What are Yellow Safety Glasses Used For?

In the world of optics, color tint is an extremely important factor.

Why Use Yellow Safety Glasses?

Matching the right color to the proper task is essential because certain colors absorb certain light spectrums. Generally, the goal is to find the kind of light you want protection from and choose its opposite color for a safety lens. For instance, blue is the opposite of yellow while red opposes green. If you’re dealing with a blue light source – commercial and industrial lighting, terminals and monitors, cool white fluorescent bulbs or tubes – you’ll want a yellow lens to absorb the blue ultraviolet light.

Yellow or amber is the preferred, proven tint to block UV rays from blue light. With yellow lenses, visual acuity and contrast will be sharpened as the blue light is filtered from your field of vision. Blue light often creates a dull, hazy aura, and vision will seem brighter and clearer once this aura is removed with a yellow lens.

The benefits of blue light absorption in an indoor lighting environment – such as the fluorescent glow cast off by shop lights, offices, or warehouse lights – are apparent. Yellow lenses will provide cleaner vision and cause less eye strain, especially if you are exposed to monitors, terminals, or overhead blue light for long periods of time. But yellow lenses do their work outside, too, and can be quite effective outdoors given the proper circumstances.

Certain outdoor lighting conditions also cast off blue light; sometimes just as a background haze, sometimes quite heavily, and yellow is ideal for offsetting blue light effects in both these lighting conditions. Blue light is prominent as the sun sifts in through the atmosphere at dusk and dawn, for instance, and dreary, foggy days are especially “blue” as the sun’s UV light is filtered through cloud cover or fog. You may have noticed that some cars are equipped with fog lights, which are often tinted yellow to cut through the blue light of heavy fog. Just remember that yellow lenses, like any other color tints, are not recommended for night time driving.

Rx Safety carries a wide selection of safety glasses outfitted yellow lenses. Yellow is also commonly available a color tint when you order prescription lenses to be cut for your safety glasses. Visit today to select a style that’s perfect for you, and get that hazy blue light away from your eyes and out of your life for good.

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