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Frequently Asked Questions

Thankfully, choosing and ordering your prescription swimming goggles is easy and painless at RX-Safety. First, head over to our prescription swim goggles page here where we have curated our selection. Please note that all of the goggles we carry have gone through extensive vetting by our dedicated team. We are confident that they are all great options for you. However, you can read through the goggle descriptions to find the ones with the perfect attributes that suit you and your specific needs.

Once you have selected your desired pair for either yourself or your child, click “prescription swimming goggles” on the right. On this page, you will be able to view a wide array of custom lens options such as material, coating, type, and color. Select the ones that will be perfect for your swimming experience.

When you are done with this, simply click next to move on the prescription page. Input your eyeglasses prescription. Once you are done with this, simply head over to the cart and check out!

We understand that it might seem daunting to pick out the perfect prescription for your swimming goggles. However, we recommend that you leave this up to your eye doctor. You can let your eye doctor know all of the activities that you use your eye prescription for and they will supply you with this prescription. Then, simply take your prescription over to RX-Safety’s Swimming Goggles collection and input it into your favorite pair!

To choose your Prescription Swim Goggles, head on over to our RX-Safety Swim goggles page. Here you will see our carefully curated line of swim goggles for men, women, and kids. While we are confident that all of our styles and brands of goggles that we carry are excellent, read through our goggle descriptions in order to find out which goggle style is right for you.

RX-Safety offers its prescription swimming goggles in a variety of options to suit all needs. Many of our swimming goggles come with excellent features to promote both safety and comfort. Our swimming goggles with prescription lenses feature hypo-allergenic silicone eye seals, a comfortable adjustable strap, and adjustable nose bridges.

Once you have selected your perfect pair of swimming goggles, click “Prescription swimming goggles” in order to choose your lens options and add your prescription. This will enable you to customize your goggles even further.  With our wide variety of lens options and styles of goggles, we are confident that you will be able to find the perfect pair for yourself to hit the water with!

Yes, at, we offer prescription swimming goggles that can be customized for astigmatism. We understand the importance of clear vision while swimming, and our range of prescription swim goggles is designed to accommodate various vision needs, including astigmatism. When placing your order, provide your astigmatism prescription details, and our team will ensure that your swimming goggles are tailored to meet your specific visual requirements. Enjoy the benefits of clear and corrected vision while swimming with our prescription swim goggles at

At Rx-Safety, we offer custom bifocal prescription swim goggles to cater to your swimming vision needs. We provide two options for bifocal lenses: FT-28 Bifocal and progressive bifocal.
The FT-28 Bifocal lenses have a distinct visible line separating the distance and reading portions of the lens. They clearly distinguish between the two prescription powers, allowing for an easy transition between distance and near vision while swimming.
On the other hand, the progressive bifocal lenses provide a seamless transition between distance and near vision without a visible line. They offer a more natural and gradual shift between the prescription powers, providing clear vision at various lengths.
Both options are available for prescription swim goggles, ensuring you can enjoy bifocal lenses’ benefits while swimming. With our bifocal prescription swim goggles, you can comfortably see near and distant objects in the water, enhancing your safety and enjoyment.
Our team at Rx-Safety is dedicated to assisting you in finding the proper bifocal prescription swim goggles to meet your specific vision needs.

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