Randolph Sunglasses

Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal at RX Safety is to provide customers with name brand sunglasses that provide protection at an affordable cost. That being said, Randolph sunglasses start at $229.00, with many options to choose from. Added features such as prescription and lens coatings can bring up the price of your Randolph sunglasses. However, these features are provided at the best price in the market.

Yes, you can. All Randolph sunglasses are available with prescription. To add it to the frame of your choice, you simply have to click on the “Select Prescription Lenses” button and fill in your prescription information. At RX Safety we also have a wide range of lens types, materials, colors, and coatings to transform your Randolph prescription safety glasses into exactly what you need.

Randolph sunglasses usually take between 3 and 5 business days to be shipped. Prescription orders from RX Safety take between 7 and 10 business days to be completed and shipped. This is the same for all prescription glasses. If lens coatings or additional features are added, the lead time can be extended. However, RX Safety is committed to getting your order out quickly and efficiently while doing proper quality control.

Yes, you can. If your Randolph sunglasses have any extra accessories or replacement parts, those will be listed under the “replacement parts” tab, located below the description.

Yes, they do. All sunglasses at RX Safety come with a case for their protection.

The best and easiest way to buy Randolph sunglasses is online. RX Safety is an official distributor of Randolph sunglasses, which allows you to get a great variety of Randolph eyewear. RX Safety is dedicated to providing the best eyeglasses at affordable prices and quick delivery.

The best way to ensure that you’re purchasing authentic Randolph sunglasses is to buy from an authorized dealer. RX Safety is an official distributor of Randolph sunglasses, so any glasses purchased with us are original.

Randolph Engineering sunglasses are typically sized using a three-number measurement system, which refers to the lens width, bridge width, and temple length in millimeters. At RX Safety, these measurements are available under “Frame Size”.

Use a ruler or measuring tape to measure the width of your face at its widest point, which is typically across your cheekbones. This measurement will help you determine what size of sunglasses to look for. Once you know your face width, consult RX Safety’s “Frame Size” tab inside the product of your choice and match them up to your own measurements. You can confirm your measurements on Randolph’s frame size guidelines.

With over 45 years of expertise, Randolph Engineering sunglasses are manufactured in a multi-step process that involves several stages of production, including design, engineering, and assembly.

Randolph sunglasses have been popular among celebrities for many years. Here are a few examples of celebrities spotted wearing Randolph sunglasses: Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, The Rock, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Al Pacino, Emma Stone, Brie Larson, and Ellen DeGeneres.

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