Do Polarized Lenses Block Blue Light and How Does It Work?

Blue light is something to be aware of because it  can cause a number of issues, including severe photochemical retinal injury. If you have been wondering, “do polarized lenses block blue light?” then this article will clear up any mystery.

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is found in the ultraviolet spectrum of sunlight and is a form of the actual ultraviolet light. It has a high radiation effect that is harmful to our eyes.

The sun is where we usually get most of our blue light from but there are other things that can cause this ultraviolet light to harm our eyes such as flash from a welder’s torch, xenon arc lamps, mercury vapor lights that are high in intensity, video display terminals, and even something as seemingly innocent as fluorescent lighting.

It doesn’t matter if you spend a lot of time in the sunlight, participate in outdoor sports, work outside, or work in certain environments where you are exposed to this harmful light such as from computer terminals or florescent light fixtures – keeping your eyes safe is important.

What Does Ultraviolet Blue Light Do To Harm the Eyes?

Along with the photochemical retinal injury that can occur after too much exposure to ultraviolet blue light, oxidative injury to the retina and lens of the eye is also a factor. However, there is an even bigger issue.

The rapid development of age related macular degeneration is a threat that comes with long-term exposure to blue light.

Along with very serious eye health issues, even something as simple as our sleep pattern is disturbed when exposed to blue light – just to show how serious this is. This is because our nervous system regulates the melatonin, a sleep hormone that we produce naturally. Blue light actually affects our nervous system, which effects the process of the melatonin production.

What About Polarized Lenses?

There are regular lenses and then there are polarized lenses. The difference is quite expansive. This is because polarized lenses are created specifically for this purpose – filtering out harmful blue light. Even those lenses that are tinted are not effective at keeping out ultraviolet light.

On the other hand, polarized lenses work to do this due to how they are manufactured and designed. Their special construction and design is unique and innovative but most importantly, it works well to protect you from the sun or any other factor that causes exposure to ultraviolet blue light.

How it works is that their construction features a vertical design. This specific design on the lens frame keeps out horizontal light that is reflected in the lens.

What Are My Choices in Styles?

We have a variety of styles that include polarized lenses including sunglasses, prescription sunglasses, and specialty glasses. For instance, the Wiley X Tide Sunglasses offer polarization with a gold mirror lens that is attractive and trendy. These sunglasses for men are a nice look that you’ll enjoy wearing.

For women, the popular Carrera 155/S combine style, comfort, and of course – polarized lenses so you’re protected.

No matter what style you are looking for of whether you need eyeglasses or sunglasses – polarized lenses ensure that you are protected from this harmful UV light and can still enjoy being out and doing the things you love. You’ll find many choices to pick from and ones that you love to wear no matter where you find yourself enjoying life.

If you want to learn more about polarized lenses and how they can help your eyes remain protected from harmful ultraviolet blue light, simply contact us so we can help.

  1. tatti says:

    Can you have both prism and blue light filter lenses?
    Also. what is the difference between blue light protection and UV light protection?

    • Mirna Romero says:

      Hello Tatti, yes you can. Blue light glasses have been particularly designed to prevent lead sources of blue light, whereas UV protection lenses are specifically designed lenses that are anti-reflective on the lenses. Blue Light Glasses make your eye calm and aid in sleep time, whereas UV protection lenses make the eye pleasant and visible.

  2. Atlas says:

    So, if you need an additional blue blocking coating or special lenses in addition to polarized lenses, can you recommend some that have both? I’m looking on your site, but it doesn’t specifically say. I also like brown tint as opposed to grey. Thanks very much.

    • rxsafety says:

      We do not carry any polarized lenses that already have the blue blocker on the lenses. That is something you would have to select as an added feature during the checkout process.

  3. Atlas says:

    I thought the above article suggested that polarized lenses block blue light, but the above comments about only blocking up to a certain wavelength have me unsure about which glasses block blue light. Can you clarify? Do all polarized block blue light or do they have to have a special coating for blocking blue light outside of the polarization? Thanks

    • rxsafety says:

      You would need a coating or a special blue blocking lenses. Just being polarized doesn’t block blue light.

  4. Larry Hurley says:

    Do All grey polarized lenses block HEV blue light… where i work they sell polarized blue (polycarb) lenses as an option… i know they’ll block uv but they have to be letting the 4-500 nm HEV ?? If i can see mostly blue thru them,,, and some grey lenses have a blue hue to them . I always recommend a real true grey lens or brown. Any thoughts? Thanks

    • rxsafety says:

      No the Polycarbonate stops at 380nm you need to add a blue blocking coating onto the lenses if you want a true blue blocking lens. I honestly like the Polarized brown lenses myself because I like the contrast enhancement of the brown more. Although both lenses work really well. You can find more about our lenses on this page as well.

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