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The New Geardo Kit Safety Glasses by RX-Safety

At RX-Safety, we love constantly perfecting and evolving our products. This challenges us to be on the lookout for the latest and greatest advances in technologies. The online optical safety segment is constantly evolving, and we believe that we should be too. Even our best-selling glasses can always improve. In fact, this is the case […]

Pentax Safety Glasses–Optical Excellence You’ll Want to Experience

Finding safety eyewear of high quality at affordable prices may not always be the easiest task. You may have scrolled through countless websites trying to find the perfect pair of safety eyewear glasses that meets your work or personal needs.  That no longer has to be the case, as RX Safety now carries Penxtax safety […]

The T9603 is D3/D4/D5 safety rating approved

Sometimes we might need that additional layer of protection with our safety glasses or goggles. This could be due to dangerous and dense dust particles to the probability that something hazardous might splash onto our face.  For these types of situations, there are safety glasses ready to go through the gauntlet and protect the eyes […]

Father’s Day Gift Guide: sophisticated and safe eyewear for dads

As a family-owned business, RX Safety understands the importance and value of family. And whether paternal bonds come in the form of dads, step-fathers, uncles, and brothers, we think it’s truly important to recognize the selfless and consistent role they play in the lives of those around them.   We know that finding the perfect Father’s […]

Best Seller Prescription Safety Glasses Q368 in new colors

With our extensive range of prescription safety glasses, we love to mention our hidden gems from time to time. One of our best-selling options at Rx Safety is the Q368 perception safety glasses, as they come in a great style and design, offer maximum protection when needed and also provide extensive comfort for all-day wear.  […]

Save on your prescription and safety glasses this Memorial Day!

With Memorial Day approaching, we’re reminded of the bravery and honorable sacrifices of those who gave their very lives to protect our country. While we cannot always grasp the strength it takes in the fight for freedom, we can, at the very least, pay homage to those moving efforts, as they make up the very […]

New Goggles with Fan from Haber Safety

We have expanded our offering even further into 2022 and are pleased to announce that we carry Haber Safety goggles. These goggles are big and are a great option for any type of size the face is. They’ll completely cover the eye area and are a perfect option for those that are seeking maximum protection […]

New Wiley X safety sunglasses

With Spring in full flow and Summer around the corner, we’re pleased to announce the expansion of our product line in the Wiley X series. When it comes to safety glasses, Wiley X is a premium brand with numerous features that will help give you exactly the type of protection you’re looking for while at […]

What are the top tips for buying safety glasses?

Your eyes are precious and need to be protected from the elements. This is especially important for those that are in industries where the risk of dirt and debris is higher, and you could benefit from protective safety glasses.  However, this can sometimes seem challenging, especially when looking for cost-effective safety glasses with a prescription. […]

How do I find cheap prescription safety glasses?

First, you need to know that getting prescription safety glasses at a genuinely affordable price is possible. Sometimes we head to the optician and notice a high quality yet high priced pair of branded safety glasses that seem nice but also seem to be at an expense that isn’t easy to absorb.  It’s crucial to […]

New Geardo Safety Glasses with RX Insert

At RX-Safety, we are always proud of the hard work our team does to get our customers access to the latest and greatest new releases. Oftentimes, these new releases are so well loved that they exceed even our high expectations. In fact, one of these exceptional products is the Geardo Safety Glasses. The Geardo safety […]

What’s the difference between shooting glasses and safety glasses?

There are times when shopping online for glasses that you get mixed up between shooting glasses and safety glasses. It happens–and understandably so. In fact, they both provide a high level of eye protection that benefits your overall safety, allowing you to focus on the tasks at hand. In this article we’ll break down the […]

The best prescription safety glasses for small faces

Finding prescription safety glasses can be an overwhelming task on their own. The process becomes even more overwhelming when they aren’t accommodating for a particular face size. While this used to be extremely common in the past with prescription safety glasses, that is no longer the case. In fact, at RX Safety, you will find […]

Your best guide to buying prescription safety glasses

So you’re interested in purchasing a new pair of prescription safety glasses. Perhaps you need a pair for a job that requires eye protection, or a personal DIY project that requires eye safety as well.  Regardless of your reason, we’d love to help. In fact, we’ve put together this brief informational guide that will give […]

Top 3 prescription safety glasses for woodwork for 2022

Woodworking displays great craftsmanship and overall intention and can be done for work or as a personal hobby. It can also be a great way to get away from the digital aspects of things and cultivate mindfulness as you create great pieces with your hands. But whether you’ve just started woodworking or have been in […]

Best prescription safety glasses of the year

Prescription safety glasses are extremely common in workplaces where eye protection is needed to complete daily activities.  Sometimes it may be a bit overwhelming narrowing down your eyewear choices, especially when you may not be sure what makes great prescription safety glasses. No need to worry, we’ve got you covered.  In fact, RX Safety is […]

International Women’s Day – Protection for her: Our Favorite Prescription Safety Glasses Designed Especially for Ladies

This Tuesday, March 8th 2022 is International Women’s Day. Here at RX-Safety, we take pride in the amazing women in our team, as well as the women in the field that we outfit with protective gear every day. Every year, March 8 is celebrated as International Women’s Day. In fact, the goal is to create […]

How to celebrate this International Women’s Day with these safety eyewear

When women began to enter the workforce in the early 20th century in America, there were scarce educational and employment opportunities compared to the positions held by their male counterparts. Along with societal stigmas placed upon married and single women, a shift began to rise by the 1930s, when single and married women began to […]

The risks of using expired prescription safety glasses

When it comes to your eyewear, having updated prescriptions are extremely important for eye health and clear vision. Just as one would get their prescription glasses updated, it’s also important to get safety prescription glasses updated as well. In this article, we’ll discuss several reasons why keeping your prescription safety glasses updated can be beneficial […]

Choosing prescription safety glasses for hospital workers

Being in the healthcare field is no simple task. In fact, it’s important that healthcare workers have good quality equipment that allows them to be consistent and reliable in the lives of everyday people. No need to worry. With our line of eyewear safety equipment, healthcare professionals can approach their duties with a sense of […]

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