Wiley X releases new prescription safety glasses for women

While women play a large part in today’s industrial workforce, they can still be overshadowed in those male-dominaterd industries. But whether they are working in construction, or manufacturing, for instance, they are still required to wear safety equipment for protection against hazards.

While finding considerable eyewear protection might have been frustrating in the past, it doesn’t have to be with Wiley X. 

Wiley X is a brand known for optical intelligence and has created some of the top protective eyewear to date. They carry a range of transformative prescription safety glasses that provide clear and refined vision, all while being aesthetically pleasing. 

So let’s get into it.

In this brief article, we’ll be discussing how Wiley X has broken barriers in their new eyewear technology for women across all work platforms. 

Here are the details 

Upon looking at these glasses, you may think they’re just mere accessories. Their stylish and polished exteriors, coupled with the colorful lenses, may be deceiving, as there is definitely more to unpack. 

To start, these glasses feature a rectangular 6-base frame that is lightweight and comfortable for wearing on long occasions. They also feature removable side shields, making them perfect for transitioning in and out of the workplace. 

You are definitely still protected with shatter-proof lens technology as well as durable Triloid Nylon frames. And if that isn’t enough, these glasses meet rigorous industry standards being ANSI Z87.1+ for the ultimate, overall protection. 

When it comes to lens creativity, Wiley X knocks it out of the park. In fact, these glasses feature Captivate™ polarized lenses technology for crisp colors and vivid details, providing visual advantages for the everyday experience. Not only are there spectacular visuals, but Wiley X Covert and Wiley X Ultra lenses also block harmful light from entering the eyes that could lead to eye damage and disease. 

If you need a prescription, you don’t have to worry. Both frames are prescription ready, taking into account one’s unique visual experience. This allows wearers to be accommodated while having access to the latest Wiley X styles

Lastly, both glasses come in unique colors. Wiley X Covert comes in both a warm color palette, Crystal Blush, and a cool color palette, Midnight Blue. Wiley X Ultra also comes in a Crystal Blush color, as well as a savvy Gloss Demi for a sleeker look. 

In short, these frames are great, versatile eyewear for women in many respective fields–whether in the workplace or on the road. 

Shop with us

RX Safety, the leading source for online safety and performative eyewear, is an official distributor of Wiley X. That means that individuals can get the latest Wiley X styles like Wiley X Covert and Wiley X Ultra in their respective styles for affordable prices.

Wiley X is not only defining how we think about safety eyewear and performance, but what that means for generations to come. As the world continues to change around us, Wiley X provides optical solutions for many, including everyday women with everyday eyewear needs.

So contact us. Our customer service agents will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We can be reached online or by phone, and look forward to hearing from you. 

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