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The Best Sunglasses for Boating in 2020

Sunglasses for Boating If you are boating, it is important to bring a pair of sunglasses. Not only must fishermen and passengers account for the sun’s ultraviolet rays, but they also have to take into account the rays bouncing off the water, the boat’s windshield, deck, and sails. Because of this, the sun’s rays are […]

How Can You Find the Right Prescription Lenses for Fishing?

It’s that time of year again: thousands of hobby enthusiasts and professionals around the world are moving closer to the water for one of their favorite past times: fishing. Whether you simply use it to relax near the water or enter competitions, you know the fun you can have trying to catch the right fish, […]

The Benefits of Prescription Wiley-X Glasses with the Removable Facial Cavity Seal

Prescription Wiley-X glasses are available with a patented removable foam facial cavity seal. This seal effectively converts a pair of glasses into goggles in that it seals the eyes from wind, dust, debris, and peripheral light. Unlike goggles, you can quickly convert them back into normal glasses, and they’re much more stylish. These glasses are […]

Prescription Wiley-X Glasses: Do You Need Progressive Lenses for Sports?

For some sports, you can get by without progressive lenses because they only require vision correction for distance. If you’re a runner, a single vision lens for distance works fine if you don’t need to read a map and if you’re running on pavement. However, map usage will require near vision and running on trails […]

Improve Your Fishing Experience with Nike Prescription Sunglasses

The fisherman’s arsenal is full of many tools. Different anglers will emphasize various tools such as the rod, reel, hook, or lure. Some even swear by high-tech devices such as sonar, which displays groups of fish below the boat. However, one item that few mention that can make or break the success of a fishing outing […]

Prescription polarized sunglasses fly fishing

Wearing polarized sunglasses helps reduce the glare of the water and is very popular among boaters and fishermen.  We at offer prescription polarized sunglasses. Check out our Smith Optics Touchstone Glasses, Matte  Black Frame. These frames are able to accommodate prescription lenses.  This frame gives maximum coverage and offers a secure fit around your […]

Best sunglasses to wear while boating

With summer finally here (especially if you live in the Northeast) many of us are “down the shore” from Memorial Day to Labor Day enjoying boating, fishing, or relaxing at the beach. Boating and the Best Sunglasses to Wear Putting on sunscreen becomes part of our daily routine as well as wearing sunglasses the minute […]

Wiley X Fishing Sunglasses – Take your pick!

Whether you fish in the morning, the afternoon, or at night, off a dock, pier, or party boat, you need to enhance your vision and protect your eyes at the same time. Wiley X sunglasses are up to the task and make the ideal fishing companions. The company has cut its teeth on safety glasses […]

What are the Best Wiley X Sunglasses for Fishing?

Wiley X frames, which feature streamlined, face-hugging styles and the latest in eyewear technology, make excellent sunglasses for a whole range of outdoor activities, and fishing is certainly one of them. Yet Wiley X offers so many styles…so which one to choose for a day spent at the dock or on a boat? Rx-Safety is […]

Polarized Sunglasses for Deep Sea Fishing

It’s the kind of event that becomes a highlight of the season. Wake before the crack of dawn, load up the fishing gear, and get down to the pier. Find a few spots at the rail, set up your rod, arrange the bait so it’s there at the ready. With the sun peeking over the […]

The Best Fishing Sunglasses

Fishing sunglasses are numerous and varied, and some are better for the sport than others. What are the Best Sunglasses for Fishing? If you’ve never owned a pair of sunglasses for fishing and you enjoy the sport, you’re missing out. There are sunglasses made specifically for angling that have a variety of key features that […]

Prescription Glasses Vs. the Ocean

Saltwater is the bane of many metals and useful things. How will your prescription glasses fare? Prescription Glasses Vs. the Ocean The ocean destroys or devours a lot of prescription glasses. Many things rust or degrade when regularly exposed to the salty air near the beach or the spray of constant use on an ocean […]

Prescription Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

If you’re an avid fisherman or fisherwoman, you know that a good pair of polarized sunglasses can make a world of difference out on the water. Prescription Polarized Fishing Sunglasses If you’re shopping for prescription sunglasses for fishing, the best thing you can do is order polarized gray or brown lenses with blue mirror coating. […]

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