Prescription Safety Glasses

Frequently Asked Questions

ANSI Z87.1+ high-velocity prescription safety glasses are specifically designed to protect the wearer’s eyes from high-velocity impact hazards. The standard includes flying fragments, objects, particles, and more encountered in hazardous environments such as construction sites, woodworking shops, or industrial settings.

The ANSI Z87.1 standard classifies safety glasses into two main categories: standard impact and high impact, indicated by the “+” symbol. The “high velocity” term refers to the high-impact classification, which goes through stringent testing below:

  1. High Mass Impact Test: This involves dropping a 500g pointed weight from a height of 127 cm onto the glasses.
  2. High-Velocity Impact Test: This test shoots a 6.35 mm diameter steel ball at 150 feet/second (approximately 102 mph) at the glasses.
  3. Durability Test: This test subjects the glasses to exposure to non-ionizing radiation and chemicals.

Safety glasses that pass these tests can bear the “Z87+” marking, which means they offer a higher level of protection than regular safety glasses and are suitable for environments with a risk of high-speed particles striking the wearer’s eyes.

For prescription safety glasses to be marked with the ANSI Z87.1+ high velocity, they must meet these criteria.

At Rx-Safety we are dedicated to providing the best prescription safety glasses online at affordable prices. In addition, we are an American manufacturer, with frames starting as low as $15.00.  The cost of prescription safety glasses varies according to a lot of factors.

To get a price estimate for your prescription safety glasses, you need to consider the frame style, the lens material, and any coatings or special accessories that you may need.

On our website, you can add all the options to the shopping cart and your subtotal will be available right away. Also, at Rx Safety, we have a dedicated team of customer service, that will be happy to help you to determine the potential cost of your prescription safety glasses.

Yes, RX safety glasses have UV protection! Here at RX-Safety we have a vast curated selection of safety sunglasses and prescription safety sunglasses. All of our safety sunglasses have industry standard UV protection. In addition to this, you can take any safety glasses or prescription safety eyewear from our website and add a UV protective tint to them during customization. The process of adding a tint to our safety glasses is simple and easily done during the customizing and checkout process.

ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute, an independent testing organization that issues ratings that are approved by OSHA.

RX-Safety prescription safety glasses are indeed scratch resistant! We pride ourselves on always using high quality metals and materials such as TR-90 Nylon and Polycarbonate. These tough, high-quality materials are lightweight, yet extremely durable. They are built to last in tough, hazardous conditions and are exceedingly scratch resistant safety glasses and lenses. There is also an additional scratch coating for lenses available in the lens coatings section during selection of your frames.

Absolutely, your ANSI Z87 safety glasses can have prescription lenses. At Rx-Safety we are dedicated to providing the best prescription glasses that fit your needs.

We offer a wide range of prescription safety glasses ANSI Z87 approved. So you don’t need to choose between style and safety anymore!

To discover if your glasses are safety rated just look inside your frame and lenses. Safety rated frames and lenses are required to have the ANSI stamp on them.

Normally, you can find the ANSI stamp inside your frame temples and outside your field of view on your lenses.

The main difference between ANSI Z87.1 and ANSI Z87+ is that ANSI Z87+ incorporates additional requirements and enhancements beyond the previous version, ANSI Z87.1.

ANSI Z87.1 is the earlier version of the ANSI standard for occupational and educational eye and face protection. It outlines the essential safety glasses, goggles, face shields, and other protective eyewear requirements. ANSI Z87.1 includes specifications for impact resistance, optical clarity, coverage, fit, and frame and lens durability requirements.

The ANSI Z87+ standard is an updated version that includes all the requirements of ANSI Z87.1 while adding additional provisions to enhance safety and performance. ANSI Z87+ introduces different criteria and testing protocols to address emerging hazards and incorporate advancements in protective eyewear technology. The “+” designation signifies that the standard includes the latest revisions and updates beyond the previous version.

The enhancements in ANSI Z87+ include:

  • Higher Standard of impact resistance testing.
  • Improved optical quality requirements.
  • Expanded coverage.
  • Fit criteria.
  • Additional frame and lens durability provisions.

ANSI Z87+ aims to provide higher protection and performance for workers in various industries by considering new materials, technologies, and potential hazards.

Prescription Safety Glasses generally take between 7-10 business days to be completed and shipped.

Just remember, our production time varies according to the frame and lens type you chose.

Yes, prescription safety glasses must be Z87 stamped. The kind of stamp may vary according to what your frame was rated for.

General Safety Glasses have the ANSI Z87.1 stamp, and High Impact rated safety glasses have the ANSI Z87+ stamp.

If the frame is not ANSI certified, it will only contain the manufacturer’s mark. In addition, detachable side shields will be marked separately from your main lenses.

No, prescription safety glasses do not expire! As long as you feel comfortable with your vision, you can use your prescription safety glasses. But, like regular frames, constant and heavy use of your prescription safety glasses may cause frames to break or need repair over time. Also, it is important to pay attention to your eyes, which over time they can change and your prescription may increase.

At Rx-Safety, we offer a Safety lens replacement service, in which we are able to provide a brand new pair of lenses without you buying a new frame.

At Rx-Safety prescription safety glasses, lenses can be made of a variety of materials, including polycarbonate, trivex, high index 1.67 and 1.74, and standard real glass.

In addition to the lens material, we offer a variety of lens coatings and tints that will be effective for single vision and multifocal lenses on your safety glasses.

All our lens materials are ANSI Z87.1 approved, plus the polycarbonate lens and trivex lens are ANSI Z87+ approved.

If you need more information about a specific material or its properties, our customer service will be happy to assist you.

Yes, you can add tints and coatings to your prescription safety glasses.

At Rx-Safety we offer a variety of  tints, colors and coatings to be added to your prescription safety lenses without compromising your vision. In addition, we have a wide selection of transition lenses, perfect for those who need versatile lenses for indoor and outdoor use.

Plus, we also offer scratch resistant and anti-fog coatings, everything to make your safety lenses the best fit for your needs.

Yes, at Rx-Safety we offer worldwide shipping options. So you can get your prescription safety glasses anywhere.

Note: The only countries we cannot ship to are Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, Cuba, and Venezuela.

At Rx Safety we are specialists in finding the best prescription safety glasses for you. Is important to consider what you will be using the safety glasses for when shopping for the best prescription safety glasses online.

Everyone’s needs are different, and the same is applied when shopping for your prescription safety glasses.

Start thinking about the main activity exercising at all times, like machinery work, lab work, sports or military.

If your prescription safety glasses will be used at work, you need to consider the main standards you have to meet, such as ANSI rating or Military Performance rating.

Also, consider if most of your time will be spent indoors or outdoors, so you can add the best scratch coating, anti-fog coating, UV protection, and more to your safety lenses.

Plus, we offer a variety of tints, colors, and mirror coatings, so you can personalize your safety lenses to be stylish, comfortable, and protective.

Rx Safety is proud to carry a variety of frames, from wrap around, to plastic, goggles, and more. Everything you need to get the best prescription safety glasses online.

At RX-Safety, we understand the importance of making your purchase of prescription safety glasses as convenient and affordable as possible. While we do not directly accept insurance, we have made provisions to accommodate your needs in other ways.

We are pleased to announce that we accept both Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) through our regular shopping cart. This means you can use your HSA or FSA funds to purchase prescription safety glasses directly from us.

Additionally, recognizing the necessity for many of our customers to utilize their vision insurance, we’ve partnered with Binkey. Binkey specializes in simplifying and expediting the reimbursement process from your vision insurance. This partnership allows you to process your claim swiftly and efficiently, ensuring you get reimbursed without any hassle.

We believe these options provide a seamless and cost-effective way for you to acquire your prescription safety glasses, ensuring you get the eye protection you need with the financial options that best suit you.

For more information, check out our Insurance for Prescription Safety glasses page.

Digital single vision is the high definition lens version of the single vision lenses. In addition, the digital single vision offers better optics and a wider range of vision.

We recommend the digital single vision for people with a higher prescription or those seeking wrap around frames.

Visit our Single Vision vs digital Single Vision page to learn more.

It is! On almost every pair of safety glasses in our vast collection is capable of having your prescription added to it. This includes all varieties of RX safety glasses made for all kinds for work.

We have wrap around prescription safety glasses, RX safety glasses with side shields, prescription safety goggles, rimless prescription safety glasses, plastic safety glasses with prescription and more. 

The process of adding your prescription to your safety glasses is simple, and we have a quick turnaround time.

RX-Safety’s line of prescription safety sunglasses for all kinds of work is extensive. Choose from our curated RX safety sunglasses by a wide variety of well known safety brands. We offer the simple and easy ability to add your prescription, lens coatings, and a variety of other options such as tints to your safety sunglasses. Our prescription safety sunglasses are perfect for a variety of segments such as sports, military work, or hunting!

Side shields on prescription safety glasses are a great, useful tool for providing full 360-degree protection in a variety of segments. They widen the field of protection around your eyes and protect against airborne threats in environments such as the lab, workshop, or hospital. What we love about removable side shields is that they can be stowed away when they are not needed, turning your glasses into regular glasses. However, many of the safety glasses we carry have built-in side shields so you do not have to worry about losing the shields. Both options give you the ability to determine the level of protection that you require in the field. Additionally, RX safety goggles and wrap around safety glasses with prescription also provide additional protection the way side shields do.

At RX Safety, we are proud to offer the ability to add your prescription onto existing safety glasses that you already own. Simply head on over to our Lens Replacement page here. You are walked through the simple and easy process of sending in your safety glasses and having new safety lenses with your prescription added to them, and sent back to you.

Yes, HSA (Health Savings Account) cards are eligible for purchasing prescription safety glasses, sunglasses, and eyeglasses. These items are considered qualified medical expenses and can be paid using funds from your HSA account. As an approved provider, Rx-safety does accept HSA cards as a valid payment method for these specific products.

At RX-Safety, we are proud of our wide range of RX Prescription safety glasses. These frames are specially curated by our team. We do our research to supply our customers with a range of great safety brands that manufacture quality safety glasses with prescription. Head to for your prescription safety glasses today!

Yes, Rx-Safety makes prescription safety glasses that will not fog by offering the option to add a permanent anti-fog coating during the lens selection process. The Permanent Anti Fog coating can be applied to any prescription safety lens to address the common issue of lens fogging.

Rx-Safety’s anti-fog coating tackles this issue head-on. It works by altering the way water interacts with the lens surface. Instead of forming tiny droplets, the coating reduces the surface tension of the water, causing it to spread out evenly in a thin, invisible layer. This prevents the water from clustering into droplets that can obscure vision.

Fog Free Coating benefits people working in environments with fluctuating temperatures or high humidity and those engaged in physical activities that cause perspiration. It ensures that the wearer maintains a clear field of vision, which is crucial for safety and performance.
Furthermore, the anti-fog coating is permanent, so it remains effective for the life of the lenses. This eliminates the need for repeated applications or additional anti-fog products, making it both convenient and cost-effective in the long run.

To learn more about anti-fog prescription safety glasses go here.

Yes. It’s in the name already, but RX-Safety focuses on both safety glasses and prescription safety glasses. With an in-house lab and optician, not only are we able to offer prescription safety glasses, but we have all the available latest ranges of lens sizes, lens coatings, materials, and coloring available. 

So as long as you know your prescription figures, you’re able to build out, step by step, all the different components of the prescription lenses online. Yes, this even includes polarized lenses. So you can get the lenses you need and even the lenses that you want.

Plain and simple, the average cost of prescription safety glasses with us is $85.00. This can vary widely and is based on not just the frame choice but also your prescription and lens selection. 

For example, a higher index prescription may be better suited to different types of lens material. You may also want to add additional coatings such as anti-fog or anti-scratch. Coatings and colors will increase the price.

At Rx-Safety, we offer various prescription safety glass plans specifically designed for any size company. These plans provide convenient and cost-effective solutions for companies to ensure the eye safety of their employees. If you are interested in our corporate prescription safety glasses plans, please visit the following link: Rx-Safety’s corporate prescription safety glasses plans. Our dedicated corporate sales team will gladly help you and give details of our offerings tailored to your company’s needs.   If you want to contact the sales team for more information, please email them at CORPORATE-SALES@RX-SAFETY.COM.

Safety eyewear or safety glasses must meet the ANSI Z87.1 safety standards.

Plus, the ANSI Z87+ safety standards meet the OSHA 29 CRF1910.133(b)(2) eye protection for the general industry.

The EN166 is the European safety standard for eye protection.

At RX Safety, all safety glasses we carry meet the ANSI Z87+, OSHA, and EN 166 safety standards.

All the mentioned models (RX-F126, RX-Q100, RX-Q200, RX-Q300, and RX-RK2) are prescription safety glasses with an elastic strap for a secure fit. Additionally, what sets these models apart is that they all feature removable temple bars. This means you can easily detach the temple bars and transform the glasses into goggles, allowing you to choose the most suitable eyewear style. Whether you prefer the convenience of glasses or the full coverage of goggles, these models offer both options for comfort and safety. has a full, top-of-the-line optical lab to manufacture any prescription lens. We specialize in making all vision corrections, including prescriptions requiring prism lenses. We understand the importance of accurate vision correction, especially in safety glasses, and are fully equipped to meet your needs.

Ordering your prescription safety glasses with a prism correction is straightforward on rx-safety.

  1. Upload Prescription: You can upload an image or digital copy of your eyeglass prescription during your order process. This is the best way to provide us with all the necessary details of your prescription.
  2. Manual Entry: Alternatively, you can enter your prescription details manually. Ensure you include every aspect of your prescription. Then, add your Prism correction to the Comments box below the prescription form. Because prism correction is not a widespread need, it’s outside our standard Rx form. 


Prescription safety glasses are essential for individuals who work in industrial environments. For instance, if you’re working in a lab or in construction, it’s important to take additive measures to protect your eyes against hazards. If you already have a prescription, prescription safety glasses are convenient in that they provide extra protection while incorporating your unique prescription. This allows you to be free to do your job with focus, dedication, and peace of mind.

anti scratch icon


Our ultra anti scratch prescription safety glasses will ALWAYS protect your lenses.



Our Permanent Anti Fog Safety Glasses NEVER fogs.



ALL our safety glasses are ANSI Z87+ approved.



Upgrade your safety glasses with our ultra anti-scratch coating.

RX-Safety-Ultra-Anti-Scratch-Coating-is -compatible-with-any-style-of-safety- glasses.


The Ultra Anti Scratch coating is the perfect way to upgrade your prescription safety glasses. This scratch-resistant coating is the ideal way to protect your lenses from scratching. If you use safety glasses or prescription glasses, you know how scratches will affect your vision and the lifetime of your glasses.

That’s why, at RX Safety, we developed the Ultra Anti Scratch Coating that can be applied to your prescription safety glasses to create an extra protection barrier on your safety lenses.

Our Ultra Anti Scratch Coating will extend the life of your RX safety glasses and upgrade the way your lenses perform.


Stop your safety glasses from fogging permanently

Video-Review-permanent-Anti-Fog- Coating


Discover how our Permanent Anti Fog Prescription Safety Glasses works.


The Permanent Anti Fog Coating was created by Rx-Safety Engineers to stop your prescription safety glasses from fogging up.

The coating works on a molecular level to keep water molecules from bunching together, causing the blinding fog that is so Annoying and dangerous on safety glasses.

The result is a coating that NEVER fogs, even from the coldest conditions to a hot, humid climate. The lenses may develop a few water droplets instead of fog, but the water is transparent and is not dangerous.

The-Permanent-Anti-Fog-Coating- underwent-hot-and-moist-freeze-and- breath-tests-to-ensure-its-effectiveness-and-safe-use.
Comparing-Permanent-Anti-Fog- Coated-Glasses-to-Non-Coated-Ones


ALL RX Safety glasses are ANSI Z87+ approved

Safety-glasses-with-prescription-lenses-meeting-ANSI-Z87+ standards.

We value our commitment to prioritizing your safety, with no compromise. That’s why at RX Safety, all of our safety glasses are ANSI Z87+ prescription safety glasses.

Our glasses pass the tests of high velocity and impact, meeting high industry standards. In short, you can count on continued performance, giving you the peace you need to accomplish tasks.


RX Safety provides top quality frames and products as a family-owned manufacturing company, creating optical solutions to everyday circumstances. As an official distributor of top quality brands, we also offer a variety of frames to our customers as well.

Our dedicated mission to provide our large inventory at honest and fair prices is what we keep at the forefront, establishing our remarkable imprint across the US and neighboring regions.

If you’re looking for prescription safety glasses online, check out RX Safety glasses. RX Safety is the top-performing online store for safety glasses and performance eyewear. Offering the highest-quality eye protection, our safety glasses are great as they offer a range of protection.

Feel free to shop top brands including Oakley prescription glasses, as well as Wiley X Prescription safety glasses. We also offer a large array of prescription safety sunglasses, allowing you to work in outdoor environments as well.

RX-Safety-offers-brands-like-Phillip- Safety-Products,-WileyX,-Oakley,-and -OnGuard-for-premium-eyewear options.

Whether you need protection against chemicals, dust, radiation, and more, we have a variety of safety glasses with prescription that provide great durability and protection.

RX Safety has wide variety of prescription safety glasses, from wrap around safety glasses, plastic safety glasses, metal frame safety glasses, bifocal safety glasses, safety glasses with foam gasket, and more.

We also have prescription safety glasses with side shields that offer additional protection for the eye, preventing hazards and providing optimum security.


Clean your prescription safety glasses the correct way is essential.
This will maintain the life of your safety glasses.



Learn the best and easy way to clean your prescription safety glasses.


As a worker in any segment, your prescription safety glasses may get dirty in a variety of ways. Most glasses wearers know to use a microfiber cloth and a gentle glasses cleaning solution.

Whether it is chemicals, dust and debris, or hazardous medical material, you can learn how to safely clean your glasses. In this post, we discuss a variety of ways to clean your prescription safety glasses that will not cause damage to the frames or lenses

The first step in prolonging the life of your prescription safety glasses is monitoring them for dirtiness and damage. If your glasses lenses are dirty, it can impact your vision. Dirty glasses affect your vision and can cause accidents to happen. Spot check your lenses every day to ensure they have not become too dirty.



The microfiber cloth will be gentle on your glasses and will prevent them from getting scratched.


The cleaning solution is to clean and disinfect your prescription safety glasses, wiping away dirt and debris.


Simply submerge your prescription safety glasses in lukewarm water in the sink. Additionally, if pressure is needed to help clear away the dirt, you can hold the safety glasses firmly under running water to expel the debris.


Submerge your prescription safety glasses under running temperature room water and add non-abrasive dish soap. You can gently use a soft toothbrush to exfoliate the dirt from your safety glasses. Let it dry.




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