Ray Ban Sunglasses

Frequently Asked Questions

Prescription Ray Ban sunglasses are extremely affordable and can start as low as $129 at RX Safety. Ray Ban uses select and durable materials for their eyewear products so you can be sure that you are getting great quality when choosing this brand. 


Not only that, but RX Safety offers sitewide discounts during select holidays and events. So if you’re looking for a steal keep a lookout, as you get top Ray Ban prices at lower costs throughout the year.

RX Safety is now an official distributor of Ray Ban. This allows you to get a variety of exclusive Ray Ban sunglasses, with prescription. Providing prescription Ray Ban sunglasses gives many access to current and sophisticated styles that are perfect for many occasions and when you’re simply on the go.

Not only that, but customers get access to exclusive lens colors and coatings when shopping with RX Safety. These features not only enhance the everyday experience, like lens and mirror colors, for instance, but they can also keep your sunglasses in pristine condition. There are also UV protection options that can promote healthy eyewear and filter out harmful UV light.

Ray Ban prescription sunglasses can be ordered on Rx Safety’s website. Simply, go to the website and search your favorite Ray Ban glasses. There, you will find detailed descriptions of each style to ensure you know the most about your specs. 


Once you choose your Ray Ban sunglasses, select the orange “Select Prescription Lenses” tab. After you select your lens type, colors, and coating options, you can add your prescription. Last, you’ll add your desired frames to the cart and check out–it’s that simple.

There are many affordable Ray Ban styles to choose from. Our premier Ray Ban sunglasses start as low as $129 and are made from durable and select materials. While this may appear a bit more costly than other online frames, Ray Ban offers you a peace of mind but offering quality and uniqueness in their eyewear. 


That said, Ray Ban is certainly worth the investment as you get premium, aesthetically pleasing luxury eyewear, all at competitive prices.

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