Can You Use Prescription Glasses as Safety Glasses

Safety glasses provide protection to your eyes without correcting your vision. Safety glasses and Prescription Glasses have different purposes and functions, it would be improper to use one in place of the other. The only exception would be if you specifically purchase prescription safety glasses. Everyone desires to keep their precious eyesight throughout their lives. […]

Do I Have to Wear Safety Glasses at Work?

Whether or not you regularly wear glasses, you may have a job that requires you to work in challenging or hazardous conditions. For example, you may be a carpenter or welder where you are at risk of flying objects or debris damaging your eyes. These aren’t simply irritants. In fact, at some jobs, workers can […]

Do Prescription Glasses Count as Safety Glasses?

Millions of prescription glasses are sold every year in the United States. Whether you are searching for your first pair or your next pair, you are sure to find a pair that suits all of your needs. For example, at an online retailer like Rx-Safety, you can find everything from stylish, sophisticated prescription glasses to prescription […]

What Does Z87 Mean on Safety Glasses?

If you are in the market for a new pair of safety glasses, you are lucky in that there is a long list of features and attributes that you can choose from. On the Rx-Safety website, for example, you can use the available filtering options to find safety glasses based on frame style, face shape, size, frame […]

What is the ANSI Standard for Safety Glasses?

Safety glasses form a part of protective wear usually worn by workers to protect their eyes. The safety glasses shield the eyes from any other foreign bodies that may irritate and injure the eye when someone is engaged in an activity. Anyone, depending on their particular needs, can wear safety glasses. For instance, safety glasses […]

Youth Prescription Sports Glasses For Baseball

Protective polycarbonate helmets are essential for all kids who play baseball but if your child requires prescription sports glasses for baseball, they need to upgrade to impact-resistant eyewear that won’t shatter if hit by a ball. Safety glasses can be ordered with or without a prescription. Here’s what you need to know. Prescription Sports Glasses […]

How Much Does Prescription Safety Glasses Cost?

Rx-Safety, the leader in prescription safety glasses, offers an extensive inventory of prescription safety glasses for work or play. Whether a customer works in challenging conditions at their day job or is simply a hobbyist who needs additional eye protection, he or she is sure to find the perfect pair of prescription safety glasses in […]

Can My Company Pay For My Safety Glasses?

Whether you work for a small or large company, you undoubtedly want to take advantage of the many perks that your company offers. Whether it is a matching 401(k) contribution or even a free gym membership, taking advantage of these benefits can add some much-needed breathing room to your bank account. Because of this, you […]

What is the OSHA Standard for Safety Glasses?

Understanding OSHA Standard for Safety Glasses There are many occupations in the United States that place employees in the presence of dangerous machinery or hazardous materials. Up until 1970, there were no safety standards that required companies to make sure that their employees were safe or that they were protected from health hazards. However, in […]

Are Oakleys Approved Safety Glasses?

Oakley eyewear is some of the most attractive eyewear on the market today. The brand has built up a great reputation for a reason. Ever since its founding in 1975, the company has stood for a commitment to high-quality, sleek eyewear. While the future is hard to predict, the odds are good that Oakley will continue […]

How Can You Tell if Glasses are Safety-Rated?

One of the great things about eyewear today is that customers have so many different types of glasses to choose from. Upon visiting our website, for instance, you can see that we at Rx-Safety offer everything from prescription safety glasses to men’s and women’s sunglasses. Whatever your specific eyewear needs, we want to help you find […]

Does an Employer Have to Pay for Prescription Safety Glasses?

Whether you have just started a new job or are taking on a new role within your company, there are certain formalities that you may need to complete. If your new role requires you to work in challenging or dangerous conditions, for example, your employer may require you to purchase protective eyewear. This is a […]

What Are The Best Prescription Safety Glasses?

Safety glasses and goggles are designed with a variety of safety ratings to meet your needs for being shatterproof, fog resistant, glare-resistant, dust, sweat, and particle-proof, and more. Whether they are required for work or a precaution you take for a hobby or extracurricular activity—they drastically reduce your odds of eye injury. Not to worry […]

The Best Oakley Sunglasses for Motorcycle Riding

By putting on a pair of the best Oakley sunglasses for motorcycle riding, you can leverage a wide range of both functional and aesthetic features.

The Advantages of Trivex Lenses

If you wear glasses in your day-to-day life, you undoubtedly want to make sure that you are wearing the most functional and comfortable glasses. This is true whether you are simply behind a desk all day or you are constantly on the go with your family. Simply put, it is worth taking the time to […]

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