What Brand Should I Buy? A Look at Wiley X and Oakley’s Safety Glasses

Whether you go for Wiley X sunglasses or Oakley prescription sunglasses, they are both excellent brands and easily make it onto many top lists. They are premium options, and both companies are dedicated to providing some of the best choices in the industry.

What to know about Wiley X Glasses

Wiley X glasses or Wiley X sunglasses are built to be tough and originally started out for those in the harshest environments in the world, whether in the military or as first responders.

They have since grown their offering into Wiley X Safety glasses and also offer Wiley X prescription safety glasses. Wiley is more dedicated to providing safety glasses with various safety standards. Many of their designs also have that type of practicality that keeps those Wiley X Glasses on you securely at all times.

What to know about Oakley glasses

When we think about Oakley glasses, we think about Oakley sunglasses, and we also think about performance wear. While there are plenty of excellent Oakley Safety glasses, their focus is more on high standards and quality for an active lifestyle.

They also have some of the best designs and styles, so you’re getting an excellent pair of Oakley sunglasses with the best trends on the market. Oakley also emphasizes research and development, especially with their lenses that tend to offer maximum protection and clarity.

Oakley Standard Issue Ballistic Det Cord™ Desert Collection

The Standard Issue series showcases Oakley’s commitment to entering into a hazardous work environment. The Det Cord™ Oakley safety glasses come with ANSI Z87.1-2015 high impact/velocity protection as well as ballistic level protection via their MIL-SPEC MIL PRF 32432 rating.

In addition, the lenses come with an anti-fog coating, so you can see clearly when it gets warm. The lenses are also distortion free via High Definition Optics® (HDO). Comfort comes with the nosepiece made with Oakley’s Unobtanium® material.

Wiley X Tide

These Wiley X Prescription sunglasses come with 100% UVA and UVB protection. They also come with high mass and velocity protection via their ANSI Z87 safety ratings.

To add to that layer of security, the Wiley X Tide comes with a Facial Cavity™ Seal that helps to protect your eyes from any additional dirt or debris. You can get these comfortable and lightweight wraparound frames in matte black with either Smoke Gray Lenses or your preferred prescription.

These feature-rich Oakley prescription sunglasses come with an extremely durable frame. They can come in matte black or polished black, with other options available. The Straightlink is all about precision and comfort. Accuracy comes from their three-point fitting tech that makes sure everything is aligned.

Then you get precise vision with their Plutonite® lenses that also offer HDO®. This provides 100% UVA and UVB protection, UVC protection, and blue light up to 400 nm. Besides protection on the eyes, these provide clarity through their Prizm™ lenses that bring contrast and sharper images.

Which One Is Worth the Investment?

In the end, both of these brands offer some of the best in the industry regarding eyewear. Ultimately, the decision for you should come down to what type of protection or performance you’re specifically looking for.

As an official distributor, RX Safety ensures that you get genuine products from these premium brands. Whether you are looking for stylish sunglasses or functional eyewear, we offer an extensive collection that caters to your specific needs. With our vast selection of eyewear, RX Safety is the place to go for the best sunglasses available on the market today.

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