Wiley X Prescription Sunglasses

3 Wiley X Military Grade Goggles

When on the topic of safety glasses, we talk a lot about occupational hazards. This is only natural, there are dozens of jobs that require the use of safety glasses, but it should be noted that they’re not the only customers Wiley X is dedicated to serving. It’s true that flying debris as you grind, […]

5 Most Popular WileyX Prescription Sunglasses

Spring is already warming the plants and trees are beginning to show their little green buds. Soon enough the sun will be blazing and people will be digging up their shades from wherever they were tossed at the end of last summer. Some of them will still be in the glove box, clipped to the […]

5 Wiley X Changeable Glasses for Versatile Safety Eyewear

Protecting your eyes at work is incredibly important, especially if you do anything that throws dangerous particles into the air. Thousands of potentially blinding eye injuries have been prevented by the simple atter of good safety procedures and reliable eye protection. For those of us who wear prescription glasses, proper eye protection can be a bit […]

10 Fantastic Reasons to Choose Wiley X Prescription Safety Glasses

If you wear prescription glasses, then you know what a headache the wrong type of glasses can be. Once you get your new glasses, you probably feel stuck with them whether you like them or not. Maybe they seemed great when you saw them, but don’t have all the features you would like, or maybe […]

Wiley X Prescription Sunglasses For Fall Fashion

Gone are the days of playing outdoors in the 80 degree weather for hours on end, leisure trips to sandy beaches, and Sunday picnics in the park. But just because the summer season is over doesn’t mean there is no use for some high quality shades and other specs. The sun still comes out during […]

The Wiley-X SG-1 with Removable Lens System is the Last Pair of Glasses You’ll Ever Need

In the world of people who still wear prescription lenses, an industrial work place and/or active life can cause you to be constantly switching glasses. Many of us end up with three to five pairs, each with their own application, because having the right prescription and eye protection for each task is incredibly important. The […]

The 6 Most Popular Prescription Wiley X Glasses

Wiley X is a popular brand of eye wear all on its own and there are many good reasons why. There is a seemingly endless array of high quality eye wear options for anyone in need of glasses whether it is for indoor work, outdoor work, general protective purposes, sports, or recreational activities. Not only […]

5 Reasons Prescription Wiley X Glasses are Fantastic for Motorcyclists

It’s summer again and motorcyclists are feeling the urge to hit the streets leaving the stressors of life behind them. Cruising down the highway with the wind in your face is unbelievable freedom for motorcyclists. What could be better than seeing the sights in the open air as you ride your bike? Whether you are […]

Prescription Wiley-X Glasses: Three Little-Known Eye Hazards

Unlike a factory floor or construction site, the home is considered a place of safety and security. Safety conscious people are aware of many of the home’s more obvious eye hazards such as power tools, lawn mowers, and harsh cleaning agents. However, the home is filled with other less obvious hazards that can take the […]

Wiley X Eyewear for Durability and Style

Now that summer is about to bloom, many outdoor enthusiasts are planning their adventures. Whether you enjoy extreme sports, motorcycle riding, hunting, or fishing, having the proper eyewear is crucial. Proper outdoor eyewear is helpful for several reasons including: Shields the eyes from the harmful effects of the sun Protects from dust and debris Provides […]

The Benefits of Prescription Wiley-X Glasses with the Removable Facial Cavity Seal

Prescription Wiley-X glasses are available with a patented removable foam facial cavity seal. This seal effectively converts a pair of glasses into goggles in that it seals the eyes from wind, dust, debris, and peripheral light. Unlike goggles, you can quickly convert them back into normal glasses, and they’re much more stylish. These glasses are […]

Prescription Wiley-X Glasses: Do You Need Progressive Lenses for Sports?

For some sports, you can get by without progressive lenses because they only require vision correction for distance. If you’re a runner, a single vision lens for distance works fine if you don’t need to read a map and if you’re running on pavement. However, map usage will require near vision and running on trails […]

Protect Your Eyes When Hiking or Climbing with Prescription Wiley-X Sunglasses

Climbing encompasses a broad range of outdoor activities involving elevation gain by using two, three, or four of your limbs. Climbing is broken into five classes (categories). These are: Class 1. Walking on a trail. Class 2 and 3. Hiking/climbing up a steep incline/hill where the hands are occasionally used. A rope isn’t needed. Class […]

Prescription Wiley X Glasses: How to Adjust to Your Progressive Lenses

When your vision requires correction for close up and far away distances, bifocals can provide this in a crude sort of way. One bifocal lens is for far distances while the other (lower) lens is for close up viewing. The problem with bifocals is they don’t accommodate intermediate distances, which will appear out of focus […]

Should Your Pair of Prescription Wiley-X Glasses Have Semi-Rimless Frames?

Prescription Wiley-X glasses afford consumers numerous options meant to customize one’s choice of eye wear. This is particularly true of the company’s assortment of frames. In addition to a rainbow of colors, consumers must decide on a shape (rectangular or wrap) and pick from a trio of frame types. Today, we wanted to focus on one […]

Avoid Eyestrain with Prescription Wiley-X Glasses

For several weeks, you’ve been getting headaches. Your vision is blurred and sometimes you experience double vision. Oddly, the problems go away after 7 hours of sleep, only to return later in the day. If this sounds familiar, you’re likely experiencing symptoms of eyestrain. In short, you’re working your eyes too hard and are probably […]

Get Your Prescription Wiley-X Glasses For The Winter

As temperatures begin to drop in many areas, proper safety eyewear is very important, probably now more than ever. It can be difficult to choose the proper eyewear that will give you the protection you need during the cooler weather, but we want to help make things easier for you. We want to give you […]

Wiley-X Glasses And Foam Eyecups: Will This Combination Fit Your Needs?

If you have never worn foam eyecups, you should know that they are some incredible accessories to eyewear. Foam eyecups will give you the necessary protection that is needed if you are constantly on the go and moving around. Thousands of people have to go to the emergency room every year because of some type […]

You Can’t Go Wrong With Prescription Wiley-X Glasses

Our bodies have some very sensitive body parts, and one of those body parts is the eyes. Our eyes can easily be harmed, when we do not even realize it. When we step outside into the sun, our eyes are being exposed to the harmful and harsh UV rays. When our eyes are exposed to […]

You Will Not Be Disappointed When Wearing Prescription Wiley X Glasses

Finding safety glasses that are comfortable and have the capability to accommodate your prescription can certainly be a challenge. This is especially true if you have a strong prescription because you will need frames that have the ability to fit thick lenses. Unfortunately, not all safety glasses will be able to do this. Any employee […]

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