Solar Eclipse Glasses

The Best Shade 14 Solar Eclipse Glasses

Don’t risk it. There’s no need to. We’re, of course, talking about solar eclipse glasses. There’s no need to get those specialty materials and the cardboard pieces we often see people using when they want to stare at a solar eclipse. Instead, you can actually get yourself a pair of eclipse glasses that you can […]

How Do Solar Eclipse Glasses Work?

Solar eclipses can be some of the coolest natural occurrences in our world today. As a reminder, solar eclipses occur when a portion of the Earth is engulfed in a shadow cast by the Moon. When this happens, the sun is fully or partially blocked, creating some miraculous sights. In fact, depending on where you […]

Getting Ready for the Solar Eclipse 2023 and 2024 with High-Quality Solar Eclipse Glasses

The Great American Eclipse of 2017 seemed like a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many excited sky-watchers, and normally it would be. Total solar eclipses are rare and require a special alignment of the earth, moon, and sun. It can sometimes take hundreds of years between eclipses, especially for an eclipse you can see in your part […]

Finding High-Quality Solar Eclipse Glasses with Green Shade 14 Lenses

The solar eclipse of 2017 left an enduring impression on those fortunate enough to witness it. Positioned in the right place at the right time, observers were treated to a captivating spectacle as the sun gradually disappeared from the midday sky. As gazes shifted away from its radiant glow, the world plunged into an eerie […]


Observing a solar eclipse is an uncommon and enthralling event treasured by individuals globally. The most recent occurrence visible to Americans took place on August 21, 2017, prompting millions to wear specialized eyewear for a secure and mesmerizing experience. Yet, the importance of adequate eye protection for solar eclipse viewing cannot be emphasized enough. Here’s […]

Should You Buy Your Bolle Prescription Safety Glasses Online?

Your eye’s safety is nothing to play around with. So naturally, you gravitate towards brands like Bolle Prescription Safety Glasses that have established themselves as credible and high-quality. That way, you can make sure that any safety glasses you find do their job in protecting your sight from any condition you might find yourself in. […]

Top Bolle Prescription Safety Glasses Online

When it comes to safety, the eyes are one of the key areas that require ultimate protection. Whether you are playing hard sports or working in an industry that is at risk for eye injuries, keeping the eyes protected is a top priority. If you already wear glasses, then you may think you have protection […]

“Ring of Fire” Solar Eclipse Glasses: Viewing the 2023 Eclipse Safety

On August 21, 2017, America was able to witness a spectacular total solar eclipse that was seen from Oregon to South Carolina. Many companies (both legitimate and faux) sold solar eclipse glasses while cashing in on all the hoopla. The problem is that those faux companies didn’t sell safe eclipse glasses, leading to major warnings […]

What shade lenses do you use for solar eclipse glasses

Watching a solar eclipse is very exciting, and having the proper eyewear to view it is essential for protecting your eyes. Since the naked eye cannot safely view solar eclipses, having the correct lenses in your glasses is crucial for experiencing this rare event, which occurs once a year. At, we offer Solar Eclipse […]

Welding Shade 14 for Solar Eclipse and Sun Viewer

A solar eclipse, which happens when the Moon crosses between the Sun and the Earth and partially or complete obscures our view of the Sun, does not happen regularly… in fact, solar eclipses only occur at a rate of between two and five per year, and many can not be seen due to various weather-related […]

Do You Really Need to Wear Solar Eclipse Glasses?

Technically, the answer depends on how you choose to watch a solar eclipse. If you view a televised image, or a reflected image (such as that produced by an “eclipse box” or similar custom-made viewer), then no, protective glasses are not required. If however you choose to directly witness the natural majesty of a solar […]

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