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Fossil is an American design brand that keeps on trend by bending old school style with a modern twist. This created a timeless look, and they are known for their accessories such as watches, wallets, and more. However, Fossil also manufactures fashionable eyewear for men and women. RX-Safety is proud to be a Fossil distributor and carries a collection of vintage-inspired trendy Fossil frames. You can find these glasses at by searching Fossil. The Fossil frames we carry feature funky temple details and frame silhouettes in an impressive range of colors. They are also available at an affordable price.

Glasses by the designer brand Fossil average in the range of $150 on Some pairs of Fossil glasses start out slightly cheaper or slightly more expensive, depending on the frame. Additionally, RX-Safety provides our customers with the ability to add their personal eyeglasses prescriptions to the Fossil frames they choose. Adding your prescription to the Fossil glasses you choose can bring the price up. However, RX-Safety takes pride in being able to offer this option to customers at an affordable price compared to all other market competitors. Additionally, adding lens coatings or features such as blue light or anti-reflective coatings can change the cost of your glasses.

As is the case with all of the glasses brands that we carry at, our customer care team works hard to get them to your door as quickly as possible. That is the same for Fossil brand glasses. That being said, it is also critically important to us that we make sure your prescription enhanced Fossil glasses are flawless. Therefore, prescription glasses orders can take approximately 7-10 business days after they are processed to ship out to you. Our team will add your prescription to your Fossil glasses, and do a thorough quality control screening on them before they ship to you.

You can! Simply select the pair of Fossil brand glasses that you are interested in purchasing on the website. Once you have read the product specs and made your decisions that these frames are for you, simply choose the color you like in the swatch options on the page, and click “add to cart”. After that, your non-prescription glasses will be in your cart while you continue browsing and head to checkout. You can expect your non-prescription glasses order to ship slightly faster than the 7-10 business days that prescription orders take due to them not having to be customized.

You can! When you have completed your browsing and decided which pair of Fossil frames you like best, click on the frames page. Select your preferred frame color from the swatch options on the page. Then, you will see an orange button reading “Select Prescription Lenses”. From there, you can customize your Fossil glasses for men or women. This page allows you to choose the lens type, lens material, and add your prescription. You are also given the option to choose from multiple lens coatings. These options and coatings help you to customize the glasses to be optimally supportive in your specific work environment.

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