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What is Prism in Glasses or Prescription Safety Glasses?

When it comes to vision correction, most people are familiar with lenses that correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. However, prisms are another form of correction that is less common than the three listed above and not well known. This article will explore prisms, how they work in glasses, sunglasses, and prescription safety glasses, and why […]

Top Safety Glasses with or without Prescription for Protection Against Airborne Particles

Proper safety glasses are crucial for protecting your eyes from airborne particles. Whether you need fitover models, prescription-ready options, or versatile goggles, there’s a perfect solution for everyone. This article will explore the best safety glasses available, highlighting their unique features and benefits. Pyramex Safety Cappture Plus Safety Glasses The Pyramex Safety Cappture Plus Safety Glasses offer […]

Prescription Lenses for Full Face Respirator Inserts: A Comprehensive Guide

Many professionals turn to full-face respirators when it comes to ensuring safety and maintaining clear vision in hazardous environments. However, using a respirator can be challenging for those requiring prescription glasses. This is where custom prescription lenses for full-face respirator inserts come into play, allowing you to combine essential protection with clear vision. shop Respirator […]

The Best Prescription Safety Glasses for Oil Fields

Working in oil fields presents a unique set of challenges and hazards, from exposure to chemicals and flying debris to variable lighting conditions. Therefore, having the right prescription safety glasses is not just a matter of comfort but a critical component of personal protective equipment. This blog will explore the best options available for oil […]

What does Z87-2+ mean? Deciphering the Safety Markings on your Safety Frames

The marking “Z87-2+” on eyewear indicates that the glasses meet specific safety standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for personal eye and face protection devices. Here’s what each part of the marking signifies: Z87 This part of the marking means that the eyewear is rated for essential impact protection. It meets the […]

What is the minimum thickness for safety lenses: A Comprehensive Guide

In environments where eye hazards are prevalent, the correct choice of safety glasses is essential. The effectiveness of safety eyewear significantly depends on the thickness of the lenses. This article will explore the minimum thickness requirements for safety lenses, focusing on high-index plastic, glass, polycarbonate, Trivex, and standard CR-39 plastic. Grasping these standards is critical […]

The Best Prescription Safety Glasses for Chemistry Labs

In chemistry, where reactions are unpredictable, and the environment demands the utmost caution, protecting your eyes becomes paramount. For those requiring vision correction, standard safety goggles won’t suffice; you need prescription safety glasses designed to withstand the rigors of a chemistry lab. Not all glasses are created equal, especially regarding complete seal protection and meeting […]

What safety glass lenses are the most impact-resistant?

In safety eyewear, selecting a suitable lens material is crucial for optimal protection and comfort. Among the choices, four materials stand out: polycarbonate, Trivex, high-index plastics, and traditional glass. Each offers unique benefits and limitations, making the selection process tailored to individual needs and environments. Let’s dive into a comparative analysis to help you decide […]

What mark appears on the frame of industrial-certified safety glasses?

Understanding the markings on your safety glasses will help you know what your glasses protect you from. Markings can feel overwhelming when it comes to industrial quality safety glasses. However, it’s crucial for both personal and professional safety. Let’s break this down into easy-to-understand pieces, ensuring you can make an informed choice about your eye […]

Understanding the Difference Between Polarized and Non-Polarized Safety Glasses

When it comes to protective eyewear, particularly in environments where safety is paramount, understanding the distinction between polarized and non-polarized safety glasses is crucial. This article will delve into what sets these two types of safety glasses apart, their unique benefits, and how to choose the right type for your specific needs. What are Safety […]

The Best Safety Glasses for Grinding Different Materials

SAFETY GLASSES FOR GRINDING: A MUST-HAVE FOR EVERY TOOLBOX In the world of metalworking, woodworking, and various DIY projects, safety is paramount, especially when it involves tasks like grinding. Grinding can pose significant risks to your eyes due to flying debris, sparks, and dust. That’s where safety glasses for grinding come in – they are […]

What Does ANSI Z87-2+ Mean? A Guide to Prescription Safety Frames

Eye and face protection are critical aspects of ensuring safety in various industries and activities. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) plays a vital role in setting standards to safeguard against eye injuries and promote occupational safety and health. One of the essential standards in this regard is ANSI Z87-2+. In this article, we will […]

Prescription Safety Glasses with Bifocals – Enhancing Vision & Safety

In the realm of protective eyewear, the need for versatility and functionality can’t be overstated. For those requiring both vision correction and safety, RX-Safety presents an innovative solution: prescription safety glasses with bifocals. These glasses are not just a fusion of safety and corrective vision; they are a testament to the advancements in eyewear technology. […]

Decoding Safety: What Mark Appears on the Frame of Industrial Quality Safety Glasses?

In a world where safety is paramount, industrial-quality safety glasses protect workers’ eyes and ensure their well-being. These specialized eyewear pieces adhere to stringent safety standards, and one key aspect of identifying their quality is deciphering the mark that appears on their frames. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of safety glasses and […]

Prescription Inserts for Safety Glasses: Clear Vision and Maximum Protection

Prescription safety glasses are crucial for individuals who require vision correction and work in hazardous environments. These glasses provide clear vision and protect the eyes from potential dangers. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of prescription inserts for safety glasses, exploring their advantages and recommending top-quality products to keep you safe on […]

The Importance of ANSI Z87.1 Certification for Prescription Safety Glasses

ANSI Z87.1 certification for prescription safety glasses plays a pivotal role in ensuring our eyes remain safe in the face of potential hazards. In a world where safety is paramount, especially in the workplace, one vital aspect often overlooked is eye protection. Eye injuries are all too common, but with the right precautions, they can […]

What do I need to order prescription safety glasses?

Protecting your eyes is paramount when it comes to safety at work or during various activities. Prescription safety glasses provide a crucial solution for individuals who require corrective lenses while ensuring eye protection. At, we understand the importance of both your vision and safety. That’s why we’ve made ordering prescription safety glasses straightforward and […]

Caring for Your Prescription Safety Glasses: Dos and Don’ts

Prescription safety glasses are a crucial tool for those who require vision correction and protection in their work or daily activities. These specialized glasses not only help you see clearly but also shield your eyes from potential hazards. To ensure your prescription safety glasses remain effective and comfortable, it’s essential to follow proper care guidelines. […]

Transition Safety Glasses: Exploring the Spectrum of Clarity and Protection

In the realm of safety eyewear, innovation continues to redefine the standards of visual protection and convenience. Among the latest advancements, Transition Safety Glasses have emerged as a remarkable solution that seamlessly combines the benefits of regular safety glasses with the adaptability of photochromic lenses.  At RX Safety, where cutting-edge eyewear meets unparalleled safety, we […]

The Best Prescription Safety Glasses for low nose bridge

When it comes to prescription safety glasses, finding the perfect fit can be a challenge, especially for individuals with a low nose bridge. Fortunately, there are several frames available that cater specifically to this need, providing both comfort and optimal eye protection.  In this article, we will explore some of the best prescription safety glasses […]

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