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At Rx-Safety, we take pride in offering a diverse array of lens colors that seamlessly balance functionality and style. Whether you prioritize practicality or crave a fashion-forward look, our carefully curated selection ensures you’ll discover the perfect lens to elevate your eyewear experience. Explore the possibilities below and find the ideal blend of form and function at Rx-Safety.

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Explore Premium Lenses

Experience the confidence of high-quality lenses at Rx-Safety, ensuring not just immediate visual clarity but also long-term advantages.

Explore a range of benefits, from Clear and Clear with Blue Blocker for crystal-clear vision to Transition Gray and Transition Brown for adaptable shading in changing light conditions.

Elevate your outdoor experience with Polarized Gray and Polarized Brown lenses, providing enhanced glare reduction.

Opt for Dark Gray or Dark Brown for a bold and stylish look, or choose the classic American Gray G-15 for timeless appeal.

Light Gray, Yellow, Orange, and Light Pink offer a spectrum of vibrant choices to match your mood and style.

Additionally, our Transitions XTRActive Gray, Transitions XTRActive Brown, and Transition Xtractive Polarized lenses provide dynamic adaptability, ensuring your eyewear effortlessly adjusts to varying light conditions.

Choosing the appropriate lens color is essential when selecting the perfect eyewear to suit your style and needs. Explore our diverse selection of lens colors below to find the ideal match for your preferences.



Opting for clear lenses is a timeless choice that effortlessly accentuates your eye color, creating a natural and inviting focus for those around you. The transparency of clear lenses fosters a genuine connection as people engage with your eyes, promoting a friendly atmosphere.

These versatile lenses are ideal for various situations, seamlessly transitioning from office work to outdoor activities without the need for constant removal. With clear lenses, you enjoy uninterrupted clarity throughout your busy day, enhancing your vision in shaded areas and even in adverse weather conditions like rain.

The practicality of clear lenses becomes evident, providing an unobstructed view and ensuring a safe and clear perspective, particularly crucial during activities such as driving.

Clear-with-Blue-Blocker-These-lenses- not-only-reduce-eye-strain-but-also- significantly-enhance-your-comfort- throughout-the-day

Clear with Blue Blocker

Clear with blue blocker lenses offers a subtle variation from plain clear lenses, effectively blocking all ultraviolet light up to 420 nanometers. Over time, prolonged exposure to this light can potentially harm the cornea and lens of the eyes, as well as contribute to premature aging and wrinkling of the skin around the eyes. These lenses actively counteract both short and long-term effects by filtering out harmful ultraviolet light.

Consider incorporating clear with blue blocker lenses into your routine, especially if you spend ample time outdoors or work extensively on a computer in well-lit environments. These lenses prove beneficial in sunny climates, shielding your eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet light and preventing potential damage. Additionally, for office workers who spend significant hours in front of screens, these lenses can provide valuable protection.

Beyond reducing eye strain, these lenses offer a transformative impact, enhancing your comfort throughout the day while adding a stylish flair that boosts your confidence and energy levels—a perfect blend of protection and style.


Transition Gray

Transition gray lenses offer a reliable level of protection while addressing the common inconvenience of wearing glasses in varying environments. These lenses seamlessly transition between clear and dark states, providing both eyeglasses and sunglasses functionality.

Indoors, they remain clear, eliminating the need for an additional tint. Outdoors, the lenses automatically darken, offering UVA, UVB, and blue light protection, making them a versatile security blanket for your eyes. The light intelligence of these lenses even recognizes when you’re behind a windshield, ensuring consistent and comprehensive eye protection.

Specifically, transition gray lenses combine the benefits of transitions technology with a stylish and sophisticated gray tint. Ideal for general-purpose use, these lenses reduce eye fatigue, maintain true color perception, and minimize glare—particularly from water. In essence, choosing transition gray lenses allows you to embrace a stylish look with the assurance that your eyes are protected in any setting. With the convenience of transitions technology, you no longer need to juggle two pairs of glasses, simplifying your daily routine.


Transition Brown

Transition brown lenses, similar to their grey counterparts, encompass all the benefits within the transition lenses family, offering protection against UVA, UVB, and ultraviolet light. The convenience of having only one pair of glasses for diverse environments simplifies your daily routine, allowing you to focus on more essential aspects of your day without worrying about misplacing or switching between multiple pairs.

Beyond their practical advantages, transition brown lenses elevate your eyewear experience by combining functionality with an appealing aesthetic. Brown lenses, known for their suitability in variable everyday conditions, enhance contrast and contribute to improved depth perception with a red element.

Whether you’re golfing in the morning, working in your home office, or transitioning between outdoor and indoor activities, these lenses provide comprehensive protection, even while driving. In essence, transition brown lenses serve as a versatile solution, offering maximum protection, comfort, and style throughout your day.


Polarized Gray

Opt for Polarized Gray lenses to unlock a multitude of advantages. With their inherent polarization, these lenses effectively block reflective light rays, preventing them from hitting and entering your eyes. The filtered light that reaches your eyes results in reduced glare, minimized eye strain, and enhanced overall vision—transforming your perception of colors and images.

The combination of polarization and the natural benefits of gray lenses makes Polarized Gray lenses ideal for various environments and situations. Gray lenses excel in reducing eye strain under sunny, cloudy, or hazy conditions, making them perfect for activities like golf or tennis. They also effectively diminish water glare, making them a compelling choice for fishing or water sports enthusiasts.

While gray lenses maintain the true color of objects and people in your sight, they may lack some contrast needed in specific situations, such as driving. Despite this consideration, Polarized Gray lenses remain an attractive option for those spending ample time outdoors, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.


Polarized Brown

Polarized brown lenses, similar to their gray counterparts, offer distinctive advantages, primarily stemming from their inherent polarization. Beyond reducing eye strain and safeguarding your eyes from long-term damage, the unique benefits of polarized brown lenses make them a valuable investment, especially if you frequently find yourself squinting at screens indoors or objects outdoors.

The brown color of these lenses sets them apart by providing exceptional contrast, making them particularly beneficial for driving on highways or quiet roads. With an added red element enhancing depth perception, polarized brown lenses offer clarity in various activities, from sports like golf, baseball, tennis, football, soccer, to water sports. Their versatility extends to both sunny and overcast days, making them an ideal choice for athletes engaged in multiple sports.

Beyond specialized use, polarized brown lenses are well-suited for general-purpose wear, boasting anti-fatigue properties that reduce strain from squinting in everyday scenarios. Their optimal darkness ensures ample overall protection, making them a reliable and versatile eyewear option for various outdoor conditions.


Dark Gray

Dark gray lenses, a timeless and stylish choice, represent the standard tint for sunglass lenses, offering a blend of classic appeal and versatility. The neutral fashion tone of dark gray lenses allows you to seamlessly blend into a crowd, making them an ideal option if your objective is understated elegance. However, if your goal is to stand out or make a bold statement, exploring different lens colors may align better with your desired appearance.

Beyond aesthetics, dark gray lenses offer functional benefits, making them an excellent choice for those sensitive to light. If you spend considerable time outdoors and experience discomfort from bright light, dark gray lenses can help mitigate these effects, providing relief throughout your day. This advantage is particularly beneficial in sunny climates, catering to outdoor enthusiasts engaging in sports.

Additionally, dark gray lenses rank among the most popular choices, ensuring easy accessibility and peace of mind when seeking a replacement pair for your glasses.

Dark-gray-lenses-reduce-light- sensitivity-offering-comfort-and-relief- for-long-outdoor-exposure.

Dark Brown

Dark brown lenses exude a sleek and alluring aesthetic, whether adorning sunglasses or any other type of eyewear. Whether you find yourself immersed in a lively music festival or simply enjoying leisurely moments with friends and family at the local park, the allure of dark brown lenses is worth serious consideration.

These lenses prove to be a versatile choice in nearly every imaginable condition, particularly excelling on sunny and partly cloudy days. Dark brown lenses are exceptionally well-suited for various activities, including driving, racing, fishing, water sports, golf, soccer, tennis, and hunting. If you partake in any of these sports, dark brown lenses emerge as an optimal selection for both performance and style.

Moreover, dark brown lenses seamlessly transition across diverse scenarios throughout your day. Striking a balance between functionality and style, dark brown lenses offer a distinctive alternative to traditional gray or dark gray lenses, allowing you to maintain a formal look while expressing your personality and unique sense of style—a subtly underrated benefit that becomes apparent after choosing dark brown lenses.


American Gray G-15

Consider American Gray G-15 lenses for your next favorite pair of sunglasses. Often associated with aviator frames, these lenses exude a stylish appeal that goes beyond the conventional. Whether you encounter them in a department store or online while browsing aviator glasses, the distinct gray-green hue of American Gray G-15 lenses adds a touch of toughness and intimidation to your look.

Beyond their aesthetic allure, American Gray G-15 lenses prove to be versatile for various purposes. Well-suited for both work and leisure, these lenses excel in everyday use. Moreover, they demonstrate their effectiveness on the water, making them a valuable companion for fishing or boating enthusiasts. Additionally, if you engage in winter sports like skiing or snowboarding, these lenses enhance visibility on snowy terrain, aiding in spotting moguls, trees, or obstacles.

While offering practical benefits, American Gray G-15 lenses stand out as one of the most stylish options among various lens types. If you aim to make a statement and stand out in a crowd, these lenses can undoubtedly fulfill that role. Striking a perfect balance between style and functionality, American Gray G-15 lenses cater to both male and female preferences, making them a compelling choice for those seeking the best mix of fashion and practicality.


Light Gray

Opting for light gray lenses is a pragmatic choice, delivering reliable functionality with a conservative aesthetic appeal. In terms of functionality, these lenses offer a comfortable tint that effectively reduces eyestrain, making them an ideal solution for those spending extended periods in the sun.

Light gray lenses maintain true colors without distortion, making them suitable for situations where accurate color perception is crucial. Whether engaging in outdoor sports like running or tennis, these lenses provide a subtle yet stylish option for alleviating eye discomfort.

As for style, light gray lenses, while not groundbreaking, impart a subtle tint that remains versatile in both formal and informal settings. Whether at work or enjoying a sunny day at an outdoor restaurant, light gray lenses offer effective performance without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

Notably, their timeless nature ensures they never go out of style, providing long-term comfort in the knowledge that they won’t need frequent replacement due to changing trends.



Yellow lenses offer a cool and stylish look while proving exceptionally valuable in outdoor settings. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, yellow lenses enhance clarity in fog, haze, and other low-light conditions, providing optimal visibility.

These lenses offer protective benefits by filtering out blue light from computer screens and electronic devices, preventing headaches, eye strain, and related physical issues. For night driving, yellow lenses prove invaluable in low-light conditions, enhancing vision on dark streets, especially during cloudy or foggy nights.

For outdoor enthusiasts, yellow lenses are a wise investment, particularly for activities like hunting, shooting, skiing, or snowboarding. Their adaptability to various lighting conditions makes them ideal for morning, afternoon, or evening pursuits.

Whether identifying targets more clearly during hunting or navigating slopes while skiing, yellow lenses cater to the specific needs of outdoor sports enthusiasts. Ultimately, if you engage in any outdoor activities, considering the purchase of yellow lenses is a worthwhile decision.



Embrace the unconventional with orange lenses, a fun and distinctive alternative for your day-to-day life. If standing out is your goal, orange lenses are sure to catch attention in any crowded room, offering a fashionable choice that sets you apart. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, orange lenses serve functional purposes, particularly enhancing clarity in dull, low-light situations. Whether engaged in indoor sports like basketball or racquetball, these lenses act as a secret weapon, providing clear visibility and a competitive edge against opponents.

Outdoors, orange lenses prove invaluable for activities like hunting, regardless of weather conditions. They aid in spotting targets in the wild, ensuring a heightened level of awareness. Similar to other colored lenses, orange lenses enhance safety during cloudy or foggy days, highlighting people and objects on the road for a secure journey from point A to point B.

In summary, despite being an unconventional choice, orange lenses may turn out to be the best fit for you, whether you seek a distinctive appearance, functional lenses for daily use, or a combination of both.


Light Pink

Light pink lenses present one of the most vibrant and fun options on this list, guaranteeing that you will stand out in any crowd. Beyond their striking appearance, these lenses offer significant protection throughout your day.

Enhancing visual depth, light pink lenses address depth perception issues and contribute to reduced eye strain, particularly useful in environments with fluorescent lights. Compared to other lens types, light pink lenses provide ample contrast, making them suitable for various needs.

During activities like driving or cycling, light pink lenses shine by improving visibility on the road, helping you navigate potential obstacles more clearly, especially in low-light conditions. Whether you desire attention or require enhanced visual performance, light pink lenses prove to be a wise choice.

Despite their somewhat untraditional color, these lenses offer a unique blend of style and functionality, making them a standout option for those seeking both aesthetic appeal and practical benefits.

XTRActive-gray-lenses-protect-against- sun-and-artificial-light,-block-100%-UV- rays-and-shield-from-harmful-blue-light.


XTRActive Gray

Experience complete protection with Transitions XTRActive Gray lenses, designed to shield your eyes whether you spend a few minutes or several hours outdoors. Similar to other Transitions lenses, XTRActive gray lenses offer exceptional protection against sunny days and harsh artificial light, blocking 100% of ultraviolet rays and safeguarding you from harmful blue light emitted by electronic devices.

Beyond protection, Transitions lenses provide the convenience of two different glasses in one frame, eliminating the need to carry both day-to-day glasses and sunglasses. The neutral gray color of XTRActive gray lenses adapts well to various weather conditions, making them particularly useful for outdoor sports like golf, tennis, or cycling. Gray lenses reduce eye fatigue and minimize glare, especially beneficial for activities off the water, such as fishing or water sports.

By choosing Transitions XTRActive Gray lenses, you benefit from light intelligent lenses that ensure maximum comfort even behind a car windshield. Stylish and practical, these lenses allow you to make a fashion statement while enjoying enhanced visual comfort. Explore the convenience and style of Transitions XTRActive Gray lenses today!

Transitions-XTRActive-Brown-lenses- utilize-the-benefits-of-brown-lenses- ideal-for-everyday-variable-conditions.


XTRActive Brown

Sleek and stylish, Transitions XTRActive Brown lenses provide protection whether you’re indoors or outdoors. Adapting naturally to changing light throughout the day, these lenses darken on bright sunny days to offer maximum protection and clarity. When indoors, they lighten up, ensuring clear vision of people and objects in your home or office.

Transitions XTRActive Brown lenses harness the natural qualities of brown lenses, making them ideal for variable, everyday conditions. Renowned for enhancing contrast, these lenses are excellent for activities like driving on busy streets, golf, soccer, tennis, fishing, and water sports. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities, these lenses seamlessly transition from office work to playing tennis at the local park, embodying the dual benefits of protection and convenience offered by all Transitions lenses.

With their sleek brown color, these lenses are a stylish choice for both men and women, combining fashion with practicality. Elevate your eyewear experience with Transitions XTRActive Brown lenses, providing the perfect blend of protection, versatility, and style.



XTRActive Polarized

Tailored for eyeglass wearers navigating bright light and reflective glare, Transitions XTRActive Polarized lenses present a unique fusion of light intelligent capabilities and dynamic polarization. This distinctive combination makes them an ideal choice for individuals seeking elevated visual acuity, vibrant colors, and an expanded field of view during outdoor activities.

This innovative lens design ensures wearers experience sharper vision, enhanced color perception, and improved visual clarity, contributing to a more enjoyable and comfortable outdoor experience. Specifically engineered to combat glare caused by reflected light, Transitions XTRActive Polarized lenses set themselves apart by not only minimizing reflections but also delivering sharper vision, more vibrant colors, and an expanded field of view compared to non-polarized lenses.

Eyeglass wearers benefit from the clear appearance indoors with a subtle tint that efficiently filters blue-violet light, distinguishing these lenses from traditional clear options. When outdoors, the lenses undergo a remarkable transformation, becoming extra dark and polarized, catering to the dynamic needs of individuals in varying lighting conditions.




RX Safety offers a wide range of eyeglasses, sunglasses, and safety glasses that match perfectly with different lens colors. Choose your favorite one.



select prescription type

Inside our prescription form, you can select your prescription type. Choose between, single vision, bifocal and progressive.




This is where you can select your preferred lens color, material and choose extra coatings to upgrade your glasses.



add your prescription

It is time to upload or fill your prescription information. Then you’re done! Now, it is with us. We will work on your glasses lenses and deliver them to your address.


or replace the lenses of your favorite frame

Explore the flexibility of our Lens Replacement Service, where you have the opportunity to effortlessly switch and upgrade your glasses lenses. Whether you’re seeking a change in prescription, style, or functionality, this program allows you to customize your eyewear to suit your evolving needs. Embrace the convenience of adapting your lenses to different scenarios, ensuring optimal visual clarity and comfort.
Replace your safety glasses lens with Rx-Safety is really easy! Check the step by step guide below:


1. Select Your Frame Style

At our Lens Replacement Service page, start by selecting the type of frame that you will be sending in to replace. This could be eyeglasses, sunglasses, safety glasses, wrap around, or more.


2. Select Your Lenses

Once you select the frame, you will be taken to a page to fill in all the other information about your new lenses and upload/fill your prescription.


3. Shipping your glasses

Once your prescription is filled out, you select how you will be shipping your glasses. Your options are to ship them yourself or for us to provide you with a prepaid shipping label.

4. Order Received Icon

4. You are done!

Lastly, simply move on to the checkout page and you are done! As soon as we receive your glasses, we will work on your new lenses and ship them back tou you!

If you need help, our customer service will be happy to assist you, just give us a call at 888-245-6638 or chat (button on the lower right corner).



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