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OnGuard is the leading provider of safety-certified glasses for work, hobbies, and sports. All their safety eyewear options are available in prescription and non-prescription lenses. This includes a variety of youth, unisex, and designs for both men and women. As essential performance gear, OnGuard glasses come with removable parts, some that come standard with specific designs—others that can be added on. To maintain full function all removable safety parts need to be replaced as they wear. RXSafety offers OnGuard eyewear as well as the brand’s side shields, nose pads, replacement seals, sun clip-on, and essential accessories.


OnGuard Side Shields

For maximum versatility and convenience, many people wear safety glasses as their everyday eyewear. This includes an impressive selection of trending frames that no one would ever know are ANSI.Z87 safety-approved unless you told them. While these fashion frames are shatterproof, impact-resistant, scratch-resistant, splash resistant, and dust resistant, they only protect the eyes from the front. Instead of investing in a second pair of wraparound safety glasses you can increase the safety and function of your eyewear with removable side shields. At just $5 per pair order at least two sets, one for home and one for work. Side shields are not a one-size-fits-all solution so be sure to order shields designed for your eyewear model number.

OnGuard Sun Clips

Many OnGuard glasses are designed with dark lenses, either for outdoor use or infrared protection. If you are only in need of UV protection consider ordering a pair of sun clips instead of safety sunglasses. You will still need to carry them around in a protective case, but your UV clip-ons are a more cost-effective option than ordering a pair of sunglasses too. Not to worry as these aren’t your parent’s or grandparent’s generation of sun clips, as they are designed to seamlessly layer on top of your exact model number without anyone being the wiser. Your glasses provide the prescription you require, and your sun clips provide the UV protection and improved line of sight when the sun is shining bright.

OnGuard Protective Seals

Many sports, hobbies, and professions suggest safety glasses with a built-in 360-degree protective seal to keep sweat, rain, wind, and particles from all four sides. These glasses are typically worn only when an increased safety need is required. This might include while riding a bicycle, when welding, playing sports, or when working outdoors in the rain. Check your protective seals every few months for visible signs of wear and as soon as the seal begins to fail or wear replace it with a new seal.

Specialty Nose Bridges

Not all OnGuard safety glasses require specialty nose bridges. Standard nose bridge replacements fit most models, which you can order online or pick up in your local eyewear store. You will know it’s time to replace your nose bridge when they are no longer comfortable, are digging into your nose, or if they no longer hold your glasses in a place like they once did. If your new glasses don’t stay in place, they may be the wrong size or need a few adjustments—which can be performed in any eyewear shop.

In order to improve breathability and airflow, many OnGuard safety glasses have specialty nose bridges. This could be a self-sealing function of your safety glasses or a vented nose bridge to make your glasses more comfortable to wear when it’s warm, minimize sweat, and support anti-fog functions.


Other Essential Eyewear Accessories

If you are ordering your first pair of prescription glasses or your first pair of safety glasses, there are a few more investments you need to make to protect your investment and improve the function of your glasses.


Protective Case

Even though your safety glasses are shattered, scratch, and impact resistant it is best to store them in a protective case. Even with their extreme durability, they can still bend out of shape if dropped or smashed in your briefcase.


Cleaning Supplies

Keep a small microfiber cloth in your protective case for as-needed cleaning. A regular cloth or fabric may leave fibers behind or smear smudges more than it cleans. Only use a cleaning solution designed for eyewear.


Strap Or Cord

A strap is ideal if you need to take your glasses on and off multiple times during the day. Some OnGuard glasses come with a head strap to help keep them from falling off while looking down and to keep them in place while playing sports. Eyewear cords and straps are designed to be universal so choose the one with the features you like best.


Repair Kit

Over time the screws on your glasses loosen or need to be replaced which makes it a good idea to keep a repair kit on hand. You may still need to head in for a professional adjustment but having a kit at home and work will at least get you through the rest of the day.

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With proper care, your OnGuard prescription safety glasses will protect your eyes for years to come! Furthermore, RX Safety proudly offers a comprehensive selection of OnGuard safety glasses and replacement parts, allowing you to customize and maintain your eyewear with ease. From durable frames to precision-engineered lenses, our extensive range ensures that you not only experience lasting eye safety but also have convenient access to any necessary replacements or upgrades. Trust RX Safety to provide a wide array of OnGuard options, empowering you to prioritize both the longevity and adaptability of your eyewear.

  1. robert salas says:

    I ordered a pair of OG 255S frames and it does not come with a nose piece. Is there a nosepiece available to buy separately?

  2. John Luther says:

    I have a pair of OG 220S frames and broke the right temple piece. Can I get a replacement?

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