The New Geardo Kit Safety Glasses by RX-Safety

At RX-Safety, we love constantly perfecting and evolving our products. This challenges us to be on the lookout for the latest and greatest advances in technologies. The online optical safety segment is constantly evolving, and we believe that we should be too. Even our best-selling glasses can always improve. In fact, this is the case for our new Geardo safety glasses Kit. This kit includes the same frames that our customers know and love. However, it comes with an interchangeable lens kit. This exciting new kit allows for our customers from any segment to change the lenses. This is highly desirable because it turns the Geardo glasses into a pair of frames adaptable to any environment.

With the ability to adapt your lenses to any environment, the Geardo safety glasses are now even better for a wide variety of workers with specific needs. In fact, they are excellent for industrial workers, military personnel, medical workers, and more. These individuals can change out the lenses according to their own needs while on or off the job. Additionally, RX-Safety also sells the Geardo Safety glasses with the option to include a prescription (RX) insert. This works perfectly for those men and women that need their glasses prescription handy on the job. RX-Safety gives them the ease to efficiently add their personal glasses prescription on the website.

Also, this incredible Geardo frame kit showcases the versatility of these frames. These features include handy abilities such as being safety glasses or shooting glasses. The RX-Safety customer care team is also happy to say that with the interchangeable lenses kit, the options are virtually unlimited. The Geardo KIT Safety Glasses combine extreme comfort in an ultra-lightweight frame with interchangeable lenses. This pair of safety glasses is made out of high-quality TR-90 nylon, making them extremely durable. In fact, the Geardo glasses feature silicone adjustable nose pads and rubberized temple bars for a comfortable fit. This is important for our consumers that spend all day on the job and must wear their glasses throughout their whole shift.

These safety glasses are available with and without the above-mentioned RX Insert. The Geardo frame is black with orange, yellow, clear, and dark gray kit lens options. Not only are these colored lenses great for a variety of indoor and outdoor segments, but they are stylish too! In fact, with our loyal customers, it has swiftly become one of our best sellers. This is due to durability, comfort, affordability, protection, and style! These new safety glasses are extremely versatile. In fact, they are able to be safety glasses or shooting glasses. This is because they provide maximum protection and adhere to stringent industry safety standards. 

Additionally, the great thing about the RX-Safety Geardo safety and shooting glasses are ANSI Z87+ high impact compliant. Therefore, these regular safety glasses or shooting glasses are ANSI Z87+ safety standards for high velocity impact protection in any segment. This is the enhanced level of protection that many of our RX-Safety customers require for protection in their hazardous job segments. As always, our safety glasses meet rigorous industry standards and are ANSI Z87+ high impact approved for optimal protection. Head to to check out the New Geardo Safety glasses kit!

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