Wiley X Sunglasses

Wiley X SG1 Review: The Ultimate Tactical Eyewear

If you’re an avid shooter, outdoor enthusiast, or someone who values eye protection, you’ve probably heard of the Wiley X SG1. These prescription tactical goggles have gained popularity for their exceptional performance, durability, and anti-fog capabilities. This Wiley X SG1 review will delve deep into what makes these goggles a must-have for those needing reliable […]

Wiley X Saint vs Valor – A Comprehensive Comparison

When it comes to eyewear designed for extreme conditions, Wiley X is a brand that stands out. Their commitment to providing top-notch eye protection is evident in the Wiley X Saint and Wiley X Valor sunglasses. In this comprehensive comparison, we’ll delve into the features, benefits, and unique characteristics of both models to help you […]

The Best Style Wiley X sunglasses that are good for open-face motorcycle riding

When it comes to open-face motorcycle riding, protecting your eyes while maintaining style and comfort is crucial. Wiley X Sunglasses, a trusted brand known for their durability and functionality, are the perfect choice. With impact-resistant lenses that meet or exceed ANSI Z87.1 safety standards and a range of lens options, Wiley X offers a variety […]

Elite Lens Technologies: Oakley Prizm Lens vs. Wiley X Captivate Lens

While they are the leading options for many looking for their next pair of sunglasses, you typically cannot go wrong with a pair of Oakley Sunglasses or Wiley X Sunglasses. There are a few comparisons to note between their proprietary lenses to consider that may help you make your decision. We’ll take a closer look […]

What Brand Should I Buy? A Look at Wiley X and Oakley’s Safety Glasses

Whether you go for Wiley X sunglasses or Oakley prescription sunglasses, they are both excellent brands and easily make it onto many top lists. They are premium options, and both companies are dedicated to providing some of the best choices in the industry. What to know about Wiley X Glasses Wiley X glasses or Wiley […]

Product review: Wiley X Romer 3

Wiley just has a way of making some of the coolest products out there. But, of course, they’re already known for being a premium brand that is one of the highest quality options out there. This is easily seen in the Wiley X Romer 3 series, an excellent option as Wiley X prescription sunglasses. These […]

What size Wiley X Sunglasses Do I Need?

As our customers know, RX-Safety is a proud distributor of Wiley X Sunglasses. These glasses are a tried-and-true part of our glasses collection. They have provided our customers with protection for decades. They provide optical protection in many different hazardous environments. This is true at work, or the field, or on the road. We sell […]

Wiley X releases new prescription safety glasses for women

While women play a large part in today’s industrial workforce, they can still be overshadowed in those male-dominaterd industries. But whether they are working in construction, or manufacturing, for instance, they are still required to wear safety equipment for protection against hazards. While finding considerable eyewear protection might have been frustrating in the past, it […]

New Wiley X safety sunglasses

With Spring in full flow and Summer around the corner, we’re pleased to announce the expansion of our product line in the Wiley X series. When it comes to safety glasses, Wiley X is a premium brand with numerous features that will help give you exactly the type of protection you’re looking for while at […]

How much do Wiley X Sunglasses cost?

The team at RX-Safety carefully chooses the brands we carry. They select the brands with the best reputations in the online optical safety segment, and the track record to back them up. One of RX-Safety’s preferred brands for safety sunglasses is Wiley X. Wiley X is a high-quality brand of prescription safety glasses and sunglasses. […]

How to Clean Your Wiley X Sunglasses

One of the front-running brands in the online safety sunglasses segment is Wiley X. At RX-Safety, our customers are constantly on the go and work in a variety of fast-paced, demanding outdoor segments. Wiley X is one of the most popular manufacturers that we carry, and our customers know how to put these sunglasses through […]

Wiley X Captivate Lens – Everything you need to know about

The Wiley X brand was founded on its uncompromising dedication to technology and safety. Now, with Its line of Wiley X Captive lenses, it continues its promise by offering revolutionary optical advancements for everyday people.  With Wiley X Captivate lenses, you no longer have to search for clearer and pristine vision. These technological-sound lenses are […]

The Best Wiley X Prescription Sunglasses of 2022

With fall 2021 in full swing, many consumers are already gearing up to prepare themselves for 2022. Workers across all segments are monitoring the optical industry for the latest and greatest styles of safety sunglasses on the market. Along with the start of the new year, WIley X has released its new line of Wiley […]

How to Change Lenses From Wiley X Glasses

At Rx Safety, we are extremely proud to sell some of the highest quality eyewear for our customers. Whether you are interested in prescription sports glasses for your children or stylish eyewear for yourself, you are sure to find them in our expansive collection. Reviewing our collection, you may come across several models manufactured by […]

How Much Do Wiley X Sunglasses Cost?

If you have been eyeing up Wiley X Sunglasses recently, you have probably been checking out all the options available. This might have you wondering, “How much do Wiley X Sunglasses cost?”. In order to answer this question, you need to consider what you are looking for in your pair of sunglasses. Wiley X caters […]

How to Get Prescription Wiley X Sunglasses

When you find a brand you love, you stick with them. This is how many glasses wearers feel about Wiley X prescription sunglasses. With a reputation for reliability and excellence, Wiley X has many returning customers. These customers head straight to sites that carry Wiley X frames when they get online to look for their […]

The Best Prescription Safety Glasses for Woodworking or Carpentry

Whether you are a carpenter, professional woodworker, or enjoy woodworking as a hobby, there is something to be said about turning your vision into a reality. Woodworking is challenging, yet the rewards of a finished project are second to none. Living in our digital-first world, working with real, tangible elements from our Earth is simply […]

The Best Prescription Motorcycle Glasses for Night Riding

As a motorcycle rider, there is little better than taking your motorcycle out onto the road for a long ride. Whether you are a new rider or have been riding your motorcycle for decades, the simple act of riding on an open road is truly a gift. At Rx-Safety, we are proud to sell some of […]

10 Benefits of Wiley X Youth Force Prescription Glasses for Kids

It can be tough to be an active kid who wears glasses. There is a decades-old stereotype that kids with glasses are bookish indoor people but as all parents, coaches, and kids now: this can be entirely false. Plenty of kids with less than perfect vision love to play sports and they can play pretty hard. […]

Discover Wiley X Youth Force Prescription Glasses

With summer fast approaching, kids will be gearing up for the many of those outdoor sport activities. While parents love to see their kids outdoors engaging in healthy activities such as baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, racquetball, and so on, they also want to make sure their children are protected. That means different things depending on […]

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