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How to Avoid Foggy Glasses While Wearing a Mask

Since the start of the pandemic, one of the major pain points people have experienced is the need to wear a face mask. Face masks are uncomfortable and can make breathing a little difficult but in the interest of stopping the spread of COVID-19, people are putting their personal needs aside and wearing face coverings. […]

OnGuard Prescription Safety Glasses Replacement Parts

OnGuard is the leading provider of safety-certified glasses for work, hobbies, and sports. All their safety eyewear options are available in prescription and non-prescription lenses. This includes a variety of youth, unisex, and designs for both men and women. As essential performance gear, OnGuard glasses come with removable parts, some that come standard with specific […]

Benefits of Safety Glasses with Side Shields

To those who do not believe that eye protection is not a vital part of personal protective equipment in the workplace, we want all of those people to sit back and rethink this through. When a workplace injury takes place, many of the workers are injured because he or she was not wearing proper eye […]

How to Take Care Of Your Prescription Safety Glasses

You may think that your prescription safety glasses are sturdy enough to withstand hell, high water, and high-velocity impacts but that doesn’t mean you should disregard their care. In fact, because they keep you save in dangerous situations, it’s even more important that your glasses be in perfect repair and offer unflawed visual clarity during […]

Why Prescription Motorcycle Glasses are the Best Choice

If you need vision correction and like to ride your motorcycle, now is the time to invest in a pair of prescription motorcycle glasses to wear when you’re riding. Some people wear their regular eyeglasses, wear contacts underneath their motorcycle glasses or skip their vision correction and just wear motorcycle glasses instead, but prescription motorcycle glasses are […]

How Corrective Lenses Are Made According to Prescription

Which one is clearer, one or two; three or four? Anyone who wears corrective lenses knows exactly what that question pertains to; the ophthalmologist or optometrist is testing your eyesight and determining your prescription. But have you ever wondered how they get your glasses just right?  To understand how corrective lenses are made according to prescription, […]

Wiley X prescription safety glasses with foam gasket

Wiley X frames are a great frame because they have many unique options and the brand itself is well known and trusted. The Wiley X Grid Prescription Safety Sunglasses is a dynamic, super-tough triloid nylon frame with rubberized temple bars and nose pads for slip-free wear. The 8 base Shatterproof Selenite™ Polycarbonate lenses combined with the removable […]

Wiley X prescription safety glasses with foam lining

The Wiley-X SG-1 Matte Black Asian Cut Frame with Lens Gaskets is a comfortable and durable frame with a unique feature of lens gaskets that allows you to keep the frame and swap out different lenses.  This frame meets ANSI Z87.1-2003 High Velocity Standards. This wrap around goggle frame is prescription compatible.  The TOP DOWN™ […]

Prescription safety glasses with bluetooth

Having the latest and greatest technology is always a plus especially if you have two great benefits in one, like wearing glasses with built in Bluetooth.  At rx-safety.com we offer BonSayOn S302 Prescription Bluetooth Safety Glasses. These frames are: Try these BonSayOn S302 Prescription Bluetooth Safety Glasses for your optical and Bluetooth needs. Jessica

Electronic Ear Plugs for Shooting

Need to protect your ears the smart way? Electronic Ear Plugs for Shooting Electronic ear plugs for shooting are a relatively new invention in the shooting world, and we’re so glad they’ve arrived. Our new HD-15 electronic ear plugs are great for shooting and for use during general noisiness. They block loud impact noises when […]

Can High Index Lenses be Safety Glasses?

Safety glasses currently feature more options than ever before. Can High Index Lenses be Safety Glasses? Various tints, coatings, full prescription capability, and lens options like bifocal and progressives make customization of safety glasses a simple prospect. Attractive, modern frame styles serve fashion as much as practicality; streamlined frameware can be impact resistant and look […]

What are Prescription Safety Glasses made of?

Modern safety glasses are useful under many more conditions than you might think. The safety glasses of old – heavy, distortive things, used only for the most dangerous jobs because they were so cumbersome and because they actually inhibited vision – are long gone. Today’s safety glasses are light and fully functional. They come in […]

Prescription Safety Glasses that Don’t Fog Up

Fogging. It’s one of the most annoying – and potentially dangerous – byproducts of safety eyewear usage. Anti Fog Prescription Safety Glasses Many of the same factors that make the wearing of safety glasses necessary can also lead to fogging: indoor and outdoor work, temperature changes, humid environments, assembly work around heated or frozen machinery. […]

Prescription Safety Glasses with Permanent Side Shields

Prescription safety glasses serve a vital function that is two-fold: they protect your eyes from injury and, at the same time, provide clear vision in the form of prescription lenses. Permanent Side Shields for Prescription Safety Glasses Whether eye safety is a concern at the worksite or while performing tasks around the yard and house, […]

Fog Buster Wipes for Safety Glasses

Your safety glasses endure some harsh environments and protect you from all forms of airborne contaminants. Fog Buster Wipes for Safety Glasses They can have coatings that filter out annoying or dangerous light, features that provide peripheral protection, and guard against chemical spills. They observe the highest ratings for impact resistance in case of accidents […]

Should I Buy Safety Glasses with Foam Inserts

At Rx Safety, safety glasses come in many varieties, styles, sizes, and brand names. Buying Foam Inserts for Safety Glasses They also come with many different options. The majority of those options involve the lenses – different tints, prescriptions, bifocals, progressive bifocals, and/or applied coatings – but some apply to frameware options. Aside from frame […]

Prescription Safety Glasses with Foam Inserts

Looking for a pair of safety glasses to keep the wind and dust out? Prescription Safety Glasses with Foam Inserts There are specific reasons that people need prescription safety glasses with foam inserts. If you work in a dusty environment, regularly deal with debris falling on you from a ceiling, deal with wind in your […]

What are Yellow Safety Glasses Used For?

In the world of optics, color tint is an extremely important factor. Why Use Yellow Safety Glasses? Matching the right color to the proper task is essential because certain colors absorb certain light spectrums. Generally, the goal is to find the kind of light you want protection from and choose its opposite color for a […]

Stick-On Bifocal Lenses for Sunglasses

Do you like to read outdoors but suffer from presbyopia, the common middle-age condition that makes it hard to focus on objects up close? Like to garden, write a journal, work on a hobby, or engage in similar outdoor activities that require clear close-range vision? Sure, you can buy sunglasses and you can buy readers, […]

Prescription Safety Glasses with Removable Side Shields

The danger of airborne contaminants comes at you from all angles. Be it broken glass shards, unavoidable clouds of shop particulates or sawdust, splinters scattered by a hammer, a miscast fishing hook, or molten sparks cast off from metal grinding, hazards to your eye safety come in many different forms, and all can do significant […]

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