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Frequently Asked Questions

The price of Bolle Safety Glasses averages from $25 – $50. However, there are both more affordable and more expensive options available depending on the specific safety glasses that you need. Some segments require safety glasses with extra durability or additional safety features. At RX-Safety, we are proud to supply a range of Bolle safety glasses and goggles that meet any needs our customers may have. Additionally, the price of your Bolle safety glasses for men or women may change depending on if you choose to add your own personal eyeglasses prescription to the frames. Customers also have the ability to add lens options and coatings to their glasses.

They do! Our Bolle prescription safety glasses meet rigorous industry standards and are ANSI Z87 certified. This certification means that your Bolle safety glasses meet impact protection standards. Head to our Bolle Safety Glasses category page to shop RX-Safety’s collection of ANSI rated safety glasses and goggles for men and women. These glasses are highly protective in a variety of segments with their high impact rating.

RX-Safety’s mission is to give your safety glasses to you as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our customer care team works hard to get them to your door as quickly as possible. However, it is also critically important to RX-Safety that we make sure your prescription enhanced Bolle glasses are flawless. We want your Bolle glasses to be perfect to be used in your work segment. Typically, RX-Safety prescription glasses orders can take approximately 7-10 business days after they are processed to ship out to you.  Our team will add your prescription to your Bolle glasses, and do a thorough quality control screening on them before they ship to you. Nonprescription Bolle safety glasses will ship out slightly quicker than prescription.

Yes! When you select the pair of frames you would like to purchase, click the orange “Select Prescription Glasses” button. You will then be taken through a series of customizations. These customizations include adding your prescription, lens material, and lens color, and coatings. These options will allow you to customize your very own pair of Bolle Prescription Safety Sunglasses.

You can! On the customizations page, anti-fog coating can be found in the lens coatings category. This coating can be added for $50. Check out the customizations page on any pair of Bolle frames to explore the additional lens options RX-Safety provides!

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