Reasons to Buy Rx Safety Glasses

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Employer-provided safety eyewear is helpful if you don’t normally wear prescription eyeglasses. But what if you do wear glasses, or aren’t able to wear your contacts everyday?

That’s where prescription safety glasses come in. They can mean the difference between putting your vision and safety at risk or getting through the day without a hitch.

Here are the top reasons why having a pair of Rx safety glasses on hand is a good idea:

You Don’t Wear Contact Lenses/Don’t Like Over-Glasses Safety Eyewear

One of the reasons to buy Rx safety glasses is if you need prescription lenses but don’t wear contacts, you’re generally stuck wearing over-glasses safety glasses that fit over your regular pair of prescription glasses. Because they have to cover both your eyes and your glasses, they’re quite bulky and prominent on your face.

While it might be fine at first, wearing fitover glasses for long periods of time can get uncomfortable and cumbersome. 

If your employer only provides one type of over-glasses safety eyewear, it might not be the right size or fit for you either.

Instead, a pair of safety glasses with lenses made to your exact prescription is a much better option. It’s lighter, fits better, and is more streamlined, allowing you to work for hours without feeling like you’re wearing a brick on your face.

You Need Bifocals

Shop-bifocal-safety-glasses-at-Rx- Safety.

Getting older isn’t easy, and one of the reasons is the change in your near vision. Once you need a different prescription for reading vs. distance, do yourself a favor by getting a pair of bifocals or progressives in both your regular and safety glasses.

While multi-focal contact lenses exist, you have to get a special fitting for them from your eye doctor. Plus, they’re more expensive, particularly if you wear disposable lenses. They can also be quite challenging or disorienting to adjust to – even if you’re used to wearing contacts.

If you’re doing detail work, running machinery, or have to read fine print, it’s essential to see clearly up close lest you make a mistake or run the risk of cutting off a finger.

In fact, double segment bifocal safety glasses are quite beneficial for mechanics and electricians who view things at close range both above and below.

Allergies and Irritated or Infected Eyes

Maybe you do wear contact lenses on a daily basis and are able to use non-prescription safety glasses just fine. But if you suffer from seasonal allergies that give you puffy, itchy eyes, it’s a good idea to have a pair of Rx safety glasses handy for those days that you just can’t put your contacts in.

Taking antihistamines or allergy medications during the day isn’t always an option because it can make you drowsy. It’s also not a good idea to work with blurred vision. A custom pair of safety glasses that fits you properly will help keep dust and other debris from further irritating your eyes.

Eye infections like pink eye (conjunctivitis) also prevent you from wearing contacts until the infection clears. Having a pair of safety glasses that gives you 20/20 vision saves you from missed days at work or trying to work without seeing well.

Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome is a common condition where the surface of the eye doesn’t get enough moisture or lubrication. It affects both contacts-wearers and non-contacts-wearers; however, wearing contact lenses is known to give some people dry, uncomfortable-feeling eyes.

Taking protective gear off to use rewetting or lubricating drops isn’t that convenient when you’re spending hours in the lab, on the workbench, or at a job site. You may not even be able to wear contacts regularly if they exacerbate the dryness of your eyes.

For some, regularly alternating between contacts and glasses is the compromise, making a pair of Rx safety glasses necessary if you want to stay productive on days you don’t wear contacts. 

Tired Eyes and Light Sensitivity

Working outdoors or under bright fluorescent lighting all day can tire your eyes out if you’re sensitive to light, so that’s other reasons to buy Rx safety glasses.

And if you’re relying on over-glasses safety glasses, you might encounter glare from the two sets of lenses you’re looking through.

With a pair of Rx safety glasses, you can customize the lens tint to a shade that works for your eyes and lighting conditions. You can even get lenses that transition from clear to shaded so you don’t have to take your glasses off in low light.

Indeed, there are multiple ways you can help reduce eye strain, from adding anti-glare and blue light-blocking filters to different colored mirror coatings that reduce the amount of light filtered through the lens.

Safety Glasses For Work and Play

Sunglasses-compliant-with-ANSI-Z87- standards

Who says safety glasses are just for work? If you’re a biker or a home DIY-er, your Rx safety glasses work just as well for hobbies and pastimes too. Which is one of the reasons to buy Rx safety glasses.

A pair of wraparound Wiley X or Oakley safety glasses aren’t just cool-looking, they’re fully ANSI-rated for impact-protection, making them great for motorcycle riding. They protect your eyes from the sun’s UV rays, wind and rain, in addition to rocks and other roadside debris that can fly up and hit you in the face at high speeds.

Or maybe you spend your weekends holed up in your workshop. Whether you’re soldering iron or shaping wood, a good pair of Rx safety glasses keeps you protected and seeing clearly at all times.

Otherwise, if you need to let off some steam at the shooting range, a pair of prescription tactical glasses or ballistic safety glasses is just what the doctor ordered.

Final Thoughts

When it’s important to see well and protect your eyes from hazards, prescription safety glasses are worth every penny.

Just as it’s good to have a pair of backup glasses in case you lose or damage your everyday pair, it’s smart to have a pair of Rx safety glasses on hand, even if you’re a regular contact lens-wearer.

Don’t take a chance when it comes to your vision or your livelihood.

  1. Therese Schmitt says:

    My husband just had an eye exam & would like to purchase a prescription pair of work safety glasses with eye shields & foam enclosure for top of lenses to keep sawdust out

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