Magnifier Safety Glasses

5 Eye Wear Options That Come with Reading and Magnifying Features

People who require protective eye wear for their work or hobbies tend to have unique vision and safety needs. After all, just as the person’s protective needs will differ, so too will their level of vision. While some people have 20/20 vision and simply need some durable safety eye wear to shield their eyes from […]

Wearing Whole Lens Magnifying Safety Glasses On The Job

Whole lens magnifying glasses are not just set aside for your grandparents. Whole lens magnifying safety glasses can be worn by anyone because they will do more than just provide eye protection. These safety glasses are equipped with magnifiers that will make it so much easier to read and do various jobs exactly the way they […]

Wrap around bifocal safety glasses

If you are looking for a stylish wrap around safety glasses that are ANSI Z87 Approved then check out our  Wraparound Bifocal Safety Glasses SB-9000.  This frame offers built in side shields, rubberized nose, template and arms, and is made of a lightweight yet durable plastic. Ordering them is made easy through our customer friendly […]

Safety Glasses with Reading Lenses

The maturity of middle age brings with it some wonderful benefits. Being firmly established in life and past the uncertainty and upheaval of youth often equates, for most people, to a more stable environment. A time to focus on our family, our goals, our careers, and our leisure time. There are, of course, a number […]

Safety Glasses with Magnification

You probably, for a variety of reasons, have a need for safety glasses. You may also suffer, to some degree, from presbyopia – a shrinking of the eye’s lenses, occurring after age forty or so, that results in a decreased ability to focus on objects up close. If you think the two issues are mutually […]

Safety Reading Glasses with Full Lens Magnification

Does your work or hobby demand the use of safety glasses, yet also requires close-up tasks, like filling out forms, reading invoices, or precision hands-on activity? In the past you may have simply made do with removing your safety glasses and substituting reading glasses when necessary. This, however, is risky behavior. It likely violates company […]

Magnifier Safety Glasses

Need to read while wearing safety glasses? Magnifying Safety Glasses Magnifier safety glasses are safety reading glasses; they are safety glasses with stock reading prescriptions in them, just like the ones you find in reading glasses sold over the counter at the drug store. Safety reading glasses come in handy in a variety of applications, […]

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