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A family-owned manufacturing company, Rx-Safety specializes in eyewear and safety eyewear. Committed to quality, our mission is to help our customers get the eyewear they need at a price that’s honest and budget-friendly. Being able to see and protect your eyes isn’t a luxury – it’s a right. And at Rx-Safety, we’re committed to making sure you get the eyewear you need the right way, every time.

As an optical lab and online store, we create top-of-the-line prescription glasses for everyday use and for work that requires highly functioning safety glasses. Whether for work or for play, the glasses we make are outstanding in quality, ensuring you don’t have to break the bank (or risk your eyes to save a few bucks) when it comes time for new glasses.

Your eyes matter. Stay safe and keep them safe with Rx-Safety glasses made just for you.

A Family Business

Rx-Safety didn’t happen overnight. In fact, it’s the product of a long family history of making eyeglasses. In 1910, my great-grandfather worked as a production manager for Bausch + Lomb, creating glass bifocal lenses that were distributed across the United States. With a decade of experience under his belt, he made the decision to start his own company in 1920, using his knowledge to manufacture and sell glasses to optical labs across the country. Known as Phillips Lens Company, he created a legacy that lives on in Rx-Safety today.

In 2001, my father and I took over the company, renaming it as Phillips Safety Products. Based in Middlesex, New Jersey, we learned as we went, using the knowledge passed on by my great-grandfather. In 2007 the company rebranded once more, finally becoming the Rx-Safety business our customers recognize today.

While the name has changed over the decades, there’s one thing that hasn’t: Our commitment to excellence in prescription and safety eyewear.

A true family-run business, we’ve grown over the last two decades from four employees (including my father and I) to sixty. Our team, which now ships up to 200 packages each and every day, is proud to still practice the art of crafting eyewear, just the way my great-grandfather would have wanted the job done. Looking around at the family behind Rx-Safety, I know that the century worth of hard work and commitment to excellence has paid off.

And I’m excited to pass that along to you, our valued customer.

Quality Products

From safety eyewear to prescription glasses, Rx-Safety makes sure your eyes are covered the right way, every day. In order to maintain the quality of each of our products, we use only top-of-the-line digital processing equipment, keeping the entire process in-house so that we manufacture every piece of every product.

Each of our prescription lenses is manufactured using free-form digital and progressive designs. This method allows us to create lenses in a variety of materials, including polycarbonate, high index, Trivex and standard plastic. And, thanks to our on-site full coating chamber, we can customize all of our anti-reflective coatings, making sure your glasses come out perfect – just the way you expect them to be.

The source of this type of quality is simple: We do everything ourselves.

A proud, family-run, American business, our team at Rx-Safety does all of the work ourselves – always.

Backed by advanced technology, including a full line of CNC edging machines and an advanced CNC generator, our highly-skilled team can produce hundreds of pairs of prescription lenses each week, customizing them just for you with our assortment of professional polishers, edgers, and coating machines.

Customer Commitment

No business can succeed without its customers, which is why we make sure to take care of you. Whether you have questions about a pair of glasses or if you need expert advice to find something that works for you, our team is here to help every step of the way. We make sure to make ourselves available so that you can get in touch with us quickly and easily – no hassle required.

And, when you do reach out to us, you’ll actually get to talk to one of our experienced staff members who has the knowledge you need to have all of your questions answered.

From all of us here at the Rx-Safety family, we can’t wait to work with you!

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