The Best Prescription Safety Glasses For Nurses

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The best prescription safety glasses for nurses 2021 RX Safety

Our frontline workers have gone through more than anyone in the past year. Safety gear was of the utmost importance when it came to keeping them safe and allowing them to do their jobs. Along with masks and gowns, safety glasses are a major part of that safety gear. Glasses block nurse’s eyes from debris, bodily fluids, and other contaminants that could potentially cause them harm. That’s why we prioritize high-quality protective safety glasses that will keep nurses safe both during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

If you’re looking for some of the best prescription safety for nurses, you can find a few of our best options below!

Prescription Safety Glasses RX-X26

These high-quality frames come with removable side shields that will add a layer of protection for anyone who needs extra coverage. They’re also lightweight and durable due to the nylon components. The oval flames are sleek and bent temples keep the glasses securely in place for long shifts without discomfort. These glasses have also been tested to meet the ANSI Z87-2+ standards for optimal protection.

OnGuard 220S Prescription Safety Glasses

The OnGuard 220S prescription safety glasses come with a protective wraparound frame. They’re available in several colors depending on your style, and the TR-90 Nylon construction makes them durable and comfortable for long hours of wear. They have bent temples and silicone nose pads to offer ideal comfort and placement during working hours. They meet the ANSI Z87-2+ standards that will keep you safe all shift long.

Prescription Safety Glasses RX-506

These glasses are protective due to the wraparound frame in either black or tortoiseshell, depending on your preference. They’re a sleek and sporty style and made out of nylon to make sure that they stay comfortable for the entire day as you wear them. They also come with rubberized temple bars that will keep them in place as you work without discomfort throughout the day. They also meet the ANSI Z87-2+ safety standards that make these glasses a reliable source of protection for nurses everywhere.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re a new nurse starting out or you’re a long-term professional healthcare worker, safety glasses are a critical part of protective gear. Your patients rely on you and in turn, you do your part by keeping yourself safe and healthy in unexpected situations. Any of these prescription safety glasses will be a valuable addition to your personal protective gear, and will hopefully keep you safe for many shifts to come.

For more information on prescription safety glasses that will work for healthcare workers, you can contact our team for a consultation! Our experts would love to help you find the perfect pair of prescription safety glasses for your personal style and work environment.

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