Do I Need Anti-Reflective Coating on Prescription Sunglasses?

When you’re looking at investing in a pair of high-quality sunglasses there are quite a few points to consider to make the best possible purchase. Particularly if you’re purchasing a pair of prescription sunglasses, you want to make sure that you’re getting a pair of sunglasses that will help you see and protect your eyes […]

Do I Need Anti-Reflective Coating on High Index Lenses?

When shopping for your next great pair of glasses, you often have the opportunity to take advantage of a long list of features and attributes. At Rx-Safety, for instance, you can find eyewear based on frame color, frame style, size, and frame materials. There are countless numbers of glasses available today, so we are confident that […]

Why are more consumers requesting anti-reflective coating?

A growing number of eyeglass wearers are requesting anti-reflective coating for their lenses. Commonly referred to as AR coating or anti-glare coating, anti-reflective coatings are known for their ability to maximize visual acuity through the elimination of reflections. With the global anti-reflective coatings industry estimated to reach $4.9 billion by 2020, eyewear manufacturers and providers are […]

Can I Get Anti Reflective Coating on my Current Glasses?

Explore adding anti-reflective coating to your current glasses. Learn benefits, compatibility, and enhance your vision with reduced glare.

Is Anti Reflective Coating Really Necessary for Glasses?

When you’re ready to pick out your latest pair of glasses, there are plenty of factors that play into your decision. You want a pair of frames that looks beautiful on your face and lenses that allow you to see clearly–not to mention a pair of glasses that is within your budget! As you’re choosing […]

How Can I Add Anti Reflective Coating to My Glasses?

If you need to wear prescription safety glasses, you should make sure that they are as functional as possible. Style matters, but not as much as being able to see clearly even as you drive at night or during sunny days. Too often, bright lights result in glare that actually makes it more difficult to […]

The Wiley-X SG-1 with Removable Lens System is the Last Pair of Glasses You’ll Ever Need

In the world of people who still wear prescription lenses, an industrial work place and/or active life can cause you to be constantly switching glasses. Many of us end up with three to five pairs, each with their own application, because having the right prescription and eye protection for each task is incredibly important. The […]

Can I add anti-reflective coating to my glasses after purchase?

The anti-reflective (AR) coating is a transparent thin film structure consisting of alternative layers of contrasting refractive index. Thin film is a special branch of optics that considers the physics of light passing through materials that are close to the wavelength of visible light in thickness (about 500 nanometers–500 billionth of a meter). When light […]

Prescription Safety Glasses And Anti-Reflective Coating

When you are working in any environment where there are multiple threats and risks of your eyes being injured, safety glasses will become your best friend. The regular eyeglasses you wear are not designed to have the full ability to resist a high amount of impact. The majority of safety glasses are made from a […]

What Is The Best Cleaner To Use On Eyeglasses With Anti Reflective Coating?

An anti-reflective coating on eyeglasses eliminates light reflections from all angles, enhancing visibility by allowing the majority of light to pass through the lenses. With minimal reflection, the lenses become nearly invisible, facilitating clear visibility of facial expressions in any lighting condition. Embracing an anti-reflective coating provides numerous advantages to wearers. shop prescription safety glasses […]

Best polarized lens color for driving

The best lenses for driving sunglasses are gray and brown because they are neutral colors. Best color polarized lens for driving They do not alter how colors appear when worn. They cut down on overall brightness without distorting colors. These darker shades help cut through the glare and reduce eyestrain in moderate to brighter conditions. […]

Can You Wear Drivewear Lenses at Night?

In the “olden days” – circa two decades ago, a virtual eternity in the eyewear industry – a company called Transitions® popularized a unique form of lens coating. Can You Wear Drivewear Lenses at Night? This coating performed the seemingly miraculous task of automatically darkening the lens in the presence of ultraviolet light and returning […]

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