Choosing prescription safety glasses for hospital workers

Selecting-Prescription-Safety-Eyewear- for-Hospital-Personnel

Being in the healthcare field is no simple task. In fact, it’s important that healthcare workers have good quality equipment that allows them to be consistent and reliable in the lives of everyday people.

No need to worry. With our line of eyewear safety equipment, healthcare professionals can approach their duties with a sense of ease and confidence. 

In this article we’ll talk about safety glasses for hospital workers. We’ll discuss what characteristics to look for, as well as provide examples of safety glasses that we believe would be of great benefit in this particular  line of work.

So keep reading. Chances are you know someone in the medical field or you’re someone who’s a part of that community–in either case, this article will be extremely beneficial to you. 

Superior Comfort

Because hospital workers normally do large shifts, it’s important that they are extremely comfortable. Having safety eyewear that is comfortable is extremely important as you want to make sure that you are not feeling irritable or constantly adjusting your eyewear while on the job.

That’s why we suggest lightweight frames. These are frames that feel like they’re barely on your face, which allows you to feel comfort and even encourages you to wear them–and yes, they exist. 

Take RX Safety’s T9559, for instance. These safety glasses are extremely lightweight, making them perfect for all day wear. They even have a brow guard for an added layer of comfort, allowing you to feel comfortable during the most difficult times.  

They’re made from TR-90 nylon material for durability and are ANSI Z87-2+ approved, having been tested by rigorous industry standards. With these glasses, you are sure to experience a high level of comfort in any hospital environment.

Comfortability is key and safety is also important–we’ll discuss that next. 

High-level Protection

Working in a hospital, you may come across fluids or even chemicals that you need to make sure you’re protected from. That’s why we recommend safety glasses with side shields.

Safety glasses with side shields are extremely important because they provide added protection. They will protect your eyes against environmental factors, dust, and other irritants  as well. 

Because of that, we would suggest frame 15011. These safety glasses are one of our best-sellers and for good reason. They feature a rectangular design with integrated side shields for extra protection. This allows you to get extra coverage from various factors, allowing you to feel safe while on the job. They are also ANSI approved and come with prescription, as they are perfect for daily use.

Both practical and reliable, safety glasses 15011 are a great product to use for superior protection.

All in one

We’ve talked about comfort and protection to a small degree, however, in extreme cases, we have the ultimate solution for comfort and safety.

When looking for glasses that work well in hospitals, it’s important to have frames with silicone and adjustable nose pads for extra comfort and protection. Onguard 220S Prescription Safety Glasses do just that.

These glasses feature adjustable silicone nose pads for superior comfort. Silicone padding also provides extra protection as your glasses stay firmly on your face even during the most critical of moments. So not only are these glasses comfortable, but these glasses are extremely safe and would add great support in any hospital environment.

Comfortable and lightweight for all-day use, they are ANSI Z87.1 industry standard for the safest coverage. They also meet the European standard for safety as well. 

We’re here to help

Those that have the toughest jobs of taking care of others also deserve the most gentle care. WIth our line of safety eyewear, we commit to providing superior comfort and safety while on duty, making even the most difficult tasks feel a bit easier. 

Our designs are safe and reliable, and designed with impeccable precision to provide the ultimate consideration for everyday people–including those who are members of the medical field.

If you have any questions about the safety eyewear mentioned in this article, or would like more recommendations, we’re here to help. We want to ensure that you have all the information you need, and any potential concerns are addressed. Feel free to contact us by online or by phone–our trained customer service representatives would love to speak with you.

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