men and women. Also, they have released industry standards for employers so that they are aware of when side shields are required at work.

Wrap Around Prescription Safety Glasses

Wrap around safety glasses provide constant protection from all elements. They eliminate the possibility of side shields being misplaced or separated from the glasses on the job. Glasses with a wrap around style frame also have the benefit of being stylish outside of work. The streamlined design of the typical wrap around frame makes it appear to be sporty and translates well to wearing in everyday life. The ease of not having to worry about disengaging side shields makes wrap around frames an appealing option for those that still need added optical protection in the lab or on the field.

Additionally, glasses without detachable side shields can be incrementally more lightweight, a factor they may come into play after a long day of wearing the frames. Most glasses wearers will tell you the importance of having a compostable and lightweight pair. Additionally, from a management standpoint, having glasses with built in protection can ensure that your employees are always engaging in complete safety gear while they wear them. It eliminates the possibility of an employee neglecting to engage their side shields.

Prescription Safety Glasses with Side Shields

Alternatively, glasses with detachable side shields have become a staple for occupational safety workers across all segments. You can have clip on side shields with a wide variety of safety glasses. This means that you can wear them on many popular frame styles such as aviator, square, rimless, and more. The frames of safety glasses have evolved over the years in ways that make them fashionable and on trend. Often, everyday people cannot tell the difference between safety glasses and someone’s regular glasses. Detachable side shields also bring with them the benefit of being extremely versatile. This means that you pick when to use the side shields and when not to. They can be a valuable accessory for those that use them. Of course, as mentioned above they are only incrementally heavier on the face.


Both wrap around frames and frames with detachable side shields are viable options for workers in a multitude of industries. They both supply the necessary added optical protection. Prescription safety glasses protect your eyes in all segments with whichever option you choose.

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