The Right Hue for You: What is the Best Safety Glasses’ Lens Color?

The answer to the best-tinted safety glasses lens color is it depends. Below is a brief safety glasses lens color guide, but it truly matters what the purpose of tint safety glasses is for you. Simply getting a specific tint because it may look cool may have you missing out on additional safety benefits.

Choosing the Right Lens Color for Your Safety Glasses

In general, lens colors enhance your vision, providing both visual clarity and depth perception. Here’s a look into several safety glasses lens colors that are guaranteed to enhance and optimize your overall experience.

Clear – with blue blockeR LENSES

While we offer a clear lens choice which can be perfect when there are no issues with lighting conditions, you’ll want to almost always go for one that blocks out blue wavelengths. These blue waves come from looking at digital screens too much, and having the blocker will allow for reduced eye strain and fatigue.

Polarized lenses 

Polarized Lenses: Experience clarity in all situations with polarized lenses. Whether you’re on the golf course or fishing in open water, these lenses eliminate glare, making them a perfect choice for outdoor activities.

Transition lenses

We offer these in many core options. First, transition gray lenses are the perfect option for tint safety glasses, protecting your eyes against UV radiation and making it easier to see when it’s bright. Next, you can consider transition brown lenses when you want clarity with contrasting colors, such as being on the golf course. Additionaly, our Transitions XTRActive Gray, Transitions XTRActive Brown, and Transition Xtractive Polarized lenses provide dynamic adaptability, ensuring your eyewear effortlessly adjusts to varying light conditions. Learn more about our transition lens options here.

Yellow lenses

For those low-light outdoor conditions, you want to consider getting yourself yellow lenses. They are perfect for the huntsman or as shooting glasses, or even when you’re on the mountaintops skiing.

Orange lenses

If you feel that yellow lenses aren’t providing as much clarity as you want, then this darker shade can help bring back the clarity. Another excellent option for those that do outdoor sports and can be useful even at night or while driving when it’s foggy.

If you want to see other options and get an even deeper look into what these tints can do for you beyond clarity, take a look at our lens colors guide.

Where to get the best safety glasses

The best safety glasses are available here at RX Safety. Make sure to check our collections of safety glasses and prescription safety glasses to find exactly what you need. If you have any questions, talk to our experts through our chat, e-mail us at, or give us a call at +1 866 653 5227.

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