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7Eye sunglasses are some of the most protective, yet stylish sunglasses on the market today. For those that don’t yet know, 7Eye is a company that manufactures specialty sunglasses. These sunglasses contain a patented Orbital Sealing Eye-Cup, which ultimately maximizes protection from elements like wind, dust, mud, and other airborne irritants. The Airshield Technology that is present in many 7Eye  provides a complete seal around your eyes to offer the most protection possible. In fact, these sunglasses contain a Seal Protection Factor (“SPF”) of 100, meaning that 7Eye’s Airshield Technology provides a perfect, 100 percent seal around the orbits of your eye. Finally, the closed-cell foam material in 7Eye is also unaffected by the weather and is resistant to perspiration and grime.

Because of all of these features, 7Eye sunglasses are great if you are especially sensitive to some of these outdoor elements. Whether you spend the majority of your day outside or just want extra protection for those infrequent times that you spend outdoors, 7Eye sunglasses may be the best choice for you. They are also a great choice if you suffer from chronic dry eyes. They can provide some much-needed relief, regardless of how much time you spend outdoors.

Along with these critical protections in each and every pair, 7Eye sunglasses are stylish. When choosing your pair of glasses, you can select from colors like black pearl, light tortoise, and ruby fade. You can also choose from standard sunglasses or sunglasses with prescription lenses. All of these customization options ensure that you can make your pair of 7Eye sunglasses truly unique and original.

Ultimately, 7Eye sunglasses are an excellent choice if you place a high premium on eye protection. If you are concerned about dust, mud, and other airborne particles hitting your eyes, you should seriously consider 7Eye and 7Eye’s Line of Safety Glasses 

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