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As an American brand, at RX-Safety we are proud to say that the 7Eye glasses we manufacture are assembled in the United States. 7Eye products are manufactured with high quality materials such as TR-90 Nylon and polycarbonate. These high-quality materials are durable and lightweight which makes them comfortable throughout the day. While the materials themselves are sourced globally by the company’s trained procurement team, the frames and sunglasses themselves are assembled at the 7Eye headquarters located in Ontario, California. As an official distributor of 7Eye sunglasses, the 7Eye frames that we carry are distributed out of our facilities in New Jersey.

The acronym ANSI stands for the American National Safety Institute and Z87. This rating is the name of the safety standard pertaining to safety eyewear. ANSI Z87.1 rated adhere to specific standards and have to pass a series of stringent tests ranging from the optical quality of the lens to impact resistance of the frame. Select 7Eye frames that we carry are ANSI 787 approved. To locate these frames, simply head on over to our 7Eye line of glasses and use our simple page filters to filter the glasses to your preferred “Safety Rating”.

Yes! In fact, 7Eye glasses are particularly excellent for motorcycle riding. The Airshield technology that seals the eye cups around your eyes while you wear them ensures this. They block out dust, debris, and wind. These are all factors that motorcyclists experience while out on the open road. This makes 7Eye one of our best brands and liens that we carry for motorcycle riding!

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