Blue Blocking

Can You Get Prescription Glasses with Blue Light Filter?

Not many people may know what blue light is, and the many ways it can harm your eyes. It is important to know that there are ways to protect your eyes from blue light. People who wear prescription glasses can get glasses with a blue light filter, but people who don’t can still get glasses […]

The Best Prescription Glasses for Night Driving

Are you tired of squinting through the darkness while driving at night? Do you often find yourself struggling to see clearly, especially when faced with glaring headlights and dimly lit roads? If so, investing in the best prescription glasses for night driving could be the solution you’ve been searching for. Not only can these glasses […]

Protect Your Eyes with Nike Prescription Glasses Clear Blue Blocker Lens

The old belief that too much of a good thing can be harmful is often vindicated by science. Sunshine is a good example of this. Exposure to UV radiation in sunlight promotes vitamin D production in the skin. This is healthy. On the other hand, too much UV exposure causes sunburn, skin cancer, and cumulative […]

Prescription Safety Glasses: Protecting Your Eyes From The Blue Light

Have you heard about the blue light? We are sure you have by now. It does not matter where you go, you just cannot escape the blue light. We know you are getting a good feel of the steamy rays from the sun. If you love using electronic devices, which you probably do, you should […]

Do Blue Blocking Lenses Have To Be Sunglasses?

Do blue blocking lenses have to be sunglasses? Quite simply, the answer is no. When we think of blue blocking lenses, we think of sunglasses because we all know that blue light is part of the natural light spectrum and there is a great risk when we are exposed to it from the sun. However, there are some […]

Protection Against The Negative Effects of Blue Light Advised

Review of Optometry has announced that numbers of patients with eye related conditions is expected to rise due to the negative effects of blue light. As part of the visible light spectrum, blue light can, indeed, have an appealing appearance. However, looks are deceiving. Blue light reaches deeper into the eye than ultraviolet light which can lead […]

Tips for Healthy Eyes for Frequent Computer Users

Currently there is a near epidemic of new eye problems as a result of using computers for extended periods of time. Staring at screens for 8 hours or more a day is causing all kinds of eye health issues globally. We all could use tips for healthy eyes to think about. All people who work with computers […]

Blue Blocking Lenses and How They Protect Your Eyes

Digital devices, such as smart phones, tablets other electronics, offer many perks, making life easier. But these gadgets are also altering light spectrum exposure on the human eye, which can have a negative effect on vision. Too much blue light radiation from screens and other sources of light can be strenuous or annoying to the […]

What are the Benefits of Blocking Blue Light?

If you have ever shopped for glasses, you’ve probably seen advertisements for glasses that are supposed to block out blue light. Although you might have thought that they looked interesting, you may have never thought about purchasing a pair of these glasses before. Also known as “computer glasses,” these glasses can be highly beneficial. Once […]

Do Polarized Lenses Block Blue Light and How Does It Work?

Blue light is something to be aware of because it  can cause a number of issues, including severe photochemical retinal injury. If you have been wondering, “do polarized lenses block blue light?” then this article will clear up any mystery. What is Blue Light? Blue light is found in the ultraviolet spectrum of sunlight and […]

Why Blue-Light Blocking Glasses Are Good for Your Eyes

Have you ever wondered what the blue-light blocking glasses were about? Well, it turns out that something which began as one of those “Only sold on TV” products actually has real basis in fact. And you may be one of the many that could benefit from them. The entire spectrum of light is important to humans in many more […]

What is the Best Lens Color to Use While Working Indoors

Do you wear safety glasses indoors? Determining the Best Lens Color for Working Indoors If you do, and you work in an environment with fluorescent lighting, you might be surprised to learn that clear glasses may not be the best option. Clear lenses may not be able to offer you the clarity and contrast of […]

Computer Glasses without Magnification

It’s nearly impossible these days to avoid exposure to television and computer screens. At home, at work, at school, in the car, even out shopping – desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones, GSP devices, TVs, interactive consoles, and more…they’re virtually omnipresent. Exposure isn’t even a single event anymore; how often do you or your children watch […]

What Lens Color is Best for Overcast Days?

You would think that one of the few positives of a cloudy, overcast day is that there’s no need to wear sunglasses. After all, there’s no visible sun, no direct sunlight in your eyes, no glare. Unfortunately, as we all know, this isn’t true. We can feel the effects of the sun even when we […]

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