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Best color lens for night driving

Driving can cause a strain on your eyes especially at night because of the lights of oncoming traffic.  So what is considered the best lens color for night driving…well, there are 2 options; either a clear lens with an AR (anti-reflective) coating or a yellow lens with an AR coating. Wearing a clear lens with […]

Best Lenses for Semi Rimless Glasses

A popular stylistic format, semi-rimless glasses are, for many, the ideal choice. Best Lenses for Semi Rimless Glasses Lenses in a semi-rimless frame are mounted in the browline – the upper portion of the frame, even with eyebrows – and left exposed at the bottom. In some varieties the lenses are supported by the browline […]

Best Frames for High Index Lenses

With high index glass or plastic, it takes less physical material to cut a prescription than it would with standard glass or plastic. What Are the Best Frames for High Index Lenses? This is particularly noticeable – and beneficial – if your prescription is a strong one. Create a strong prescription in standard material and […]

Celebrity Aviators: Sunglasses Stealing the Spotlight

Everyone’s talking about Jennifer Lawrence and not just because her newest Hunger Games movie comes out this fall. This celebrity seriously knows how to rock her aviator sunglasses. Celebrities love their aviator sunglasses. The timeless classic was founded by Ray-Ban as a pair of sunglasses specifically for pilots. Now, aviator sunglasses are worn by our […]

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